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  1. Colas is losing the Moorswater business for whatever reason, so they might be glad of the extra work. What's happening with Cornish business; seems to be rather fraught right now? Why is Treviscoe mothballed, Parkandillick rusting and no more freight past Coombe. Not much income either probably. Brian.
  2. They sure crammed a lot in a small space, but no crossovers to release an engine? Brian.
  3. He didn't have much option with the dreaded yellow panel. With such a colourful unit, it was a bit of a waste of time, at the closing speed of any collision, the colour wouldn't have made much difference! Brian.
  4. Whatever you do, don't change it on my account, just as long as you like it! On my armchair layout there is one (or similar) on my Liskeard and Caradon Railway. Brian
  5. Know how you must feel about your old pet but at that age she did very well. Brian.
  6. Marvelous modelling and as I couldn't possibly emulate such skill, I must ask whether the cab roof looks a little too low over the saddle tanks compared with the proto pictures? Brian.
  7. Great picture, Gordon! The Royals may be wondering how the Hornby Special gets around with the out of gauge cylinders which may be the reason for the close inspection by HMTQ. Brian.
  8. We were also told the the UK WDs also had a short shelf life but they lasted remarkably well into BR days and beyond. Brian.
  9. Not exactly bemoaning, just concerned that sometimes that RMW loses its core rail related value to everyday problems that beset us all in these troubling times. Not that the original premise needs to be rigidly adhered to as many a time the subject leads to something more interesting! Changing the subject already, I need a new simple camera as the one I have now is getting on, and I cannot connect to web sites, etc. Just in case my scintillating train comments and photographic exercises were missed. Any recommends greatly appreciated! Brian.
  10. RM web used to stand for train related discussion. Todays examples consist mainly of covid (fair enough) and local weather forecasts while the rest mainly describe ones ongoing ailments( which I can relate to) and shopping trips, etc. All very interesting and fills a need in some, but it would be nice to include more of the very reason of this train related site - the trains. Brian
  11. As this topic is still open, I would add that Tavistock GW station and environs is very modelable. Three tracks, overall roof, fair size yard with turntable. A lot of potential there; maybe its been done already? The SR station was also a good candidate but not as much, more main line though. Brian
  12. It sure should! I have a Lionel transformer from the late forties that still works including the original AC cord. Admittedly now it controls the lights and points which means there are over fifty bulbs to light plus operate the switch. A more modern MTH Z4k runs the trains but this one is over twenty years old already! Brian.
  13. I vote for 9400! Also, while in Paignton, looking back still, how could anybody have designed the A30. I asked myself that question as I sat in the back seat ages ago! Brian
  14. Schematics or line drawings of British model railways invariably seem to be a mass of tracks more or less going in a circular direction. This seems to be an extension of the train set, whereas in the US, layouts tend to be more variable, even running from A to B without passing the same place twice. Maybe its more available space in the US for the layout although those shown seem pretty big. Brian.
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