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  1. I thought I'd risk another check to see if there might be a chance that the Midland Railway Centre kit for a 70ft Cowans Sheldon tTT had sneaked into availability after many years of TBA. The link from MetalSmiths website does not give access to the Midland Railway Centre nor does using a search engine provide access. I realise this may be a problem just for me but if anyone can advise whether the Midland Railway Centre is open for business, I'd appreciate confirmation - or otherwise. Keep safe! Stan
  2. Going back some way into this thread, I have watched professional football for almost 70 years. I was a willing participant in football at a very basic level into my 30s without anything close to success but I sure know when a top class player plays badly. I'm prepared to criticise a painting in a gallery even though I've never tried to paint. There is plenty of music that I do not like to hear and will avoid. There are layouts I don't think much of and plenty of models that I can pass by, even though they are, to others, better than anything I could ever make. It's my opinion and I'm ent
  3. Maybe being a CofE vicar helped in terms of time available?
  4. A real challenge to anyone with OCD! But seriously good advice so NOT to be ignored.
  5. How was Job when you last spoke to him?
  6. From the Marcway online catalogue: Copper Clad Sheet 4"X2" Paxoline 1.2mm Thick (SMP) £ 1.70 Copper Clad Sheet 9"X4" Glass Fibre 1.2mm Thick £ 5.25
  7. Looks like this could run and run - until the penny drops that this is now well and truly history , , ,
  8. In the middle of last year I received a lovely letter from Ray, whom I have known (along with his wife, Iris) for many years. He wondered if he might purchase two Japanese-built LMS 2-6-0 Crabs back from me? He had sold them to me some 20 plus years previously. I was delighted to agree and Tony (Rail-Online) delivered them to Ray. I had a phone call from Ray and despite his speech difficulties and my hearing problems we had a wonderful few minutes recalling our membership of the 5516 Group - named after the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment, LMS Patriot loco. Far too many of those w
  9. Mike, I'd be thinking seriously of shipping the buildings to France before 1st January. I wouldn't like to be responsible for the duty payable, let alone the paperwork that will probably be involved. I took delivery of wine direct from a co-operative in south-west France today just to avoid any duty that will probably be payable in 2021. HTH, Stan
  10. As you take up your new responsibilities, may I plead with you to ensure that any future UK Rapido products take account of those who model to the more accurate wider track gauges (18.2mm and 18.83mm)? Accurascale and Sutton's Locomotive Workshop have shown the way and already produce easily convertible rolling stock as well as committing that their future products will be easily converted to run on more accurately gauged track, while still supporting the traditional (and admittedly much larger) 00 market. If these two new entrants to the market can do it, surely Rapido can as we
  11. Please remember to carry on making provision in the base product for those who work in the more accurate gauges. The early products definitely did so and I really hope this is adopted as a firm principle for future developments. Stan
  12. I've just received the sad news that Brian Rogers has died. He had not been in good health for a while but his death sees the passing of a very talented engineer whose Ultrascale products made such a difference to the running of many of our models. I knew Brian well when I lived near to him but apart from exchanging Christmas greetings, i haven't seen him for over 20 years. I hope someone who can write a more fitting tribute to him will do so but I will remember him as a truly gentle man whose skills benefitted our hobby enormously. Stan
  13. Some time ago I scanned a copy of an article in Steam Days (October 2010) entitled Fish Traffic From North East Scotland. It's about 12.5 MBytes and as I am unsure of the copyright situation I won't attempt to attach it but if anyone would like a copy, please PM me and I'll assume they can cope with a file of that size via personal email for their own use. Cheers, Stan
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