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  1. I am hoping we might get one of these announced on Tuesday by Bachmann.
  2. It's a new range of face masks with your favourite Hornby Locos through the years!
  3. Very pleased to hear this and again positive they are trying to correct errors on models that in past would have been ignored.
  4. I am hoping they retool the A1 next similar to the new LMS princess and then we won't have the Ski slope issue anymore.
  5. I am glad to say my One liveried model has been run in and all good after having to send back my LL blue from first batch and having to redo all the axle boxes on the replacement. I do think it's a fantastic model and had planned to get more but it feels like a lottery if you get a good one straight out the box or not. I do agree that my next 66 will most likely be a Bachmann as the overall project has failed to live up to the hype for me I have over 20 Bachmann 66s and only had 1 faulty and only one good 66 out of 3 from Hattons, putting videos and guides how to fix the model yourself is novel but not what I expect after paying £150 for a top of the range model.
  6. I got mine today and have to say very pleased everything in place and looking good!
  7. Just ordered the NSE 4TC for £199.99 as part of their virtual show offers. I had been thinking about one for a while and the price is too good to miss if anyone looking for an NSE version.
  8. Just ordered one of these Kernow offering for a very good price of £99.99 this weekend.
  9. I would love a few of these, I used to watch the 08 trip 2 or3 these from Thornton yard to Markinch with a brake van and run round before heading down the Auchmuty branch. For a while the provincial liveried 08761 was based at Thornton making it quiet a colourful train now if only someone would also do a model of that to pull these I could pretend to be a teenager again!
  10. I saw the Ep at Glasgow and its an impressive model and I feel its worth the money plus you get a flanged wheel on the rear pony truck! I wish Hornby would follow Bachmann and find a way to allow the wheel to turn and keep the rear truck fixed.
  11. It would make sense to have a Scottith theme at Glasgow how about another partnership with revolution like the class 92 and upscale the planned N gauge 320 family of Emu's? A Strathclyde orange 320 launched at Glasgow would give a big kick start to the pre-orders.
  12. Try Derails i believe they test before dispatch if you want one. I am lucky having a local shop, Scoonie Hobbies, I got 3 class 90s from them all good ones. It's a great model just a shame some have had issues with the bogies.
  13. A few points here, firstly the operation area should increase soon with planned train from Stirling to London via west coast using class 91s and Mk4 and 67s for Wales so there will be future liveries etc hopefully could make new Mk4 more viable Secondly the 8 pin socket I would argue is a bigger issue for modern image modellers who tend to use far more Dcc functions and high end decoders many feel Hornby don't understand the market truly most of the competition are using 21 or 22 pin decoders fully separate lighting options. Finally Hornby have a tendacy with modern liveries to have a bit of a it's close enough attitude an example being the caledonian sleeper teal which is a blue and nothing like the real thing but even after being advised the 67 was the wrong colour still used it for the class 92! I have no doubt Hornby can make a great looking 91 but the Bachmann 90 has shown what is possible and I will still order one but I would have preferred the cavalex with all the extras.
  14. shunny

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    It takes me back to my youth when I would eagerly check the Lima advert in magazines for the new releases which would be due shortly in the shops.
  15. There is a picture of 45727 Inflexible running tender first on a freight train passing Polmadie in 1961 in this month's issue of British Railways Illustrated.
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