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  1. Alex, according to the Kingdom 'Princetown Branch' from Oakwood, the diagram is essentially correct, A-D should more or less equal C-D while E-C is shorter with a more acute angle at C. The actual gradient at the Plymouth end of the platform is 1/60 and the roof appears to be a bit of a mix with the chimney at the peak. I have actually been in the Down building, in the fifties but no pictures or accurate memories. Maybe this is of use but even all this is a long time ago now so a little modellers licence cannot be objected to. Brian.
  2. Up on the moor, no problem. A bit dicey in Yelverton due to newer development! The quarries are most interesting with the sidings and the remaining detritus of quarrying. Brian.
  3. As a spotter in the glory days, it never occurred for us to be concerned with anything other than loco centric facts, names, numbers and perhaps shed. Most of us thought all coaches were equal except for the obvious and the number in the train more important. Sad to think, "its only the Riv" dismissed any interest. Brian.
  4. My first car was a '51 Standard Vanguard. Dinky introduced one in virtually the same blue, one of which is now on the layout. For continuity, I also purchased a similar vintage Ford Zodiac which we drove to Norway and Sweden via the Fred Olsen Line out of Newcastle, but I have never been able to find a similar era Vauxhall Velox to complete the group. Going from the sublime to the ridiculous, I ended up with a Renault Dauphine which actually wasn't a bad car and took us to Northern Italy and back! Brian.
  5. Sometimes our layouts represent a preserved line as it is. Mine has an abundance of rolling stock in various condition from any railway running with any locomotive or taking up siding space. The loco shed area is invariably full as are some passing sidings. Building are a mixture but it all comes together, maybe because its all tinplate trains; wouldn't do for the serious modeller who might have concerns Brian.
  6. This was posted on the first page of this topic. It is now page three so what has been said or settled other than what was written on page one? The concern of the parent is understandable and deserves consideration but surely this might thought to be over doing it. Brian.
  7. I see the track has been singled! Brian.
  8. Try explaining that to the public. All they see is the s/crap lineside and wonder why it always seems to be there! Brian.
  9. Sounds reasonable. Take any cab ride video and while its mainly bits of rail between the running lines, all sorts of detritus can be seen. Brian.
  10. <<<<<<<Thankfully I have a few years yet before I join that club but what's the age criteria for being a crumbly/dusty>>>>>>>> You'll know when you get there! Brian.
  11. Dartmoor never looked so good! Brian.
  12. brianusa


    Lovely layout, don't know how you do it! I once had an N layout but it was too small for me. Gave it up for O! Brian.
  13. Is it regulations to wear 'ear defenders' presumably the PC version of ear plugs? It doesn't mention what they were doing but in such a circumstance I would like to be able to hear what's happening. Brian.
  14. Never was a fan of ballast. Messy and difficult when a piece of track, particularly points had to be replaced. Left it off the current toy train layout. Brian.
  15. A few well placed high explosives should do the job, then? Brian.
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