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  1. Well, as chesterfield and Baz have hinted, we had a very good running session this afternoon. 11 operators showed up altogether so we were able to roster two people at both Paddington and Penzance as planned. The expanded sequence ran pretty well and we actually got through 45 trains in two hours before we stopped for tea. Did everything go according to plan? Of course not! We had a few relatively minor problems: - two drivers found that they were both supposed to be driving train 6 - as chesterfield mentioned, a rough shunt caused a DG coupler mount to fall off a Ratio wagon. That has now been fixed. - Somehow I'd got two trains starting from the same place. This is a bit of a mystery as the Post-It notes should have shown this up. I think I must have transcribed something wrongly. Fortunately this was fairly near the beginning of the sequence so it won't be too hard to go through it again to check - I hope! - one loco failed so had to be replaced by a spare. Given the scope and scale of the changes I'm quite pleased that this was all we found. An interesting aspect was that the increased overall number of trains, with the consequent remarshalling, and the increased number of trains between each of the china-clay workings, gave the whole operation a far more relaxed pace. Everyone seemed very enthusiastic about the changes so we will pick up from where we left off at our next session in March and see how we get on with the next batch of trains.
  2. No problem - a few dabs of Plastic Weld and all is now well.
  3. That's about right. Rowland page 73 has a photo of the prototype diagram 1/273 Presflo branded as 20 ton capacity and tare 12T 8 cwt. The production diagram 1/272 version would have been about the same.
  4. I have used the Proses track-spacing jigs with success (usual disclaimer).
  5. I am delighted to report that the first meeting of the Leeds MRS Eating and Drinking Section Australasia Branch for 2020 is now in session, following the arrival of Mr & Mrs Barry O in Sydney this evening. They will be here for a few days before continuing their Antipodean peregrinations next week.
  6. Spot on. I'll listen to my vinyl LPs rather than go to any tribute act for any band, thank you very much.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOG1holappU
  8. Spring in these parts starts on 1 September...
  9. Page 4 of this document suggests not: https://www.emgs.org/wp-content/uploads/EMGS-Newsletter-203-January-2015.pdf
  10. I decided to stop growing up years ago, although I have no choice about growing old...
  11. Also many years ago at Leeds MRS we had a length of 2 x 1 with a red rubber glove on the end, stuffed so that the index finger was pointing. That was a very effective way to nudge a reluctant loco into action.
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