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  1. Some update pictures. The Sailors institute . Pleased with this as its the first bit of scratch building I've done in many years. Making the most of Will's building sheets . The sea is the tried and tested toilet paper and pva method . Still loads to do . Thanks for looking in , Kev
  2. Thanks for the photos Scooby. As always , any pictures and or coments are most welcome .
  3. Good morning all . After a site visit , Ive mannaged to do a bit of work on the layout over the last couple of weeks . Ive started a extension , this will form the 'other bridge' and part of the harbor. I will post some pictures when I get chance. Thanks for looking in .
  4. Hi all. Just a quick update. The layout is still work in progress , still working on it . Havnt had a lot of time lately , but will be doing a bit when I can . Thanks for looking in .
  5. Not wanting to sound like a tight fisted old Scrooge, but why are Dogfish ballast wagons so expensive? I've been looking for a pair for my layout for a while now , but can't really justify to myself the cost of these as it amounts to the same as a second hand loco !! Am I missing something here?? Cheers , Kev
  6. Nothing wrong with day dreams , mad or otherwise I've never personally ventured into O gauge . I think I've been put off by cost and space needed to have a layout (obvious really) Just build it in any scale and use the memories as the excuse Cheers
  7. Hi PJ . I would love to see this come to life .... One day We used to holiday in the area as kids (late 70's / early 90's) and as you say , I also have very fond memories. That's one of reasons I started my layout. I'm considering a small plank based on Talybont (very early stages of planing) A great part of the network to model. All the best , Kev
  8. brgmini


    Morning Andy . Looking forward to seeing the latest chapter develop. All the best mate , Kev
  9. Thanks for that JZ . At the moment I'm kind of modelling a mix of old ,new and whatever looks best to the eye .cheers
  10. A little bit of work on the tunnel mouth and retaining wall this morning. Nothing is fixed in permanent yet but its given me more of an idea how this end will look . Thanks for looking in . Kev
  11. Hi all . Not much progress on the layout lately. I seem to have hit anoter brick wall (and it's been too hot) However , I have managed a 'site visit' So now I have a lot of photos of the tunnel mouth and the old toll house . Apologies for the quality of the photo off laptop :/ Im now wondering if I should make the tunnel mouth and retaining wall out of Wills sheets or have a go at scribing some plasticard . Any suggestions on a supplier for the rail/fence on the top of the wall ?? Thanks for dropping by. All the best, Kev
  12. That's a absolute master piece Peter . I wish I had the skills with plastic that you have . I originally started to make the bridge on my layout out of plastic strip but soon realised I wasn't going to be able to make anything presentable. Most of the early attempts ended up either stuck to my fingers or the work bench or both Keep up the excellent work and please keep us all up to date with the progress. All the best with your hospital visits , Kev
  13. brgmini


    I can't wait for the next one , I'm sure it'll be a great source of inspiration (like all your other work) Keep us posted please Andy All the best , Kev
  14. Hello all . Sorry about the lack of updates of late , seem to be letting life get in the way a bit oh well , it happens . I've been driving through Barmouth this week on my way to work up the coast in Harlech. I was hoping for either a nice bright morning or evening to get some pics . But no ! The weather so far has been rubbish . Thanks for all the comments, I do find them helpful and an inspiration when I no I should be doing some work on the layout Cheers , Kev
  15. Congratulations too you both all the best , Kev
  16. Mine has come in at a 'whopin' £16 so far . I'm leaving it alone until the weather cools down a bit , then I'll spend another £10 on some more varnish .
  17. On mine , I made the sand bank beach first . Then did the toilet paper stuff . I wanted a edge like a small rolling wave . Some bits have worked better than others . The bit I enjoyed is using some blue , green , white and even black poster paints to create a bit of shade and depth before the clear varnish is added .
  18. Great bridge Al. I've made a water effect on my layout using this method. It's worked very well. Just one suggestion for anyone thinking of giving it a go , find the toilet paper with the least amount of pattern on it (it makes it easier) All the best , Kev
  19. Great layout Andy. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I'll miss this one . All the best , Kev
  20. Thanks Simon .Must admit , I'm really pleased with how the layouts looking . Still loads to do , but making a good start on the estuary has really brought it to life on a side note Simon how's your "ace" going ? I'm loving mine , looking forward to the usb update (need to email question about this) .....(note to ones self) Thanks for all the likes and comments everyone , cheers , Kev
  21. Morning all .Had a go with abit of hanging basket liner this morning. Im not completely convinced..... needs a bit more work and a dab of color I think . Any tips ? second coat of varnish has been applied. Thanks for all your likes and comments. Really helps Cheers , Kev
  22. Hello everyone . Had my first go at a varnish top coat for the estuary today. SWMBO thinks ive got clear varnish for the bannister !!! overall im very pleased with the result. Ok , its only had 4 hours drying time so far . There are some patches where it seems to on have soaked into the toilet paper base and has gone matt. When leaving the attic the other day, I couldnt help thinking how tidy it all looked (the carpet tiles are new too) Hope your enjoying this as much as me , Kev
  23. Hi Matthew . The site looks really good . I wonder if you have considered using wooden fast food drink stirrers for the scaffold deck ? Might be a bit thinner than the balsa wood ? Keep up the great work , I've really enjoyed reading this . Kev
  24. Hi all . Few pictures from today , taken with the Samsung pad and edited with instagram (bont_y_bermo_oo) please follow As usual, all comments are welcome , cheers Kev
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