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  1. What is point control circuit like? Where is the power supply from, is there a CDU? Is it a switch for each or is it probe and stud? What is each solenoid doing when it makes a noise, is it a case of not enough power to throw the solenoid? Given every point is affected I'd start by looking at point of supply and any common return. Sorry, hard to give useful advice without it in front of you. let us know how you get along, good luck.
  2. Gone Wiring.

    1. Platform 1

      Platform 1

      Hope you were reeling 'em in...


  3. Very nice, I've been tempted by the Revell Flower kits but not bit yet. Back on track!
  4. You've got to look at the overall picture, which in this case is shaping up very nicely. As you say, Wills IS overscale, and the track is too narrow, but they still look very nice together.
  5. Tracklaying complete! Family holidays and an hour here an hour there sessions in the garage meant it took a couple weeks to do the final two sidings, but after tidying things up I'm quite happy with how everything "sits". From the fiddle yard Point motors and bus to fit, then control panel to do. After that I can return to the top of the boards and start on the fun stuff. Well, after the ballasting. I'm well happy to be at this stage after so many years of prevarication but I am just starting to realise how much there is to do. Lots of kit building and scenic treatment, with some testing thrown in Smoke me a kipper for breakfast, I'll see you all if/when I come out from underneath the boards.
  6. Cycled past here today,( very pleasant, the return via the top of Sourton Tors a bit more "active"). Saw several low loaders arrived at Meldon and the 08 starting to shuffle some very distressed carriages. Wasn't aware of the recent history here, but looks like a fairly significant stock relocation/disposal occurring today?
  7. We have just returned from a day out on our local line after far too long away and can only echo bucoops' experience of the line. Was dubious at first about the bus issue, but the way the day is operated and ticketed it actually makes a fun addition to the day (And I hate busses) And for those not of a Western persuasion the TSO we returned on apparently is an ex west highland vehicle, so I count that as layout research. Well done to all on the line.
  8. Thankyou for that, my current thinking is that the left hand side of my project will have a Mallaig throat feel to it so have been watching "your" rocks with a certain amount of (self) interest above and beyond the mandatory West Highland requirements.
  9. If I can get anywhere near as good as that on my first attempt I will be seriously chuffed. There is no danger of any crush injury to your confidence.
  10. Coal in a small space? Mmm, have a look at the model railroader Virginian project layout. Ok it's not going to fit in your planned space but it has to appeal due to it's quart in a pint pot factor. 4'x8', 2 coal mines, several industry spots, a small yard, and managed not look like a trainset. A very American approach to presenting a model though if you understand my meaning. https://www.trains.com/mrr/how-to/track-plan-database/the-virginian/
  11. What a brilliant find! Blue 37s, at least one white stripe, observation cars and Glenfinnan looking like N gauge from above. What's not to like. Possibly ducked under the radar on searches because of the walking title.
  12. It's only noticable on really dark winter nights
  13. Old boats, ex T-boat clanky
  14. Optimal number of loco's is n+1. Where n=the number you currently own.
  15. Hi, very much in the same position as you but opted for N. Some inspiration from these pages if you haven't already found them. Your space is perfect for some kind of small( US small!) switching layout Due to the way US railroads operating a shunting/switching plank offers much more operational interest than the same amount of UK real estate. (Although you're modelling the weekly visit rather than a days operation, possibly). If you haven't already found him, look up Lance Mindheim and his models and books. An interesting change of pace from the basement empires we foreigners assume is all the Americans model. This youtube channel I've found is good for getting the feel of a modern shortline and I've learnt loads from watching the daily activities of the CCET. The host is very much a good old boy!
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