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  1. Sorry for typo, Brian, I did indeed mean 5: A26/A29 (and still a 517) Nothing gets past the scrutiniser in this poll, I think Russia needs you!
  2. I vote just for 5. A26/A27 and a nice shiny 517 class to go with it. Thank you team for the stimulus to learn more!
  3. Do I hear a baa baa shop quartet?
  4. The backscene hasn’t faded over the years - still a lovely natural grass colour- could you remind me, are they commercial prints ?
  5. I’ll just vote for 7, Hawksworth slip (for use under rule 1) but I think I will give the sleepers a swerve! Thank you team.
  6. Eric and Ernie aren’t impressed.
  7. Thats a lovely pair of wagons, subtly weathered. If the packing case and the shed doors stumped the LM workforce I wonder how they will get on unloading these! The chap reading is gripped because he is always reading tomorrow’s newspaper!
  8. The fields around Little Muddle have gone eerily quiet this morning, not a moo to be heard. A lovely view from the human perspective though.
  9. A late arrival at the Dining Car Ball ! I vote for 2 H25. 9 H33 Just need a compact dining car for cross country services! This has been very instructive, so a big thank you to the team +1
  10. And the compost needs turning- all the stuff that keeps me from proper modelling sessions at the moment ! I don’t remember admiring your beans before- ..... how do you keep everything dust free and photo- ready?
  11. That’s the best view yet of Little Muddle - so much detail to see in one frame. One for the book, volume 2 !
  12. I’d like to vote for 1. Dean clerestories —properly lined out ! 9, 10, 11. Sushine stock updated with similar Collett vehicles would be universally popular. Thanks as always Brian.
  13. Cleverly posed to obscure the lack of internal motion of the Collett- but as you say the model was ahead of its time in 1982!
  14. Yes, but you have given the impression of enough space which is all that matters! Mr Philo had the space but didn’t show much of the action from what I remember!
  15. I was taught knitting in my primary school- no sign of safety specs then but everyone still had two eyes ! At my next school my woodwork teacher had all his fingers but the chemistry master managed to burn us, gathered around him, with sulphuric acid by adding water to a test tube of acid instead of vice versa - again no safety specs!
  16. I think this illustrates the dangers of home working, not so common in 1990!
  17. That looks a serious analysis of carrier pigeons, but reading through it I think it is written tongue in beak.
  18. The Limpley Stoke committee have suggested: 1 Starfish 7. Tool van 11 . Cordon and would consider suitable: 13 Gane A ; For 60’ track panels All excellent siding fillers. Thanks again Brian et. al.
  19. I’m looking forward to seeing a GPV that isn’t black and shiny with vivid red lettering , and I think perhaps this is where it will be found ! Weather we like it or not!
  20. Thank you Brian I model: Period 2 as imagined Period 4 as remembered, before the decline! - but I grew up in Southern Electric land so remember only Hawksworths on excursions!
  21. I’ve enjoyed refreshing my memory and looking up details of the candidates in these mini polls - I ought to have bought all the right books! It may not influence the major manufactures but it might tempt a 3D print entrepreneur to try the market. More please, Brian !
  22. For me I’d like to see 1. Python - a useful van . Monty had one. 7. V23 etc .As has been said, an accurate Mogo 9. F1-4. A suitable transport for steam ploughing engines just made it before the rugby - I mean deadline.
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