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  1. That expression always makes me chuckle. Have you ever heard a sewing machine in action? I wouldn't want my locos to sound like that!
  2. I thought you'd written alien for a moment there.
  3. Down here, the great majority of exhibition layouts are what I call "Australian Standard" double track ovals with a station in front and hidden loops behind. They do attract a crowd but the crowd doesn't stay long when the same pair of trains has gone by for the fourth or fifth time. Part of the challenge is getting a team of operators for an exhibition, particularly for a club layout, who a) know how the real thing was operated (increasingly rare); b) know how the layout works (not as common as you might think); and c) have the nous to put both those things together (multiplying probabilities...).
  4. What a neat distinction, Tony. I'm with you, in group 2.
  5. Well, for no particular reason I tried 4167 on the rolling road again tonight and blow me (other expletives are available) it stuttered there too. So now I"m pretty sure it's a dud decoder and will be going back. Consequently, suggested alternatives will be even more welcome!
  6. Boxing the compass on the basis that anything that wasn't large is small, my short list is Hayling Island, Eastbourne, Walton-on-the-Naze, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Berwick, Oban, Llandudno, Minehead and Newquay. My vote goes, of course , to Newquay.
  7. A shame but perhaps that's the curse of many a club layout (too many?).
  8. Thanks gents. TCS aren't my favourites either but since NCE stopped making their small ones with plug attached (N12SRP and Z14SRP), which were my preferred type for years, there is less choice than there used to be. The flaw is not the well-documented one of a discontinuity in the speed curve. It's an intermittent stop-start stutter at any speed but more so at lower speeds. I don't understand why this is happening, as the loco ran perfectly on DC on the rolling road and on the layout before I chipped it (so it shouldn't be dirty wheels/track or pickup problems); ran perfectly last night on the rolling road using DecoderPro/Sprog after I'd disabled BEMF; but ran like a bag on nails on the layout under NCE DCC today. I'll check the settings again tonight but I'm a bit stumped at the moment. 7446, incidentally, has a TCS EUN651 and although it ran better today there was still an occasional stutter from it too. I'd be interested in recommendations for a) direct-fitting decoders like the TCS DP2X-UK or alternatively b) small decoders with a harness and 8-pin plug. I like to have a fairly high current rating but of course I don't use sound as you know. I also don't use Railcom or any such control system. They've got to fit easily into British steam locos and I'd prefer originals rather than rebranded ones.
  9. Tony W and I have discussed this before but for me Charwelton was less successful because it didn't make enough use of what the station had to offer, especially as far as the ironstone branch was concerned.
  10. Did Morrycamby have six platforms Graham?
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