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  1. Stumbled across them online as they had one of the last Scenecraft S&Dsignal boxes. Still at a very good price, very quick delivery, pleasure to deal with on the phone and website is very good compared to some more well known concerns. Definitely on my list of places to search for.
  2. New lighting in the garage, its like the inside of ET's spaceship now! N gauge tracklaying commence:sungum:

  3. It's doing that now on android now thankfully, don't know if that's as a result of the ongoing "fettling" or apple always did it. But it's a vast improvement for functionality.
  4. Viewing on a phone, chrome or Edge, the banner is smaller than previous posters have described but it is consistently over the scroll to top of screen button.
  5. Blimey time for my regular 6 monthly update. I think I've managed probably 2 weeks solid work on this in all that time! Main boards all complete and now painted since the picture. The 2"x1" timber board nearest the camera doesn't look as skewed as that in real life, which ever angle I put the spirit level on it shows level so that's the important thing. I built it with whatever DIY shed dross I had lying around in the middle of lockdown so it may be a candidate for early replacement with some decent ply, we shall see. Thanks to the Kits of Scottish Railway Buildings th
  6. Do a search for 20mm fantasy miniatures and that should provide you with some useful links. 15mm & 28mm are by far the most common scales for fantasy/RPG type ranges but there are definitely some doing 20mm.
  7. The craftsmanship/clever button just doesn't cut it for these pics. All of the above and also inspiring and motivating for my own efforts so thanks for that.
  8. The traffic flows on the Barnstaple branch really lend themselves well to representation by a rolling time frame. I.e. The last of the China Clay rumbling past followed by a few years later timber and fertiliser, then the Ciba giegy(?) chemical tanks, maybe steel plate for Appledore at some stage. Who's to say the coal didn't predate the grain flow period, just don't park a polybulk next to a 16ton mineral. Scenically, one set of planks with coal dust and one set of planks with loose corn dusting.
  9. Well even at this early stage there is a certain "Cyberheritage" vibe to things
  10. For anyone still awaiting items going through Jamaica Processing facility in NY., we've just received the customs notification. 2 Months and one day to do N.Y and Heathrow processing centres.
  11. We've got exactly the same, an item on the way to us, sat in Jamaica processing center since 7th April.
  12. Of note, in the comments on Flickr, one of the van is identified as an INSIXFISH. Not something I'm aware of in OO, pity as it adds variety.
  13. I first spotted this thread when you were at the planning stage and somehow haven't kept up with it till now. Remarkable progress, lovely looking layout, a great interpretation of the scheme. Look forward to more.
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