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  1. I superglued the original Mainline/Bachmann type couplings to the bogie stretchers on my build, such that the bar is in line with the buffers.
  2. Tony, I expect "Lockdown 2" has stopped you from visiting Edenham, but was there a decision on the size and style of the station building? My fancy was for one similar in style to the Willoughby Arms.
  3. Very nice. I struggled with the windows of my two coaches. The build up of paint/polish in the frames meant they didn't fit easily and I managed to lose some. Also my first use of Glue 'n Glaze - though it dries clear, it will leave marks on glazing it touches. A learning experience - i will do better next time.
  4. So pleased to see a Footballer. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" but I have always thought them to be one of the best looking locomotives.
  5. That's how I remember them at Ferme Park and Harringay West. I once saw one derailed on the approach to the flyover.
  6. I have only just found this thread, which shows good modelling, humour and useful links to sites like Kirtley models. Excellent stuff!
  7. For some reason I have previously missed this thread and it's lovely modelling. Is the J3 K's on a new chassis?
  8. Having worked In Letchworth for many years and owning a model Country Gentlemens (sic) Association coal wagon, I have often wondered about goods train workings to and from the North. I had assumed that wagons were dropped off at Hitchin for connection to an appropriate main line or Cambridge branch train. However, your O2 is working a through goods. Please do you know if the loco joined hauled the train (tender first?) from Letchworth and ran round it at Hitchin or did it relieve a local engine at the latter?
  9. Just had a quick look at my 8 wheel brake van, which I have always assumed to be D&S. I van confirm the use of two bogies, which themselves use compensation.
  10. When I was working, I could afford to buy models which could never run on the layout but were either unusual (LMS Beyer Garratt) or nostalgic (Metro Bo-Bo or Baby Deltic). In retirement, I have to be more selective, so no Petrol-Electric railcar or Fell. But...... When I was 8 or 9, I had two landscape colour loco albums. One was WW2-ish in date and included both Cock O' The North and Channel Packet. The other was pre-grouping; I remember it included Gladstone in yellow and Hardwick in Blackberry black. Both made a great impression on my youthful mind - how I would have loved
  11. I would have been in the middle of my 'O' levels. My Dad and I were excited by the new Deltics. The two tone green hinted at previous Doncaster liveries but the addition of yellow warning panels killed that fancy.
  12. Thoroughly enjoyed the LB and Retford sequences, also the servicing tutorial! Some impressive signals on Retford - who built them?
  13. No, nor is it Superquick, but it does make a nice model, particularly if you improve the roof coverings and details such as gutters and drain pipes.
  14. We can't have complaints about delays? How many years have we waited for the retooled V2?
  15. The Heckington station kit is still available from Freestone Models and also crops up regularly on Ebay (there's one on there at the moment). I believe the signal box is a model of that at Stamford and is perhaps narrower than usual due to the restrictions of the site (proximity of the river).
  16. There used to be a sign stating Totnes was twinned with Area 51 Nevada.....
  17. Hi Chas, I don't know if you have assembly instructions with your kit. Those for my D277 say that the windows are designed to be fitted from the outside and recommend taking care when removing flash from the reveals. I haven't tried fitting windows yet.
  18. Torrington to Halwill Junction for me too, a fascinating little line. We stayed at a country house hotel nearby and walked part of the track bed line with our pet Airedale. On our way back, she ran on ahead out of sight till we heard a loud "Splash!". Catching up with her, she was just climbing out of a pond covered in duckweed (pond and dog). She must have thought it was a very flat lawn.....
  19. I would have thought his Lordship would have wanted to make something of a statement with "his" station. Are there any buildings of a particular architectural style elsewhere on the estate? Or perhaps something similar in style to the Willerby Arms as it was when a station?
  20. Hi Chas, I'm building a D277 brake third and a 6 wheeler to D245. The supplied glazing is 0.3mm. I haven't tried fitting it yet as I want to apply the transfers first and then a coat of matt varnish, leaving glazing and grab handles to last.
  21. That's a nice layout and an intriguing concept. What trains from LB serve the branch?
  22. Only one choice for me - the Kingsbridge branch along the Avon valley (the "Primrose Line"). I have walked parts of it many times and have always thought it more deserving of preservation than certain other more fortunate lines. Very picturesque in parts, very modellable as seen on this forum and with potential for "might have been" extensions to Salcombe and Bigbury/Bantham. But I have never understood how anyone thought stations like Gara Bridge could be profitable.
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