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  1. i totally agree, there are a lot of manufacturers who have very advanced models, like your models. Chris
  2. Hi Bif, Yep, CV179 sorted it out. Really great sound package you created. Shame the Hornby dummy car only has pickups on one set of bogies. But a small stay-alive will sort that out.. Chris
  3. I had a play with CV4 and CV179 and that reduced both the deceleration and braking, which makes it much more useful on my size layout. Also changed CV3 to make the acceleration, I guess less realistic but again better for my layout size. Thanks Chris
  4. Hi purchased a while ago a Hornby Class 800 which has 2xLok5Sound decoders and has the legomanbiffo sound files. It has the active braking feature and I am wondering how I can adjust this to make the braking simulated force harder. Currently, at full power, if I drop it down from Speed Step 128 to 0, it takes about 2.5 revolutions of my layout to come to a halt, using F5 to activate the break, it drops to 1.5 revolutons. So I was wondering what CVs I need to adjust to make the deceleration (no brakes) a little faster and also the make the braking force harder (decelerates faster). I have access to decoder pro to do any CV tweaks. Thanks Chris
  5. Thanks Nigel and to all that put together such excellent software for us novices to use. I picked up the Bachmann Class 70 at the Hornby Show a few years ago and it was already sound equiped, not sure if that was OEM or aftermarket (need to go to the loft and find the original box) I have a Z21, which I believe can update the Zimo chips, so that is my next port of call, although I don't use that and now use the MERG command station and controllers I'd also like to make all my loco's sounds consistant, especially as I use a normally controller, so having everything similar would be nice also, but thats for another time and another thread! Chris
  6. So I can confirm that F4 activated the uncouple shuffle! But I need to adjust the distance it move backwards F14 does indeed activate the shunt mode, so removes the inertia. Next is to flash the chip with a newer version of the fireware and see if the Functions increase from 20 to 29.
  7. Interestingly, I have a tab called Shunt/Uncouple and it shows the settings that I manually added to CV 115 & 116. What I'm not sure is that it shows a Shunt Function, that I have assigned to F14 for the moment, which, according to my train instructions refers to the sound 'RPM'. So I am assuming that is for the Shunt feature that removes inertia, but what confuses me is the fact it shows the settings for the shuffle Now the Loco also has Lights and Cab Lights, Lights F0 and Cab F8, which I can see on the Alt Function Map Tab, So I can see that Physical Function 1,2 and 3 are used, whcih I think is the max physically Functions for the MX644 Soun chip Under Lights, I am going to choose function FO2 as the Function I also think that the chip is limted to 20 Functions (0-19), so I am going to look at using F4 (has a short toot on that). So if I use the SW Mappings, they will be something like this Fingers crossed! As a matter off completeness I believe my chip has v33.10 installed (CV7=33 & CV65=10) Chris
  8. Thanks Nigel, i’ll give that a go tomorrow. Chris
  9. This is a really useful but I am wondering how to get the uncouple shuffle/waltz assigned to F21. looking in the Zimo manual you change CV115 and CV116, but I don’t understand how I assign the uncouple action to the function key. I’m using decoderpro to read the zimo chip and I believe it is a MX644. thanks chris
  10. Hi All, i am am trying to get this to work on a Class 70, which according to CV250 is housing a MX644 zimo sound decoder. i have read through the zimo manual and see the CV 115 & 116 need to change to allow the shuffle. but I cannot work out how to assign a function. Note the I am using DecoderPro to read the entire chip setting. I am also unsure if I have a current sound for uncoupling. Chris
  11. Hi Charlie, i have called and and emailed you about returning my 143 that I sent to you to look at back in June 2018, yes over two years ago. i can I please get this returned. It has sound and people within. i appreciate that you are busy, but with a loco that cost £250 that does not work, I can at least recover the sound chip and fit in to one of my other Locos I have . thanks Chris
  12. Hi All, I got the Hornby Class 800 ‘Paddington Bear’ when it was released, but I haven’t had many chances to get it going. Sound it had it fitted with dual sound chips, but the dummy car has only one set of picks, which means the sound stops often. So I was hoping that I could purchase a spare bogey for the dummy that has the picks so I could replace, but I don’t think that is possible. So so has anyone found a supplier that does those? Thanks Chris
  13. Hi Charlie, As we are now all at home, any chance you could take a look at the 143 I sent you in June? Thanks Chris
  14. Excellent show, went for the last two years, excellent cakes! Couple of Videos if you missed the show. RISEX 2019 RISEX 2018
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