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  1. Another year older and deeper in debt but I was able take the new 6825 out of its box officially today. It looks much the same as the other green Granges except for the tender. I'll run it in later tonight on DC. I removed the old 6825's nameplates and numberplates and changed the smokebox plate to 6824 - the new one already has 6825 printed on the front and I've run out of Slaters 1.5mm 6s. If the new plates for 6824 arrive this week I'll fit them next weekend. I also took the old decoder out of 6824 ready to fit to the new 6825, so now 6824 needs a new decoder. I think a TCS DP2X-UK should fit through the gap in the bottom of the boiler. It's a real nuisance that NCE has discontinued its 8-pin plug-fitted range. Why didn't I just change over the tenders? Well, that was my original plan but the old 6825 was one of Hornby's pre-weathered models (6869 was its original number). Putting it next to a clean tender (and the new clean loco next to a dirty tender) just wouldn't have looked right in the end. Edit: when I was setting up the rolling road, I noticed that the new loco has a semi-permanent tender coupling rather than the old pin-and-hole type, so Plan A wouldn't have worked anyway. Out in the railway room, all the Penzance droppers went in today. There were about 70 of them in the end, by the time I'd connected each point plus the various lengths of track that join the points to the rest of the layout and to each other. Feeders next - not too hard a job but not my favourite as it's all under the baseboards.
  2. Ah, thanks Rob - so it was my ageing memory after all. That's what being another year older and deeper in debt than I was yesterday does for you.
  3. Very nice Captain. Please tell us, or remind us if you already have and I've forgotten, what is the provenance of the goods shed.
  4. Tut tut. You'd never see barrows that close to the platform edge on the real thing - would you?
  5. I think I'd have made the same choice. Are you going to extend the boarded crossing to fill the gap between the shed and the pit?
  6. Thanks Corbs. I just had a quick look there, and read some of your content, but couldn't find anything that resembled remotely what I remember of the old site. Anyone got more clues?
  7. St Enodoc

    Little Muddle

    I thought it was Pons Fluminis...
  8. This is all fascinating stuff, especially as the 60s were my own Thomas years (born 1956). There used to be a website called "The Real Lives of Thomas the Tank Engine", which had on it a lot of the sort of stuff being discussed here but it seems to have disappeared. I don't know who ran it - if it was anyone already posting here perhaps it could be (or has been?) resurrected somewhere.
  9. Paint the whole thing white and when it's dried hard flood thin black paint in around the letters.
  10. Not really. Only a couple of dozen pairs of wires...
  11. Time only for a short session today, so I programmed the Penzance Mini Panel with the new routes to loops 2 to 7 at each end. This also involved creating a new command station macro as some of the routes involve five points. Having made a few dozen droppers last Monday evening while watching the telly, I'm now ready to install these and connect them up to the Down bus and the frogs on the new points. The only remaining job at Penzance will then be the fouling point markers.
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