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  1. Spams will no doubt come in with a fuller answer but on the Mid-Cornwall Lines there will be two sets of Hornby Maunsell coaches: Set 199 (green) - BSK S3736S, BCK S6657S Set 242 (crimson and cream) - BTK S3970S, CK S5663S, BTK S3791S There will also be set 518, green Bachmann Mk1s, which will form the Pentowan portion of the ACE - BSK S35020, CK S15904, BSK S35021 I found these formations somewhere on the web but exactly where is lost in the mists of time. hope this helps.
  2. For my 4mm version I printed new destinations in Gill Sans MT Condensed.
  3. When I lived in Yorkshire it was always "call a spade a bl00dy shovel". Or calling a screwdriver a chisel. Oh, wait...
  4. Judging by the two previous posts, carpet glue...
  5. How about the Withered .... No, not going there.
  6. Nothing to do with Sherry/sherry but I learned that yesterday was International Whisk(e)y Day, so I indulged with a nightcap of Ailsa Bay, a very nice and very strong single malt.
  7. Definitely true at some University hall-of-residence discos in about 1977 - 1978. As Max Boyce would say, I know - coz I was there...
  8. Today I tidied up after our running session but before I did so I took some photos of one of the last trains we ran, train 543 which is the 2350 (FO) Paddington to Penzance. It looks rather nice with a good mixture of stock, so I ran it back round to Nancegwithey Viaduct for the camera. Here's the whole train passing Porthmellyn Road Down Home signal, which you might just be able to see is Off (of course!). 4906 Bradfield Hall of Truro shed (83F) is a standard Bachmann model, still awaiting detailing (crew, coal, lamps, etc.). Set 506 consi
  9. Some of which were indeed very brief... Oooh - nurse!
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