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  1. Many brave men and tales of daring-do to choose from. However, I will vote for the man most responsible for the creation and command of air defence at that time, "Stuffy" Dowding. Poorly treated in the aftermath of the battle, and subsequently suffering reputational damage due to his belief in spiritualism, we owe him a greater debt than often recognised. If there were to be a vote for second place, Keith Park.
  2. There should have been route refinement and informal consultation last year but the latter was interrupted by the Covid crisis. Formal consultation on preferred route and request for funding was scheduled for 21/22. eastwestrail website has quite a lot of detail, from which this is an abstract https://eastwestrail-production.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/public/Preferred-Route-Option-Announcement/Files/f84ce55503/EAS019_RouteOptionsTable_Landscape_280120_v3.pdf
  3. Has to be Winston Churchill. What would have happened without him? And conversely, would he be remembered if WW2 had never occurred? I watched the funeral on television and will never forget the way the Thameside cranes dipped their jibs in tribute.
  4. A difficult choice, this one. I do like the idea of a locomotive name containing an exclamation mark. but personal memories take me in different directions. I watched the 1966 World Cup Final at a camp site in Bude, and have happy memories of holidays at Torrington. However, Dartmoor is a frequent destination when not in lockdown, so that will be my nomination.
  5. I can't see anything relating to this announcement on the East-West website, which I might have expected for an announcement regarding significant new investment.
  6. Is that the correct plural or should it be "Battles of Britain" (like "Courts Martial")?
  7. When I was in the Senior Scouts, patrols were named after British heroes, presumably to inspire us. My patrol was named after Sir Francis Drake. Our shoulder patches were red and gold (for blood and treasure) and we kept our possessions in a locked box with a fretwork representation of the Golden Hind on the lid. Our rivals were named after Reginald Mitchell. Though Drake had many faults and there may be current doubts regarding his suitability as a role model, I still find his exploits such as the circumnavigation and Cadiz to be remarkable. So for me it has to be F
  8. My credit card is relieved that there is nothing LNER related!
  9. How about a poll for names which could have been carried by a genuine locomotive class? (There was something like this for Westerns some time ago.) Incorrigible could have been a Jubilee or Warship. In my head there lurks a Southern layout. Obviously, the Southern would have built more large express locos so my top link would be Lord Hornblower, Sir Richard Bolitho, Lord Ramage, Aubrey-Maturin and (mixing genres), Sir Hubert Guest.
  10. More than 50 years ago, I went out and corresponded with a girl who attended a prestigious ladies college. So for me, Cheltenham brings back fond memories.
  11. I have always thought Excalibur somehow captured the romance and excitement of the Arthurian legend.
  12. I have always thought Excalibur somehow captured the romance and excitement of the Arthurian legend.
  13. My LNER 4 wheel brake coach from Derails cleared house quarantine this morning and looks good. An excellent rendition of teak; the lining is neat and the fact that it does not follow the panelling in not too obvious from normal viewing distance. I have assembled kits of several GN coaches from 3D, Mousa etc and an ECJS clerestory dining car. They are good models of authentic prototypes, but take me a long time to build and my painting and lining is clumsy and tar-brush compared with Hornby. I have watched several videos of the 6 wheelers but none have really tested their runni
  14. City of Salford, where I gained my degree in a converted Brylcreem factory.
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