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  1. Doesn't pay to talk Plymouth politics! The only Johnny Mercer I know is the American lyricist from an age that most know little of! Brian.
  2. Intriguing film of the farmers wife going shopping; just an overcoat and shoes, snow on the ground and no boots. It really looks cold but luckily the train arrives on time. Things were tough on the Moor even at this late date and hard to believe in this day and age. Brian.
  3. And how are the passenger figures holding up for the new service? To get back to Okehampton! Brian.
  4. I thought we were all for "the tinplate look" here! Brian.
  5. This lonely little thread is a great intro to the later Yelverton! Great background info. Brian.
  6. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Have we forgotten the proposed reopening of mining in Cornwall to access some sort of materials suitable for Trickery stuff? I had! Not that that would need huge train loads of Ore etc. BUT the economics of Kernow might just be about to resurge....there's a tip to canny investors who want to make a ton of dosh>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> It is said that ore still lies beneath the western slopes of Bodmin Moor with granite as a default export.. This was heavily exploited in the last couple of centuries until the economics of the thing became a problem. There was even a railway, the Liskeard & Caradon, to haul it all away to the docks at Looe. It went further afield in GW days until this too suffered economically. A century or two later it might be possible to resurrect this source due to changing times and mineral needs. Brian. (Supporter of lost causes)
  7. Phil, me 'andsome. all this is an exercise in pure nostalgia! Like earlier comments it will come to naught and probably return to Okehampton in the fullness of time. Good fun though, but its time to retire and ponder the reopening of the Chacewater line to Newquay! Brian
  8. Unless things have changed drastically its not so bad; off the Down Main at Par past the station loop and go left into the yard off the Newquay Branch! Surely theres enough rusting track there with road access off StB road and the large lorries we've encountered don't seem to see a problem with poor access. There's enough lorries and enough poor roads! But you will soon have a turntable Brian.
  9. Where are all the Dads? Not one to be seen; Mums and kids on their own. Different times! Brian.
  10. Is Cullompton the new Horrocksford, Capt'n? Brian
  11. God was good! Didn't he mention something about avarice and coveting your neighbours trains? Nothing wrong with good old fashioned greed though! Brian.
  12. Perhaps thats the solution - He has been known to perform miracles! Brian.
  13. Surely this is not the same thing that has plagued OO models over the years. In spite of all the improvements in electronics, it never seems to go away in OO trains and really having to do it yourself to improve running is certainly off! It was bad enough at early prices but not so when todays are more expensive. Brian
  14. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<GWR all over former Southern territory still grates a bit, especially here and at Exeter Central...>>>>>>>>>>>> Half the potential passengers are not likely to have any knowledge or interest of the usurper. A train is a train which takes you somewhere and its colour is immaterial. But as an age old Southern spotter on Central, I know what you mean and in those days there was a shedful of foreign locos just up the line and busy station tracks at Central Brian.
  15. In the heady days post WW2, a number of LMS locos appeared in Plymouth, let alone West of Bristol. Some even had names although most I believe were Black 5s whose numbers seemed to travel far and wide. Or perhaps there was just a lot of them - I never was too interested in foreign locos! Brian.
  16. Always good to see a Yelverton heading. Mostly they're places I've never heard of or visited but Elfordtown was right on my doorstep years ago. Its a big leap these days though! Brian.
  17. I hope the holidays were good for you, Alex. Happy New Year and I have to say your efforts of Yelverton have given a lot of pleasure culminating with the finished station. Or is it finished? Brian.
  18. My annual visit to Granby Jctn to see what's happening. Hi John, Merry Christmas! Lookin' good as usual, I don't know where you find the time especially at this time of year. Not much 'training' for me as I fell and broke my hip. Can't reach over the layout for a while as I'm still hobbling around. Lot of snow your way and its supposed to come this way soon so I'm not venturing out - don't want to make it worse! All the best for 2022! Brian.
  19. This whole scenario is mindful of another similar incident in another scale. The prewar O Hornby Princess with an accentuated sloping firebox. AFAIK there was not the uproar that this version has caused and even now they are in great demand at a high price in spite of the unfortunate F/B slope! I suspect O gaugers are/were more easily satisfied. Brian.
  20. Good to see Christmas has arrived at South Brent. We should all be so lucky to live in this fairy tale place ( at least the station and environs) A Merry Christmas to every good GW boy and all those others who won't be as lucky! Brian
  21. I think I've figured out the reason for the missing words in a recent post! Its not 1941 any more! Brian
  22. A lot of readers may be in the same position. My tinplate layout is in the same situation being fixed to the walls, so sadly I am faced with a similar decision. In my case, the man with a big power saw will reduce the baseboard etc, to more manageable pieces and so to the dump! The trains and accessories, both British and American, have a certain value but will it be enough to go through the selling experience with all that entails. Not something to be wished for at any age! So the whole thing may follow the baseboard to the dump as well, not that it will concern me then, as many trains have gone this way before. I have some lovely trains but it doesn't pay to be sentimental over their fate! Brian.
  23. Lionel produced a generator van complete with pole and wired to a search/flood light. Double doors could be opened revealing a modelled generator inside. Brian.
  24. Lets face it - we're just a bunch of old guys with nothing better to do than waste time on a device of choice!. Don't like intrusive ads? Then this is not the place for you; try a more specific topic where there is more interest than someone's ailments. RMW can be an enjoyable experience, so don't let the ads bother you to the point of giving up on it! Brian.
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