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  1. May I take the opportunity of asking what shade(s) of grey - hopefully not 50 - LNER modellers paint their freight stock? I have used Precision enamel but have always thought it to be rather dark. I would like to use an acrylic such as Vallejo "black grey" but it also does look to be on the dark side.
  2. Always a pleasure to see photos of your layout. Please keep them coming!
  3. I can now confirm receipt of the book and will read it later when I have completed my chores!
  4. Strathwood have confirmed despatch last week. I guess the Bank Holiday weekend has delayed delivery. Looking forward to it!
  5. Still awaiting delivery from Strathwood. Has anyone else experienced delay?
  6. Mechanical stokers were fitted to some 9Fs but had a tendency to jam, per Terry Essery's Saltley Firing Days.
  7. Just ordered from Strathwood with 25% discount.
  8. The layout is set in 2, but I am occasionally tempted by something pre-grouping (1) or my youth (5).
  9. I didn't vote in the last poll as I don't know enough about GW wagons, though I did make a start by downloading codenames, and am perhaps unlikely to buy any for an ECML layout. However, I have just finished reading Michael Harris's book on GW coaches so will at least be able to recognise the nominations in the next poll! The polls and discussion do provide a source of entertainment and help us improve our knowledge, if not our jokes, so please continue them.
  10. And the future direction would be determined by the Polling Station Box!
  11. Thanks very much to Brian and Gilbert for these polls. I'm scratching my head to try and think of another! Infrastructure came to mind but I can't get much further than somersault signals, water columns and fencing (already available from Isinglass).
  12. Beautiful weathering, and good to see an A5. Thanks.
  13. 1,2,3 and 5 for me, please, all would have been around at the time of my ECML layout (1938ish). The P2 is from the same era but I would suggest that, at that time, some of the ex GC 4-6-0s would have been more likely visitors to PN. I'm assuming the B2 listed is the B17 rebuild, hence for me, Valour, Sam Fay or Immingham would do nicely!
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