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  1. For those interested here's a link to my web gallery from the very last photo charter we had whilst the E4 was in BR lined black back on the 28/4/08. https://picasaweb.google.com/105454327852537837128/PhotoCharterWith3247328408 With regard to the C & H being repainted, there's many of us that would love to see both locos outshopped in BR livery but whether that actually happens is another matter I'm afraid. The C would have to have it's chimney cut down in half as these locos had much smaller "squat" versions during the SR and BR era. So I can't really see the owning group being willing to cast another chimney or putting a blow torch to the one it currently carries. The H class is perhaps the best chance of a repaint and there is a willing with a number of members to see it in another livery as during it's time at the Bluebell it's only ever carried lined SECR livery. I'm sure the Commercial Dept. are well aware that a lined black H class would be seriously popular within the photo charter community and would gain a great deal of publicity and income from the steaming fees just as the repaints of the E4, 32655 & 9017 did. Unfortunately there is still a great reluctance and stubboness from some of the more senior members of the Bluebell to have any of the more vintage locos painted in BR livery, yes it really was a massive job to pursuade these guys to put the E4 in BR livery, and so a repaint of the H may never happen. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  2. Here's two video clips I took on Sunday of the GWR Tanks passing along Orpins Curve. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQQ-DNnWjXA
  3. Blimey, Bachmann absolutely stormed to victory in these polls! Hope this sends a clear and present message to Hornby that they need to up their game.
  4. Here is the link to my web gallery my from yesterday's photo charter with 45231along with some video sequences https://picasaweb.google.com/105454327852537837128/Black5No45231PhotoCharterBluebellRailwayFebruary262014?noredirect=1#
  5. Here's my belated and fairly basic review of 9017 I've just uploaded to Youtube.
  6. 9017 has run in preservation as Bachmann's version depicts when it visited the Llangollen Railway back in 2009. BR black livery with nameplates removed and safety valve bonnet also painted black only difference being the type of riveted tender. So to a certain extent Bachmann's version 9017 in a "as preserved" condition is accurate to the time it was at Llangollen rather then when based at Bluebell.
  7. Hi all For those interested I've just completed a web album of slide scans from the Bluebell's SECR Centenary gala on 7th August 1999. The link to my album is here - https://picasaweb.google.com/105454327852537837128/SECRCentenaryEventSaturday7thAugust1999# Cheers
  8. Yes bought some blood & custard Hornby Colletts and some Bachmann Maroon Hawksworth on Wednesday at my local model shop in Eastbourne to pair with 9017. Just need to get the loco now, the shop owner thought it was likely to be at the end of the month.
  9. When I got with my missus 12 yrs ago I was economical with the truth about my steam hobby. I first told her that I was just helping my Dad do his photography up at the Bluebell. Then over time I told her that actually I'm a steam enthusiast, not a train spotter mind you , and I did quite a lot of lineside photographic work with my Dad not just at the Bluebell but other railways to. To my surprise she was ok with it and even when I build my layout in the spare room of our flat she didn't complain too much. I think the right phrase would be "she tolerates it, just". Of course if I get a photo published in SR or HR magazine and get paid she makes sure she get's her cut out of it. I'll never forget a couple of year's ago I got 2 pics published in Steam Railway mag and got paid £40 which oddly enough when she found out was the exact amount she needed to get her hair done at the hairdressers, so the money soon got transferred from my account to her purse.
  10. Yes completely agree, we're all aware of Hornby's financial problems but they do really need to get a new tooling done of the Terrier class. Below is a video review I did a while back on the Hornby Terrier 32670 which shows how badly the details are wrong on this particular model. If Hornby are going to keep re-releasing them then fine but they need to sort out a new tooling for the Terrier.
  11. Looking at the model of Terrier "Sutton" it looks like they've got the wrong bunker on it along with a toolbox on the back which I'm pretty sure it never carried and the model of Manston has red backed nameplates which again I'm fairly certain it only carried blue coloured plates (happy to be proved wrong though ) . Sorry I know it's all "rivet counting" but if Hornby are going to charge high prices for these models they could at least get the details right.
  12. Really pleased about the Black Motor but just hope it isn't a "design clever" model and at least one of the BR versions comes out weathered. I would hazard a guess this might be Hornby's answer to Bachmann's success with the C classes. Love the idea of releasing a Crosti 9F but why oh why does it have to be in the railroad range and it needs to be weathered as well.
  13. 9017 looks superb and as a Bluebell Rly member I can't wait to get my hands on it. Any idea when we might see the model in the shops please? Great to see it hasn't been fitted with those post-preservation Earl Of Berkeley nameplates, although I will say their are some in the Bluebell management that aren't best pleased its hasn't got them on. I suspect Bachmann have done research on this matter and found out that, with the exception of a few, the nameplates aren't exactly popular with the enthusiasts when the loco is in it's BR black livery. Overall a great looking model that has been worth the rather long wait to finally see it completed.
  14. Superb effects, is there any chance please you can do a video to show how you apply the various stages of the powdering and techniques when you do your next loco?
  15. If anyone else is on Facebook I've just noticed that the Hornby Magazine page has posted a status saying that "Hornby is the hot topic of December. If you could ask Hornby one question what would it be? Post your questions here and we'll ask them the best ones.."
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