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  1. It would seem sea water might be used as a paint remover. Brian
  2. Triang seems to play a big part in these deliberations. Had them as a kid as usual and over the years realised they were a better fit than the average Dinky for O gauge trains. For me though they were a little high in price for what I wanted them for - background for the trains, so I stuck with Dinkies which was OK with me as they were Meccano products and I like to keep it all in the family. Also there was no play value in spite of the clockwork motors as they would have been rooted to the spot on the layout for months on end. One memorable example, the grey convertible was lost on the be
  3. Thats the best part of ANTB, apart from the frivolity, etc; its the off topics that sometimes turn up the most interesting info. I must confess to be a prime progenitor of further comment when it refers to anything Plymouth related, especially its railways. Hopefully Rob will indulge us further. Brian
  4. Great model, John. It might take peoples attention from the trains though! Brian.
  5. Its surprising that this doesn't happen more often. It was great for enthusiasts when the railway revivals occurred years ago when disused lines and stock became available but suddenly it evolved into fully fledged little railways. More track to more places, bigger engines and more stock, probably more than was ever needed if the amount of rusting stock on unused sidings is anything to judge by. Great progress was made by various lines and success seemed guaranteed, but was it sustainable? As long as supporters dug deep, amazing things happened but every page in the mags concerning these
  6. As someone who saw the condition at this time, I can vouch for its authenticity. It looked just like this as did the other buildings interiors; no new paint or polished floor. Sad to see! Brian
  7. For a moment I thought it was you Phil! There must be something in the air, Covid perhaps, as the HRCA has lost quite a few members recently. Sad to learn of any of our fraternity going to their reward! Brian.
  8. Glad you did, some great pictures . Brian.
  9. I'd rather comment about frivolity, cream teas or pasties, but is that a gap appearing between the rivets on the coal scuttle? Brian.
  10. From "Tetbury" as it was sadly highjacked and became an intrusion. So the discussion was centered on GW Castle engines to Yelverton on the more appropriate Princetown Branch topic. By now the subject is fairly well known of tender engines on passenger excursions in the early post war years which I can vouch for. More recently in a late Transport Treasury a couple of pictures showed 4410 in a short mixed goods nearing Princetown. The second picture showed the same engine facing the Dousland direction having turned on the 23'6" turntable by the P/Town shed. I never realised that could be d
  11. Ah yes, but this was a Prairie tank! Brian.
  12. Still no proof as in those days I didn't even have a camera, but I did see a Castle at Shaugh Bridge heading toward Yelverton and later coming back tender first. The Yelverton T/T was too small ! Interestingly though in a new Transport Treasury book, there was a sequence of the train at Princetown where the loco was turned on the shed line turn table. I was always under the impression that locos were to heavy even if they were small enough to fit! Brian.
  13. True enough, but the reason for the BA - TAV rebuild is to alleviate the road congestion from Tavistock to downtown Plymouth especially for commuters. It would be a harder sell for the line between TAV and OKE with Meldon viaduct in the way, although it might be smart to rebuild both at one time and get it over with. This whole saga has been done to death as mentioned and it looks as though it might be yet again! Brian.
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