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  1. Hi Keith, enjoyed your little Utuber of the Cattedown branch, quite familiar although I hadn't seen the NR episodes before. The area was lucky to have kept so much for so long and I was fortunate to have seen it at its prime but now I think the days of the Cattedown branch are really numbered. There is no rationale for the remains any longer. Brian.
  2. At least this one finally moved somewhere Brian. And back again - 'All I can do from GH is 'cyber spot'! Brian.
  3. Railway furniture is rarely hidden away! The railway probably has its reasons; no doubt financial! Brian.
  4. Surely the poor animal was transported in ventilated car. Check with Lionel! Brian.
  5. There has been a diesel parked by the Up Platform at Blue Anchor for a couple of days. Brian.
  6. CH must be one of the most idyllic stations anywhere with a few little houses close by. Station and environs look well maintained and a credit to the staff. Rupert Bear or Bill Badger wouldn't look out of place, or maybe Pooh searching for honey from the beehive. Brian.
  7. Hello Trevor The photo is at Torquay. My copy also sits next to Summer Saturdays in the West...with Mainlines to the West adjacent, of course! Brian It would take a long time to clear that lot with todays trains. You can't tack a couple of carriages on to take care of the crowds! Brian.
  8. Very nice but what about the tarp? The ones I've seen are a bit sloppy which lets down the overall effect. Brian.
  9. A most interesting track plan. Tavvy was well endowed with facilities especially a T/T which must have been used very rarely in later days after the 4-4-0s left it to the tank engines. Could make a great model! Brian
  10. Progress in signaling is obviously a good thing as semaphores have reached a noble old age. Those that are sorry to see them go are mostly railway enthusiasts, while nobody else cares or even knows of. So let them go and be glad that a few will still be around for while yet. This same scenario is played out whenever it may happen on the railway, be it signals, stations or signal boxes. We all are fortunate that such relics can still be found on preserved lines. Brian.
  11. But, hang on, isn't the Sutton Branch a GWR branch? Yes it is! But the LSWR very cleverly dug a tunnel from Friary Station, under Jubilee Street, which gave them access to North Quay as well as GWR. Its a shame that this old ad can't be restored; they do it quite often over here! Its been there ever since I can remember! Brian
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