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  1. The craftsmanship/clever button just doesn't cut it for these pics. All of the above and also inspiring and motivating for my own efforts so thanks for that.
  2. The traffic flows on the Barnstaple branch really lend themselves well to representation by a rolling time frame. I.e. The last of the China Clay rumbling past followed by a few years later timber and fertiliser, then the Ciba giegy(?) chemical tanks, maybe steel plate for Appledore at some stage. Who's to say the coal didn't predate the grain flow period, just don't park a polybulk next to a 16ton mineral. Scenically, one set of planks with coal dust and one set of planks with loose corn dusting.
  3. Well even at this early stage there is a certain "Cyberheritage" vibe to things
  4. For anyone still awaiting items going through Jamaica Processing facility in NY., we've just received the customs notification. 2 Months and one day to do N.Y and Heathrow processing centres.
  5. We've got exactly the same, an item on the way to us, sat in Jamaica processing center since 7th April.
  6. Of note, in the comments on Flickr, one of the van is identified as an INSIXFISH. Not something I'm aware of in OO, pity as it adds variety.
  7. I first spotted this thread when you were at the planning stage and somehow haven't kept up with it till now. Remarkable progress, lovely looking layout, a great interpretation of the scheme. Look forward to more.
  8. Not much in the way of physical progress this week other than cutting fiddle board timbers and fitting alignment dowels for that joint, however have just laid my hands on the RM article explaining how to kitbash the Ratio Midland box into a something resembling WH style, so that has made me very happy. A lot of this project is going to be a challenge for me so that will be a nice way to ease myself into things before scratch building the station building. I now have a trio of appropriate type 2s for the core traction, but couldn't resist ordering an Accurascale 37, so might have to build 2 versions of the main buildings if I understand the station paint scheme time line correctly (well that will be good practice then, and I don't expect to get it right first time anyway).
  9. slow8dirty


    Hi everyone, I hope you are all keeping well during these "Interesting times". Time to start a construction topic after a 5-6 year mixture of lack of modelling mojo, being away from the hobby and near terminal prevarication. The number of guitars I seem to have acquired over the last few years has blown any argument for staying away from the hobby due to cost completely out of the water so over the last year or so the number of just supposing layout scheme sketches has multiplied until I've been spinning around in a never ending merry-go-round of prevarication. Things finally started to firm up last summer and I finally settled upon the Roshven plan from the "Modelling the BR Blue Era" book, in N gauge. The planning thread and thoughts behind it can be found the layout design area. In summary Roshven was the originally proposed destination for the extension from Fort William which died a death in parliament due to landowner opposition, leaving the way open for the subsequent successful plans to Mallaig. This layout will be primarily set in the late 60's allowing for the interesting transition of liveries on traction and stock, Mixed trains along with the last years of fish traffic at the harbour side, marine fuel and the last few dregs of a freight service will be the operating theme. I was always a Large Logo/RETB period fan from childhood but the more I research from this period the more fascinating I find it. The astute reader will notice the planning thread is for an N gauge layout. Yes, well not sure what happened there, it sort of just growed. Before Christmas last year I realised there were some very nice OO type 2s around the corner, coupled with the poor availability of a lot of N gauge kits spurred the change. There has been a bit of a pause due to temperature in the garage and lack of time but this is where we are today. Still very messy, but one more board to build then I have room to tidy things up a little. Track work will be on a raised bed to create the harbour area. Given the floor is very uneven with a gradient to boot, I'm very happy to have everything aligned and level throughout. Track plan is here, fairly simple. I know it all fits but exact dimensions are still up for interpretation as we go. So apologies for maybe posting things a bit early in the process, but my god it feels good to have a project underway again after so long.
  10. Taking advantage of the lockdown, have built the sum total of one baseboard leg today! :wacko:

    1. truffy


      Slow by name...(that's more that I've built today though)

  11. That RM article did intrigue me, the plan is high on my list of future possibles. I shall follow with interest, looking good so far.
  12. Are the IIB 'fish' the interfrigo vans that were trialled? Very useful topic by the way.
  13. Very impressive, I didn't realise it was N gauge on first scroll through!
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