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  1. Having worked In Letchworth for many years and owning a model Country Gentlemens (sic) Association coal wagon, I have often wondered about goods train workings to and from the North.  I had assumed that wagons were dropped off at Hitchin for connection to an appropriate main line or Cambridge branch train.  However, your O2 is working a through goods.  Please  do you know if the loco joined hauled the train (tender first?) from Letchworth and ran round it at Hitchin or did it relieve a local engine at the latter? 

  2. When I was working, I could afford to buy models which could never run on the layout but were either unusual (LMS Beyer Garratt) or nostalgic (Metro Bo-Bo or Baby Deltic).  In retirement, I have to be more selective, so no Petrol-Electric railcar or Fell.  But......


    When I was 8 or 9, I had two landscape colour loco albums.  One was WW2-ish in date and included both Cock O' The North and Channel Packet.  The other was pre-grouping; I remember it included Gladstone in yellow and Hardwick in Blackberry black.  Both made a great impression on my youthful mind - how I would have loved 3D models of those images!  


    There is no way I can justify running a LNWR 2-4-0 on my 1938 ECML layout, and I already have model purchasing commitments for next year.  However, the Bachmann model looks superb.  Should I justify a 65 year-old fancy which will be confined to a display cabinet?

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  3. On 30/10/2020 at 12:45, Ron Ron Ron said:

    There can't be any complaints about delays with this latest set of announcements.

    As with the previous three sets of announcements made this year, all the items listed should be in the shops over the next few weeks and couple of months.


    The backlog from previous years is also being gradually cleared.




    We can't have complaints about delays?  How many years have we waited for the retooled V2?


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  4. On 25/10/2020 at 22:29, waggy said:

    Back in the 80's i had a Prototype Models card kit based on Heckington Station  building not sure if it's still available also had one of their signal box kits, not sure if it was Heckington.


    The Heckington station kit is still available from Freestone Models and also crops up regularly  on Ebay (there's one on there at the moment).  I believe the signal box is a model of that at Stamford and is perhaps narrower than usual due to the restrictions of the site (proximity of the river).

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  5. 3 hours ago, t-b-g said:


    There is a joke in this situation about an animal having matted fur but I struggle to bring it to the fore.


    He/she didn't exist 5 minutes earlier, having been carved from plastic and painted a few moments earlier. The paint wasn't fully dry when the photo was taken and bringing the light near to take a photo caught that.


    It is hardly a "cat"astrophe and it has dried matt now.



    The matt sat on the cat?

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  6. Torrington to Halwill Junction for me too, a fascinating little line.  


    We stayed at a country house hotel nearby and walked part of the track bed line with our pet Airedale.  On our way back, she ran on ahead out of sight till we heard a loud "Splash!".  Catching up with her, she was just climbing out of a pond covered in duckweed (pond and dog).  She must have thought it was a very flat lawn.....

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  7. I would have thought his Lordship would have wanted to make something of a statement with "his" station.  Are there any buildings of a particular architectural style  elsewhere on the estate?  Or perhaps something similar in style to the Willerby Arms as it was when a station?

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  8. Only one choice for me - the Kingsbridge branch along the Avon valley (the "Primrose Line"). 


    I have walked parts of it many times and have always thought it more deserving of preservation than certain other more fortunate lines.  Very picturesque in parts, very modellable as seen on this forum and with potential for "might have been" extensions to Salcombe and Bigbury/Bantham.  But I have never understood how anyone thought stations like Gara Bridge could be profitable.

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  9. I also find Coster's books to form a mine of information.  (By coincidence, I have just referred to them on another thread). 


    It must be very difficult for any author to ensure 100% accuracy - one of my recent book acquisitions was "peer reviewed" by members of the relevant line society but still has views described 180 degrees in error.


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