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  1. It is a big price hike when you think N gauge dmus are around the £150 mark. The new 5 car 80x from Kato is likely to arrive around the £190 mark and the new Dapol Voyager about the same...
  2. fezza

    Dapol 142

    I don't fully understand the CAD process, but whether you are working from a laser scan or old fashioned line drawings, you would sure notice the discrepancies? They were so glaring most people on here spotted them by sight - and without even getting out a tape measure or referring to a drawing. It is a real mystery. Have Dapol ever officially commented on it? I see some people on here have suggested was a deliberate decision to make the model more robust or perhaps hide the motor and wiring?
  3. fezza

    Dapol 142

    Oddly, the Provincial and Skipper liveries seem to hide the worst aspects of the inaccurate bodysides. It really is a shame that Dapol made such a mess of this, especially when they have produced outstanding models like the 68. I wonder if Revolution or a small supplier might have another go at a Pacer - or maybe it would now be far too risky?
  4. Never had a problem with my Gaugemasters in 30 years. Hornby, Bachmann and Roco units have all failed in that time.
  5. No idea which will be first but get your tickets in advance as it will be very busy! Are there are any exhibitions scheduled for June that haven't already been cancelled? That would give a clue.
  6. Usually - and bear in mind some termini had special operating instructions governing propelling movements. These were often those with curved platforms and obscured sightlines which made propelling more hazardous In general, very busy stations usually employed a shunting engine to remove and platform coaches, but by the later diesel era most seaside and smaller regional termini had dispensed with these as Dmus and fewer parcels trains meant there often wasn't enough work to justify the permanent employment of a shunter. Today, of course, most timetabled loco hauled pa
  7. Surely the key is to keep a lot of stock AND keep it moving? That's certainly what my family used to do in sports retail. That's a slightly different business model but we had similar problems with highly differentiated product ranges. You wouldn't believe how many different types of darts and cricket bats there are...
  8. That's the point - shops with good stocks are successful because they make it easy. Relying on customer preorders, limited editions and single-supplier Internet sites make things more difficult. Casual buyers may not even realise some products exist.
  9. Things change but all or most of the innovations you mention were about making things easier, more convenient or better value for the consumer. Making it harder for people to purchase your goods is never a smart move unless demand is inelastic, the customer is prepared to be flexible and there are cost savings for the producer - that's my only point really. I certainly agree that you need to keep stock moving whatever you're selling, but conventional shops do serve a purpose and I suspect will do for many years to come. Apart from anything else places like Kernow, Trains4u, Malcs
  10. The difficulty is that if you make it hard for the casual buyer they won't buy at all. Plenty of rather arrogant entrepreneurs have got into trouble assuming they can change consumer behaviour for their own convenience - it is a much safer strategy to make a product that is in demand and make it easy for people to buy it. After all if you don't do that, sooner or later others will...
  11. Yes why do they produce so few TSOs when it pretty obvious you need at least three or four times more of these than brake or catering coaches? Is batch production really so inflexible that it can't cope with differential demand There is also the question of liveries - debranded Virgin, Anglia or Drs Mk2s would be very welcome for contemporary and recent loco hauled trains.
  12. Yes, the Electra graphics are a great way of refreshing old stock when you do it properly. The problem is that modern RTR is so good that few people can modify to an equivalent standard and so homemade stock can look rather inferior. I'll admit I can't scratch build in this scale, even though I've scratchbuilt stock in 009. Complex modern paint jobs make it hard too. You could repaint locos into BR blue with the tail off a dead ferret - it is much harder today...
  13. There has always been a fairly large proportion of people wanting to model contemporary railways, whether or not RTR was available. See comments of Freezer in RM in about 1963... The trouble is N is not really a scratch builder's scale. My frustration is that locos are produced but not the relevant hauled stock. The 68 has a great following and there is a great Dapol model, but where is the correct modern coaching stock at the time of release? Mine have to put up with blue/grey Mk2ds. You get the odd book set for some items but they sell out quickly.
  14. As I said in my post, things are improving but we are not there yet. The only current Dmu available is an XC 170. There are no Emus as far as I'm aware? Some of the promised stock is very limited edition or pre-order too which makes it tricky to find unless you are in the know. I initially missed the Kato announcement of the 80x series and I follow n gauge news fairly closely. There is certainly a much wider variety of 00 stock and often the important 'glamourous' stuff arrives in 00 first - see Pendolinos, 80x etc. I'm not knocking n gauge but I can understand the fr
  15. One of the great pleasures of railway modelling is replicating the current railway and keeping up to date by modelling the trains you travel on and see every day on the wat to work. It is difficult to do that in N at the moment - the RTR isn't there. I started in 1993 and can run my relatively small N layout in any period upto about 2010. Then it gets difficult as there isn't all that much modern passenger stock. It is improving but I can understand frustrations of people who want to model bang up to date practice. I'm old enough to remember when Lima 00 brought out new liveries w
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