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  1. Do I recall a tale that the use of initials instead of Christian names was dictated by the perceived limited space on the smoke deflectors?


    As I'm not a fan of the renaming of A4s after relatively unknown directors, I have no guilt in expressing similar sentiments regarding union officials/Railway Executive executives.  So W P Allen is my nomination. 


    Much better to have been J G Robinson!





  2. I am finding this difficult, it seems like asking us to betray an old friend!


    Given that a policy of naming the class after winning racehorses had been established, my choice is for the politically expedient though loyal Prince of Wales.  Much better saving it for the largest express locomotive class - the P2!

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  3. Some wonderful names and some curious ones but naming express locos after racehorses was an inspired moved likely to turn up some curiosities.


    As a child, I was enthralled by Henry Charles Webster's book "Legend of a Locomotive", so I have to cast my vote in accordance with my forum name, Papyrus.  A great shame she was not preserved, though I believe her driving wheels still turn but under 4472.

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  4. I have always found the choice of names for the A4s to be a curious selection, not really in keeping with the locomotives' image.  However, the worst have to be those of directors and officers not well known at the time and now virtually forgotten.  Lord Farringdon and William Whitelaw had given many years of service to the LNER and its predecessors but some of the others would have been better contained in the B1 Director name series. 


    My pick for the worst A4 name goes to Andrew K. McCosh.

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  5. I have assembled 4 of the GN printed wagons in 00 to date and am very pleased with their appearance. 


    I did find the springing arrangement fiddly and a challenge to my eyesight, and experienced some axlebox splaying through using top-hat bearings.  I'm afraid I chose not to spring the buffers. 


    Some simplification would probably suit me but I received another kit as a Christmas present and will procure more if suitable prototypes become available, whether to the current or a simplified design.

  6. 2 hours ago, LNER4479 said:

    To some extent, I had no choice, given that I am making use of an existing model that was built for a different location. If I were starting with a blank sheet of paper, I wouldn't start from here ...




    1) It's a 'fast track' solution to get the overall scheme up and running before I get too old to enjoy it

    2) It is 'only' a glorified fiddle yard. It will be configured so it can be operated properly (subject to reliability of uncoupling arrangements) but most of the time will just be used to store goods wagons. As has already been mused, the layout needs about 9-10 operators dotted around elsewhere before we can afford the luxury of a 10th or 11th operator dedicated to the shunting of Central goods yard.


    Prototypicality / finesse of operation will be a province of other locations around the layout, especially at Carlisle itself. I guess that's one of the 'mantras' of the scheme.

    You could make it the naughty corner...

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  7. 9 hours ago, gr.king said:


    Well it isn't quite the first time I've tried plastic frames. I used plastic to create the master for a single-piece cast resin chassis for a series of J6 models. The resin is nothing but another kind of plastic, and a few years on the J6 chassis units still seem to be satisfactory.

    Perhaps in fifty years, anybody who is still around will know whether plastic of one kind or another really is a good idea, long term, for a chassis.


    Somewhere I still have a motorising kit for the Kitmaster model of the L & Y Pug.  From memory, there were metal bearing shells like eyelets to fit to the plastic chassis and metal tyres to fit over the wheels.  A worm/gear set set was included to fit a Romford 7 pole Terrier motor but I can't remember what one did about the axles. 


    One reason it never got finished was because I tried to adapt it to 00-9 but I think the thickness of the frames and gearwheel prevented this!

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  8. The latest copy of the Gresley Observer has a picture of a small fitting above the front number of the rebuilt W1, its purpose being unknown.  Now there's a challenge for Hornby!


    The article also recalls the electric lighting fitted to the rebuilt loco, including that fitted under the driving wheel valances for easier inspection.  An interesting challenge for DCC?

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  9. I have to wave the flag for the steamy southern end of the ECML.  Next year will see the 100th birthday of the N2, which hopefully will be back in steam soon.  The first Hornby-Dublo model was made more than 80 years ago and there was even a GW liveried variant!  Maybe a set of quad-arts to go with it? 


    0-6-0s currently seem to be popular and the J6 has featured strongly in polls for a number of years.   


    An alternative coach shout would be a Silver Jubilee or Coronation set to partner the A4.  


    Wagons:  another traditional Hornby model was the bogie brick wagon, whilst it would be good to see a mainstream manufacturer produce the various RCH open wagons, which could appear in numerous different liveries.  


    Further forward, the FS centenary will surely precipitate special editions if not an updated model, and if there is no proprietary V2 release next year....

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  10. Thanks for your detailed reply on lining. 


    Yes, the 12 wheeler is one of those featured on the LNER forum.  I'm not quite ready to post a photo yet but can confirm that I have enjoyed the build, even if it has been time consuming.  My eyes will only focus close-up for about 20 minutes and I seem to have "clumsy" days when it is best to put the model aside!  


    May I suggest you drop Graeme a pm to check availability?  

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  11. 11 hours ago, Tony Wright said:

    What's left now with regard to models of BR's big green steam-outline engines RTR? The A1/1? The A2/1s? Anything else?


    Depends partly on whether the Bachmann V2 ever sees the light of day.  I think perhaps SR fans may deserve new models of the King Arthur and Schools classes.


    I wonder what Hornby will plan for the FS centenary.  A new model to latest standards and facilitating the various changes made during her life?

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  12. 1 hour ago, gr.king said:


    Hello Chas,


    Nice. We should see more vintage LNER models on here. Did you find that the roof edge actually managed to form a neat, closed joint to the tops of the sides when merely clipped in as supplied? I had to use additional persuasion when building my six-wheelers.

    My main concern about the tension lock coupling (if you need one of that width) would be that it sticks out way beyond the buffer heads. Is there a way to reduce the projection until it is just enough to prevent problems with buffers on your track curves?

    The cornice / gutter strip on the roof edge ought to be varnished wood colour...


    I superglued the original Mainline/Bachmann type couplings to the bogie stretchers on my build, such that the bar is in line with the buffers.

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