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  1. Great photo, looks like the last train or similar. Note the quality of the right of way even the trap siding on the left, at this late date! I had a chance to be on that trip, but turned it down; just as well considering as how it turned out. Looks cold here with everyone dressed up warmly but no snow yet if it is indeed the last run. Brian.
  2. I have been Hornby O centric (?) since 1973, which makes it unlikely I will need the GOG and find the HRCA adequate for my needs. I have given up the TCA, my only other membership which had very little about Hornby for obvious reasons but at the time I was actively collecting American outline of which I have enough. The GOG as others have noted, always gave the impression that it was a bit old fashioned even though a lot of it was all about old fashioned trains; those that were too expensive for me to consider. The HRCA on the other hand was all about Hornby trains that I could equate with, not some exotic foreign made 3" gauge model which cost a fortune. There are some who figure the HRCA could do with a makeover with more involvement from its members, so it would appear other railway groups suffer similar problems. Brian.
  3. It looks as though the 'lets reopen a branch line and run trains' group is running out of potential sites, at least in the West Country. Above comments are most valid but there is one for sale up in Okehampton, last I heard! Brian
  4. There doesn't appear to be any sea views from downtown Dawlish anymore, or is there? Walls, if they do the job, are a solution but they sure don't have the visual appeal of the original area. Also the cynic in me wonders how it will endure the next 'big one'? Brian.
  5. She's photogenic, young, blonde and can spin a yarn well. Apart from the fact thats she's a Trumper, whats not to like? Brian.
  6. I rather think you can take Trump and his tweets as real. It would appear that his words are considered honest, factual and truthful as uttered by his henchpeople who are only too happy to make fools of themselves also. Another term for this aging president would be a gift to his followers and a disaster for the rest but the answer is not necessarily Joe Biden, as he is even older!. The sad part about this whole episode is that there are no younger qualified contestants for the job coming along! God help America! Brian
  7. Where is the new platform situated, please? I don't remember much space there! Brian.
  8. I rather think that its a bit too profuse even for Brent although I suppose it makes a difference where you are. We have a lot around here but its more individual bushes. Perhaps its a US variety, though it sure looks the same Brian.
  9. To be fair, I always thought calling oneself Lady Antebellum was pretty stupid to begin with. The 'Dixie Chicks' have now dropped the reference to Dixie! Brian.
  10. Kevin, old railways seem much simpler than current affairs! Any railways, seem to have disappeared as the topic is hijacked or otherwise changed. If anyone can add to my knowledge of the Liskeard and Caradon it would be appreciated and should anyone be interested, my County of Bedford with five up has been running on the main line for a few sessions, while my shortline Mallet has a five car freight on the Mountain Division. All in the same layout! Brian.
  11. In these United States police carry guns; they have since their inception. The local populace also have guns. Guns are glorified, - gangster movies, Westerns, not forgetting John Wayne winning wars for the Alamo to Vietnam. Politicians spout First Amendment rights as a matter of course as do their constituents. So criminals have guns as well and when they come in contact with police, sometimes the inevitable occurs. And when the criminal is black, unarmed or not, protests erupt as a matter of course and go on and on and on, until the protest is lost among all the other groups that have joined the parade from abortion protesters and gay rights. HEADLINE NEWS. Police have shot an unarmed black man......................... Again? Brian.
  12. All of us are subject to ads, radio, TV, billboards, from every other source, so strip ads between subjects can't be much of a bother. Perhaps you might see something that appeals, who knows! Thats the point, it might be of interest; if not ignore it and it'll go away with the next reload. Not worth the angst! Brian.
  13. It is now fashionable for anyone with a perceived injustice to demonstrate, He/She will soon be joined by like minded demonstrators who will gather those who otherwise would have no interest in their situation. Case in point, Seattle as some may know now has a zone on Capital Hill occupied by a sundry collection of individuals whose actual cause is lost, being far from the initial protest. The local police station has been taken over and vandalised, local businesses graffitied and at least two murders have occurred. The street has been blocked off and protesters have prevented city workers from entering to clean it up. The police and city are wary because of the recent publicity as any effort to ameliorate the situation would inflame the protest movement, leading to further problems. The insane are running the asylum! Brian.
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