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  1. And lo, the good Captain spaketh, and there was much rejoicings.
  2. Hoping to be there as an indigenous native if it's Staplegrove.
  3. As a great man once said "All the right notes, not necessarily in the right order". Cracking pics tho.
  4. According to Wikipedia,(fictional content possible) ; "The present lever frame, with 30 levers, dates from 1973. An 'NX' (entrance-exit) panel was added in 1975 to control the signalling at the relocated Fort William station. At the same time, the single line between the junction and the station became worked under Track Circuit Block regulations." That's in the entry for the junct' box.
  5. Really coming together nicely. Love the signal cabin and the station approach area.
  6. There's a very clear pic of one at Mallaig in The West Highland Mallaig Extension in BR Days by Tom Noble. I'll look up which no. etc tomorrow. It was 26034 at Mallaig on the 25/05/76
  7. Hi @SHerr, very approx, the roof is 46cmx10.5cm. The Gable walls are 9cm long , with the building itself 43cm long. Width of the actual building underneath is 4.5cm, 6cm at the bay windows. Hth
  8. The 2 kits I had do. Very common sense pictured steps. It does just fall together tbh.
  9. Modelling plans took a bit of a hit over Christmas, thanks to my mate Corony coming to stay, So laying the trackbed and tracklaying will commence once the weather improves. Done a dry assemble of the Station building to assess exactly what I need to do to bring it up to scratch (quite a bit) but nonetheless very impressed with this new range. It is quite a bit bigger in the flesh, which gave a minute or two of mild concern. s So size wise it will fit the bill I think. the little Croft building at the near end doesn't work in that position though. Think
  10. This may be of interest to somebody . Some close up pics of the Rannoch kit assembled dry so I can gauge what needs to be done to bring it up to scratch. Literally fell together during the course of a particularly undemanding Zoom meeting! A lot to do cladding and filling wise, also as others have noted, the windows; but very impressed with the design of it.
  11. Hi, Screenshot from my phone, but in desktop mode not mobile.
  12. Very interesting, impressed such a high spec model is still at what seems to be the standard Accurascale locomotive price point. Well done. I presume these were an occasional visitor on the Mallaig extension? Please?
  13. Hi David, are you aware of the Pop Up Designs kits? If not, some of their range may be of interest to your project.
  14. Stupid question. Was there any provision, however rudimentary for communication between driver and fireman when separated from each other?
  15. All the best for you recovery, sounds like you are thankfully over the worst. As others have said it does seem to affect folks over a wide range of severity but no matter how mild/severe it takes a long time for the fatigue symptoms to do one, with a good day paid for with a bushwacked day. Take it easy, all the best.
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