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  1. I was just suggesting it was only fair for rmwebbers to point out there is much better value elsewhere. Honestly, why would any retail customer choose to pay up to 20 per cent more on commonly available products when so much is available at the touch of a keypad?
  2. Of course no one is expecting them to undercut their trade customers on products that they supply, but what about the rest that they don't supply to their trade customers or that their trade customers don't sell at all? They've every right to operate this model, but it's only fair to advise new modellers that they can get much better value elsewhere. Perhaps they do offer good service to some people, although I always notice that when anyone criticises a shop's service on here, there are immediately other posts declaring how exceptional the service is. That does lead me
  3. I was passing by as we have family in the area, but I would certainly advise anyone to check their prices before making a special journey. In fairness their controllers are outstanding and I can't praise them enough, but I can't get my head around why their retail side is so uncompetitive. I guess it's because there are still a group of consumers who will pay whatever they are charged, just as there are people who never switch their insurance or electricity supplier.
  4. What surprises me is that no other major manufacturer has come out to produce quality UK spec bullhead 00 track. Practically every 00 layout needs some of it and Peco's offering is not particularly outstanding and rather expensive, as many people on here have already said. What's stopping, say, Hornby coming in and cleaning up? Surely most steam modellers want to run on proper bullhead track, given the choice?
  5. Great work - looking fowards to seeing an expansion in due course! Any signs or early reviews of the E.656s from Arnold yet? I'm still thinking about an Italian N excursion loosely based on Sanremo in around 2000. It is certainly possible with the new Arnold stock. My only worry is modern FS coaches in N gauge as these seem to be in short supply. To see why this is appealing, here is a Youtube video taken around that time - 35 minutes of bliss by the sea!
  6. It is worth noting that Gaugemaster survive on more than retail - I doubt retail would keep them alive as the prices are uncompetitive. My experience of their service is also poor -they claimed they didn't have facilities to test a loco I was buying, despite having an operational display layout right in front of them. Only after I said I wanted to speak to a manager did they relent - and only then grudgingly. I haven't gone back when so many better options are available.
  7. Our family business was sports retail. We offered competitive prices and good service while our competitors arrogantly tried to sell everything at RRP. Needless to say we cleaned up while the older RRP shops in the area went to the wall one by one in the early 1990s. They all complained about the competition not seeming to realise it's a market economy and people have a choice. We eventually sold up, but not before it had paid for nice retirements for the older members of my family . So yes it's your money - keep paying RRP at Gaugemaster if you want. Just don't be surprised if ot
  8. The point here is that Gaugemaster presents itself as a retail outfit, not a supplier to the trade. If it doesn't offer competitive retail prices, why would one bother? Even their very specialist imports like Kato unitrack are cheaper at Traintrax, Kernow and elsewhere.
  9. fezza

    Farish Class 319

    Sure, but it is still £25 higher than the most expensive comparison you could find - and a lot of those rather over priced 2fs are still sitting on shelves despite them being an absolutely essential item for most modern modellers. (Dapol Mk3s can be widely had for £25 compared to Farish 2fs at around £40). Locos and coaches sell a lot better than EMUs so I still think this pricing is ambitious. I guess only time will tell.
  10. I think both have their issues but my personal experience over two decades is that Farish have more reliability problems. Some are hard to forgive - for example the shoddy pickups on Farish 47s, despite so many versions being made. I have heard very few complaints about the reliability of Kato over the years. The quality of assembly and design seems streets ahead. They also have an excellent reputation in the US where reviewers and customers are particularly picky.
  11. Profit targets - or a polite word for corporate greed? There is nothing wrong with profits and they are essential for reinvestment, but the only reason Farish can charge these very excessive prices is lack of competition. Lights and speakers are upsells - most modellers I know don't want them. How many locos on a average layout have sound? 5 per cent or fewer? And it's not just about the volume of sales. Dapol can deliver good quality at sensible prices. Their HST comes in at around £175 and most of their 2 car DMUs lower than £130. Farish new 4 car EMU is
  12. fezza

    Farish Class 319

    At nearly £320 I can see these sitting on shelves for awhile. You don't have to look hard to find Farish's last 4 car emu still for sale at £120... and that came out a long time ago. I get the economies of scale argument, but that is a massive difference to Kato prices and quite a big difference to Farish's former emu prices. (And bear in mind a current Farish diesel and three coaches won't set you back more than about £260).
  13. fezza

    Farish Class 319

    You may be right RedDeath - I just get the feeling that many Japanese modellers just like running different trains and worry less about sticking to a single company or prototype. Otherwise why do they buy an LNER prototype in an "incorrect" scale or a Eurostar? I guess we just have to hope and be nice to Mr Kato at the next Warley!
  14. That's true mate but I'm not the least interested in decoders, interior lighting and a speaker for N gauge stock... especially if that pushes the price of a single unit well over £300. A lot of people resent paying for things they don't want - Kato give you a good core product at a fantastic price. Those that want bells and whistles can then add them. Much depends on your priorities I guess. I am very much a railway modeller rather than a train modeller. I want to have sufficient stock to replicate a modern secondary mainline - therefore having DCC, lights and speakers is less impo
  15. fezza

    Farish Class 319

    I wonder if Kato might be tempted by the 37x family. Not only is the Azuma superb it is fantastic value - a Kato 5 car bimodal for the price of a 2 car Farish 170 (with no lights or DCC socket...)
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