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  1. It's the white bit that holds and separates the two stub axles on Bachmann split-frame chassis. It's called a muff because in function it resembles the old-fashioned handwarmers where you'd put one hand into each end of a fluffy tube.
  2. Generally, yes they do. On 1419, by packing the trailing axle as I described last week, I've kept the treads of the grooved wheels just clear of the rail, so the grooves can't catch. The loco now only runs on the first and third axles.
  3. I took 1419 back out to the railway room to test on the layout and guess what? Within a few yards of starting both traction tyres fell off, so that problem has taken care of itself. Even without them, it had no problem pulling the autocoach up to Porthmellyn Junction, so it will definitely be fine on the level run between Polperran and Pentowan. After that I changed tack and marked out the Modratec parts that need drilling for St Enodoc lever frame - the Tappet Guides, the Long Tappet Support, the Spring Retainers, the Auxiliary Switch Unit Support Bar and the two tappets (for the section signals) that will be locked by the Eemecks. Not too many mishaps along the way, so they're now ready for when I can arrange a visit to Charles' place to use his bench drill and taps. I haven't marked (or cut) the locking bars themselves yet. They can wait until I've assembled the basic frame structure.
  4. I've had word from Little Muddle and the blokes will be down as soon as they've finished with the crate up there.
  5. I don't think they expect to make any size of fortune but as it is their work and IP it is up to them to announce it, not me. The developer is an RMweb member and frequent poster. That's all I can say at the moment.
  6. The person developing the new product would probably kill me.
  7. They should be further apart anyway so that folk can walk between them safely.
  8. For the avoidance of doubt, 'twas not I that asked the question but m'learned friend Mr Stubby XLVII.
  9. Many years ago at a Wembley show (that tells you how long ago) a friend and I were operating his layout after a good night on the curry and beer. A young lad came up and watched the trains for a bit, then turned and asked his father "Dad, what's that eggy smell?".
  10. I find that most new locos nowadays need their wheels cleaning before use.
  11. That's interesting. The font shown still doesn't look quite right but then again neither is the Coopercraft one or the Slater's 1.5mm letters that I've used previously (but I'll be using a new method that I can't reveal yet, as I'm going to try out a potential new product that's still confidential).
  12. We have quite a choice down here. https://www.lowes.com.au/hawaiian/hawaiian-prints/shirts https://www.lowes.com.au/casual-wear/casual-menswear/shirts
  13. It's only just arrived, Stu, and given the general lassitude among the ECC workers I suspect that it will be some time before they start to unload it.
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