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  1. Yes. Click on the three dots at the top right of the post and select Hide.
  2. The instructions were in the relevant General Appendix and were a bit complex, based on wheels not axles, but up to three bogie coaches (24 wheels) behind the brake van in which the Guard rode would be OK as long as the train did not need to travel up a gradient steeper than 1 in 40 (unless special instructions were in place). Caveat: my comments are based on the 1936 GWR General Appendix. The same requirements were carried over to the 1960 WR Regional Appendix. They don't appear in the 1960 BR General Appendix. I have no knowledge of the specific requirements on the Eastern Region
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, my tongue was definitely in my cheek, as @LNER4479 and our host will certainly have realised. For my part, I use memory wire but were I starting afresh then servos would be my choice too.
  4. Very nice Steve. That block of Tufnol looks as though it could tell a few stories...
  5. Thanks Steve. As you know from my comments on my own signals, I've been struggling with this. I've got some Klear (Pledge One-Go in these parts) so I'll try that on the next set of arms. I've got some old Transfix too, although more recently I've been trying Micro Set and Micro Sol (very trying...).
  6. How about one of those little portable headlamps? You could wear it to fill in those shadows. Yes, this is a serious suggestion!
  7. Excellent stuff Andy - and well done for holdng your stomach in while you took the photo...
  8. My view, for what it's worth, is that you would certainly see wooden sleepers/timbers/bearers long after concrete had become common elsewhere but never the other way round. Moreover, even if the plain track on your rejuvenated Thame branch had been relaid with concrete I would not expect the same to be the case with the pointwork.
  9. Nice work Steve. Please share your secret for getting Modelmaster transfers to stick and for hiding the carrier film.
  10. There was also a good pub, the name of which escapes me completely, where we were thrown out of the public bar into the lounge because we were making too much noise and disturbing the darts players. The only time that happened to me - it was usually the other way round.
  11. I don't know whether it's actually a prism, Graham, or just a reflector at 45 degrees to the indicator screen. Either way, it's inside a casing that from above or below looks like a square cut in half on the diagonal. The prototype had the lamp bracketed out from the post but for the sake of functionality I like to use the (overscale) Ratio pivots. What I haven't found yet is a good photo of the arm from behind so I'm not sure of the backlight blinder arrangement. I'll probably just make that up.
  12. I was on a roll so carried on for a while before dinner. Here are the parts for both arms. The main stop arm parts are just the same as the ones I've made before but I cut back the pivot for the calling-on arm as far as I dared without the little piece surrounding the hole for the operating wire falling off altogether. You should be able to see how much smaller it is than the one for the main arm. These two photos show the calling-on arm after gluing the etched arm itself to the pivot. Here's the arm mounted on the post to chec
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