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  1. All excellent advice but I think he'll find there isn't sufficient space between the cast sideframes for P4 wheels set at anything like P4 BtB. I suggest checking very carefully before starting . . .
  2. I hoped the turntable products had been taken over by the chap who has taken on the Metalsmith products but he hasn't taken the TTs which remain with Mr Smith who is retiring and appears to have no interest in selling any. A big shame but that seems to be a dead end. Stan
  3. Does Gordon's family have a charity to which those of us who enjoyed his postings might contribute as our recognition of his special talents? I had a personal correspondence with him about our shared love of (and frustration with!) football but I'd be very happy to remember him with a donation to a charity of their choice.
  4. Many thanks - it looks as if ownership has been transferred to someone who may be more interested and able to bring the promised products to availability. Let's hope so!
  5. Over 10 years ago I was in contact with the gentleman offering these turntable kits hoping to buy a kit for a C & S 70ft version. Now it seems Metalsmiths and Midland Railway Centre have vanished from the internet as far as these turntable kits are concerned. Does anyone have any idea if the owner is still in business?
  6. 8ft 6ins and 8ft 9ins - compensated, please!
  7. And John Jennison (Mr Brassmasters), a qualified accountant, is, I suspect, thoroughly versed in all aspects of business as well as being a very nice chap but don't let that get in the way of slinging mud.
  8. Get well soon, Gordon. Here's hoping for a speedy and complete return to good health. Stan
  9. Much more relevant - when do we P4 modellers get to purchase them to our specification?
  10. I thought I'd risk another check to see if there might be a chance that the Midland Railway Centre kit for a 70ft Cowans Sheldon tTT had sneaked into availability after many years of TBA. The link from MetalSmiths website does not give access to the Midland Railway Centre nor does using a search engine provide access. I realise this may be a problem just for me but if anyone can advise whether the Midland Railway Centre is open for business, I'd appreciate confirmation - or otherwise. Keep safe! Stan
  11. Going back some way into this thread, I have watched professional football for almost 70 years. I was a willing participant in football at a very basic level into my 30s without anything close to success but I sure know when a top class player plays badly. I'm prepared to criticise a painting in a gallery even though I've never tried to paint. There is plenty of music that I do not like to hear and will avoid. There are layouts I don't think much of and plenty of models that I can pass by, even though they are, to others, better than anything I could ever make. It's my opinion and I'm entitled to it just as you are to yours so anyone who tries the "Show us yours" on me will always get short shrift. I hope, however, that I am not often guilty of speaking from complete ignorance! Sometimes I feel that some of the threads on RMWeb would be better listed under "Things that make you smile" because of the pretentious content they include. Perhaps others may guess those to which I refer? Stan
  12. Maybe being a CofE vicar helped in terms of time available?
  13. A real challenge to anyone with OCD! But seriously good advice so NOT to be ignored.
  14. How was Job when you last spoke to him?
  15. From the Marcway online catalogue: Copper Clad Sheet 4"X2" Paxoline 1.2mm Thick (SMP) £ 1.70 Copper Clad Sheet 9"X4" Glass Fibre 1.2mm Thick £ 5.25
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