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  1. Liking the deck on that and thanks you've given me some ideas for some decks I need to do
  2. Loads of pics flying around on Facebook, think the old girls have scrubbed up well They seemed to go on a test run last night all over the place, Waterloo, Chessington, Reading and Basingstoke to name a few places........... Well done to the Class 50 Fund and GBRf. Of interest to those that don't know, 50007 is half masquerading as 50014 Warspite
  3. Sad times, loved the New Whitt updates. As you've seen on my thread I like both eras so I'm basing things around the 80's scenery wise and then work with rule 1 when it's modern day Good luck with the house mods and ultimatley the new railway
  4. I did think it was a cement PCA but I never recalled that type ever getting down that way, can anyone shed any light as to where it is returning from? Would that be the same type as the forthcoming Accurascale release? As for the TTA have they ever been available in a RTR form? Apologies if these questions seem a little basic but I've probably missed a few things over the years. Cheers for popping by
  5. Thanks Trev, that's very kind of you, but I still have a very long way to go. I know I have loads of details to add but at the moment I feel it lacks realism and needs a good dose of weathering all over. I'm thinking first about the track and ballast, any suggestions are welcome?
  6. yep looking forward to following this too.....I can smell the diesel already
  7. Cheers Phil Right then gents, I'd like some help with some wagons in a picture. Firstly the picture wasn't taken by me, I would quite happily give credit to the photographer should they want to be identified or even remove it if they were to request so. It's am image that I came accross on Facebook and if possible I would like to identify the first 2 wagons. Cheers in advance
  8. Nice to see something new on this thread Thanks for sharing. I hear 007's repaint is complete and 49 is currently in grey primer.........
  9. Nice to see you back Trev, although tough news on the work front........know how you feel Good job my layout is west country based........those PGA's look stunning
  10. So after a little bit of rolling stock detailing and weathering I thought it was about time to get back to the layout. Nothing major but it was nice to be adding a few more details..... Firstly I added a hedge with the intention being the LandRover will be on a farmers track from the bottom to the top eventually with a fence on the other side of the track I then added some scatter around the paving slabs around the house footprint to give a more countryside cottage unkept feel And then finally I added some weeds/static grass in the disused trackbed. I may still add some more here although I am still trying to figure out in my head just how bad it would have been in the late 80's when really the layout is based and probably wouldn't have been rationalised that long ago. The research pics I found suggested that the first weeds developed between the rails.........I guess it was the fertiliser Then as it dried I ran some trains....... Thanks for popping by
  11. Hi Al, now if I'd have read this topic earlier I'd had realised you changed your username!!!!!! I had wondered where you were as I had been follower of your other topics and have always enjoyed your very helpful tutorial pics within them. Once again a craking layout and another to follow. Now I must go back to page 7 and continue
  12. Cracking photo's as always. I love your photographic up-dates, so many of them cover places I visited as a kid when trainspotting but sadly I didn't know too much about photography at the time and I didn't get any even half as good as all of yours. Thanks
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