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  1. No, West Didsbury had closed by then. Didsbury station was at the junction of Wilmslow and Barlow Moor Roads and School Lane..
  2. I'd have to vote for Didsbury. In 1965 I lived nearby and caught a local train into Central to get to Uni in Salford. It also had through expresses and a goods yard, and is being beautifully modelled by a forum member.
  3. Potters Bar (Spotty Bra) is a good shout.
  4. Will the identity form the subject of a poll?
  5. Another vote for Melton Constable. A railway town constructed in the middle of (getting on for) nowhere - like a modeller's scenario to justify the unlikely!
  6. Cambridge - a junction in its own right, served by a number of pre-grouping companies. Attractive station building and bi-directional platform.
  7. I could well be one of those as my EFE Northern Line set has been sitting in its boxes for some year waiting for me to get a round tuit! is there any information yet on the type of motor to be fitted?
  8. Thanks for the clarification. In the cold light of day I decided to save my money for items more appropriate to my time and era.
  9. Thanks for this. It would not open using my elderly Internet Explorer, but you prompted me to try Edge and it opened with no problems..
  10. I can no longer find the Kingsway Models website and am a little fearful. Plse can anyone advise?
  11. Thanks for posting this, Robin. I did send Bachmann a message on Thursday morning asking the question. I had a reply at lunchtime from a collectors' club lady saying she had passed the question on to her technical colleagues, who would be in touch shortly. I will post the response when received! I will not be buying this model myself, but Derails are showing an availability of 2 of the LT variant if anyone is looking.
  12. Your point about cost is the reason I talked about culture. It is easy to throw money at things but what we are looking for is an improvement in quality at low or zero cost by making everyone in the supply chain aware that quality matters. The product designer will identify a number of different solutions to a given task (such as electrical connections between engine and tender). To what extent does he make his choice based upon quality, reliability and maintainability? The same considerations may apply during process (including tooling) design: for example can a process be made
  13. The danger in this argument is that it establishes a culture which accepts failure rather than one which targets zero defects through product and process design and on the shop floor.
  14. Logically Crewe or Rugby; local interest would suggest Bletchley but I will vote for Stockport Edgeley. In the late 60's, after electrification, I used to travel back to Didsbury via Edgeley on Sunday nights when I had been home to London, transferring to a North Western Road Car no 80 to Barlow Moor Road. (A long walk home from Wellington Road in the early hours of the morning if I'd seen my then girl friend home.)
  15. Can anyone confirm the type of motor fitted? The LT example is very appealing but I have already bought one Bachmann tank engine which is unusable on my layout as it has a coreless motor, and would not wish to repeat the mistake.
  16. That looks to be an amazing layout in size and content. I would guess the owner had help from a group of friends, or is it a club?
  17. I would also back Nottingham Victoria. Woodcock, plse have you pictures of the model?
  18. Although most of my life has been spent close to the ECML, I did have some years in Didsbury (the station was still open when I first lived there), followed by some years in Luton and Bedford, so the Midland is not totally unknow to me. I was making a mug of tea before viewing RM web and thought "I wonder if Bedford would count - Hitchin branch off the Midland main line and crossing on the Bletchley line on the level". Sitting down with tea, this was almost the first post I looked at, so I will also vote for Bedford Midland.
  19. Perhaps GEL was referring to the removal of the boosters?
  20. I would second Finsbury Park. Served by 3 different London termini and numerous goods stations, and junction for the Northern Heights branches. In earlier days served by the Norf London Railway and operators from sarf of the river in addition to the home team. Also burrowing moles underground, and numerous bus and tram routes on three sides of the station.
  21. I like the nominations for both High Barnet and Belgrave Road but am not sure in my own mind whether I would count their routes as branch lines. My nomination would be for Stamford. It had an interesting station and there would be interesting possibilities for traffic to and from the Midland. The kit-bashed engine shed and signal box on my layout are derived from the Stamford originals.
  22. I've never seen a picture of a B17 Sandringham on such a train, but if you say so...…...
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