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  1. Help! I’ve had a look and failed to find an answer. I have started gathering Mainline 7 plank Bass coal wagons for my industrial set up. I think they would look better with replacement chassis. I’ve found Dapol ones which fit but they’re a) needed under the wagons they came with and b) not quite what I’m looking for - the buffers are undeniably better, but the brake rigging is quite coarse. Can anyone suggest a replacement chassis? I’m more than happy to hack things around to make them fit, but I’d prefer the right length chassis (right to fit the wagon body not the right length for the prototype...). Thanks in advance.
  2. I used to go through Weymouth regularly on my way back home from and returning to the Channel Islands. It was by far the best port, until Condor did Weymouth's legs and bought the wrong boat. I always used to drive round the back after leaving the port specifically to drive on the tramway. I will be watching this thread to see the layout develop.
  3. Also thank you all for your suggestions.
  4. Resetting didn’t work. Neither did the DC thing. I’ll get on to Hornby and play on DC for now.
  5. I’ve reset it, but I’ve just found that I changed the feed wires to the layout so I can’t just plug it back in! Shouldn’t take long to fix then I can test it!
  6. Thanks all. I'll try things when I get home today, unless the people of Guernsey misbehave today like they did yesterday, and made me late home from work!
  7. Not much to report, but I have started relaying the station. One of my favourite things to complain about on other people’s layouts (I only do it in my head because I know it’s not a big issue and nearly everyone has got further than I have) is when straight level track is neither straight nor level. So I have over engineered the track bed (3”x2” frame and 18mm MDF top) and lined the track up with a four foot steel rule. I have tidied up the work area since this. This should give an indication of what I’m after - a double track bay with double track either side of an island platform which will disappear under a road bridge so I only have to model half of it.
  8. I’ll try that when I get home from work. Thanks. I’ll also put blocks on each end of the running line before I put any power through it.
  9. Mainly Gaugemaster, as that's what my local shop has. Some Hornby I think. It's a while since I fitted some of the older ones.
  10. I have had my Hornby Select disconnected for a few weeks while I reconfigure my layout. Yesterday, I got to the stage where I could run a train to test some track. I put a chip in my new (second hand) 350, and as soon as I plugged the controller in, the train set off at full speed, and Emergency Stop didn't work. Fortunately, my son caught it before it dived off the end at the open section. I tried changing the chip address, and tried another loco, with all the same problems. It only makes the trains go in one direction, no matter which way I select on the controller. What has happened and can I sort it? I have had the Select for about 14 years and only updated any software once when I sent it back to Hornby and they located a stray wire shorting the track connectors.
  11. This is in my time scale and scope of interest, but not high enough to tempt me. Something about my intense distaste for Gresley's machines hanging over to the present day (I can only assume that's true of Deltics too - HSTs are fine because they came through Burton). I do hope they are successful, though, as I'm keen to see what's next.
  12. I'm pretty sure there were some West Midlands Fleetlines knocking around Liverpool on the student buses between 1993 and 1996 when I was a classicist. Sadly I only took photographs of trains rather than buses (because I didn't realise it was a thing to be interested in buses as well as trains...)
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