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  1. Thank you for kind input and advice which has confirmed my initial thoughts. I can now begin to plan the point rodding.
  2. Having finalised my track plan I am keen to try and model point rodding on my 1985 Western Region layout with traditional semophore signals. I have a double track main line with two trailing crossovers. No passenger train movement is planned over the crossovers. The crossovers are present to allow light engine and freight to access the nearby siding. This raises a couple of questions, 1. Would the points require facing point locks as they will be crossed occasionally (non passenger) in the trailing direction? 2. If the crossovers require facing point locks would one lever operate both locks in together? Thanks in advance. Pete
  3. Having carefully considered the advice and guidance provided above I have redrafted the track and signalling plan. For explanation, the bay platform is disused for passenger traffic, grey circles are ground signals and a trap point is labelled but not shown due to absence of icon. I hope I have managed to place the signals in the correct places. Any final comments welcome.
  4. Many thanks for all the time taken to write the detailed replies to my questions, they are very much appreciated and have given me lots to consider. They have also made me consider a number of new options and clarified the finer detail of signal placement. I have included some further points of clarification which help any further discussion, 1. The original design was for the yard to be a little used, slightly overgrown engineers yard similar to that described by 'The Stationmaster' (point 7). 2. The bay platform would probably have been used for passenger traffic in the past but was now disused and slightly overgrown and acting as a heads hunt for the engineers yard so the absence of a trap point could be justified. 3. I had a feeling that the facing crossover was non standard but included it to give easier access to the yard when running in on the top line (left to right) but as the bay platform is not used for passenger traffic this would be harder to justify. If the facing crossover was changed to a trailing crossover access to the yard from the top line (left to right) would involve a engineers train being reversed through the trailing crossover before being able to gain access to the yard. Would this type of move be common place? Thanks again for your careful consideration. Over the next few days I will try and redraft the plans and signal placement based on the advice provided so far.
  5. I am in the process of planning a new layout and would be grateful if anyone could advise on the positioning of signals. The layout is set in the 1980s Western Region (Semaphore signals) and consists of a cross country double track passing through a station including a small engineers siding and is 9ft long. I have limited knowledge of signals and do not have any railway experience although I have done some background reading and had a go at positioning signals (see attached image). On the top line (left to right) I have shown a HOME signal protecting the crossover and a STARTING signal at the end of the platform. On the bottom line (right to left) I have shown a STARTING signal at the end of the platform In total I have shown six shunting signals indicated by small grey circles. I have not included any DISTANT signals or ADVANCED STARTING signals as due to the size of the layout these would be off scene. I would be grateful for any comments on these arrangements but in particular, 1. Are the home and starting signals correctly positioned on the layout and on the correct side of the track? 2. Is my assumption about DISTANT and ADVANCED STARTING signals correct? 3. Really not sure about the shunting signals - are they all necessary and on what side of the track should they be positioned? 4. I have done some research about trap points and have come to the conclusion that due to the arrangement of this yard a trap point would not be necessary - is this correct? 5. I have assumed that the point in the yard would be operated manually and the yard would not need any signals - is this correct? 6. What is the likelihood that this type of station would have had a signal box in the 1980s. If so, where would be the most likely position? Any help with any of these points would be most helpful. Many thanks in advance of any support.
  6. Looking forward to taking Westwood Yard to this re arranged show in a couple of weeks.
  7. Somerset Railway Modellers Club will be taking Gorbriton Hill to the show this weekend. Ideal weather for a model show so come along and have a chat. In the mean time some images to tempt you.
  8. Very much looking forward to taking Westwood Yard to the Burnham show this year. Great opportunity to get a pre Christmas model railway fix or to buy a Christmas present for yourself!
  9. Somerset Railway Modellers Club is really looking forward to exhibiting 'Waveybridge' (1960s Southern Region terminus) at the show next weekend. It looks like a good line up and well worth a visit.
  10. I will be exhibiting Westwood Yard at Rail Ex Taunton this weekend. Hope it will be a successful and enjoyable show.
  11. Time flies - this weekend for Rail Ex Taunton. In addition to the 35 layouts and 25 trade stands we have some demonstrations and society/association stands this year. Societies/Associations 009 Society: Full use of Exhibition Hall 2: Dance Studio with layouts and a society stand. Great Western Society Taunton Model Engineers: A display of locomotives and details of activities and progress with there new home in West Buckland. Demonstrations Scenic Modelling: Provided by Green Scene Modern Modelling: Provided by CLevedon And Portishead Armchair Modellers (CLAPHAM) O Gauge Locomotive Building: Hope you can come and enjoy the show.
  12. As previously announced - the show this year will be our largest ever show with 65 exhibits including 35 layouts to view. You may also want to use the historic school restaurant which will be providing the usual high quality meals including the Sunday lunch. With so much to see and do we are offering 2 DAY ENTRY for just £10 - either pay on entry or up grade at the ticket desk on leaving the show on Saturday. All details of the show can be found at the comprehensive new web address www.railextaunton.uk We do hope you can join us and enjoy the show.
  13. The countdown continues to Rail Ex Taunton (26/27th October) which as previously mentioned will be our largest show to date with the introduction of a fourth exhibition space. This has enabled us to increase the layout allocation to 35 which does include a 50ftx30ft continuous run O gauge main line making its first operational debut. We hope the show provides interest for everyone with the layout list as follows, All show details are available at the new web address www.railextaunton.uk Aberdeen Kirkhill (OO) Angell Creek (ON30) Beckton (N) Bewdley (OO) Bicsdale (OO) Bodmin General (N) Brighton East (EM) Bromeberrow Asphalt Company (009) Bryn Coed (009) Bunbury Junction (OO) Crossley Scrap (OO) Draycott Lane (N) Elmfield (N) Evercreech New (O) Hemyock (EM) Hillbrow (009) Kingmoor Park DRS (N) Lananta Quay (3mm Mixed) Leigh St George (N) Loftus Road (OO) Loudwater (OO) Mutton (OO) Old Elms Road (OO) Pig Dyke Farm (009) Readham (OO) Ryders Green Wharf (009) Streatwell Green (OO) The End of the Line (O/O14) Tidworth (OO) Tipyn O'Bopeth (009) Tops Tor (N) Westwood Yard (OO) Wychwood (009) Yate Rocks Tramway (OO9) Zlata Vychod (HO)
  14. I have watched this project develop for a while - simply stunning and for me just the right era. For the record, I hate shopping, am not a great fan of Christmas and I do not know what 'McArthur Glen' sells but I do know I will be doing my Christmas shopping in Swindon!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work.
  15. The count down has started to Rail Ex Taunton with 34 days to go. We have only just been able to finalise with the venue our exhibition space allocation for this year. We are pleased to announce that the show this year will be the BIGGEST Rail Ex Taunton ever with a SIGNIFICANT increase in floor space covering 4 exhibition spaces. Watch the website (http://railextaunton.uk/index.php) and this space for the final announcement/confirmation of layouts that will be attending. In the mean time we can confirm the following trade stands will be in attendance this year so start writing those shopping lists, Aspire Gifts and Models NEW FOR 2019 Attwood Aggregates Book Law Publications Cheltenham Model Centre C&L Finescale DCC Trainautomation Dirty Boy Weathering by Lord and Butler Don Bishop Photography Green Scene H & A Models Just in Case Kato N Gauge Keith’s Bits and Pieces Kytes Lights Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Trust NEW FOR 2019 Megapoints Controllers Platform 3 Models Railroom Electronics Somerset Railway Modellers Sales Ray Heard Model Railways Severn Models Tools 2000 Wessex Wagons Weston Models 247 Developments
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