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  1. Of course, always in my shorts To be fair because we've been moving I haven't been out that much, but I'll be making up for it soon and no modelling time is killing me. I'm hoping to build a viewing platform against the annoying sound deadening fence (which does nothing with a class 70 coming up the hill ) when I really get to grips with the place. Any time you go past tunes are always welcome And Merry Christmas to you and thanks for the continued supply of pictures.........without which I would never have dreamt of running a 66 and a single VGA
  2. You'll be going past my new house tonight Jim, about 1/4 mile before the Willaston crossing I'll look out my window
  3. Cool Ian, thanks for sharing Now don't go going all modern on us now.......the last time I was at Andover I was bashing 50's
  4. Actually had a brief play last night and DCWA stalwart 50032 came to the rescue of the 1640 Teignquay - Oxford SO service
  5. This is the weathering thread that just keeps giving...........thanks Phil, more inspirational work as always
  6. Iron Horse


    Those fire extinguishers look amazing, how the hell did you manage to solder the wire together. I'd love to have that sort of ability. Awesome
  7. Always did love 032 with the blue plates.....nice to see your layout again, looking as good as ever
  8. Hi Russ Were you that man standing there using a pole for the photography? I just noticed it as we went past and thought that could be a cool shot Thoroughly enjoyed the ride on it on Saturday and it was nice to see the TPE staff mixing well with customers and enthusiasts alike. In fact they suggested for the best class 68 sound you need to stand between vestibules!!!!!!!!
  9. Well guess what.....not much has really happened Seems to be far too much going on in life which could result in a major layout upheaval but we'll come on to that once there is more certainty!!!!!! In the meantime my additional weathering over the factory 37 weathering was doing my head in specifically in regards to the windows!!!!! So I got some T-Cut out and this was the result.........yes I know the frost grill needs some adhesion to the bodyside The windows really aren't perfect but I think they are an improvement Then for my birthday I was given this from my daughter and fiance, the Kernow China Clay dry. I love the building despite the criticism on here and my daughters comment was " wow Daddy that almost looks real" So now the biggest question is cement terminal or clay dry? am I asking too much when the CDA's come along or can I blag it? And for a little tranquillity at the end.........here is a general view of Teignquay South Junction in the mid 1980's As always, Thanks for popping by
  10. I thought I read somewhere this morning that there were to be services to Llandudno and Gobowen.........I might have dreamed that I guess
  11. Thank you Andy, I guess that makes sense. Would have loved to have known how far it had gone down......it may have only been to the bridge in the distance but sadly I have no idea. It was quite funny because when I got to that side of the bridge and saw it there were 2 other spotters there. I said "where on earth is that going?" they looked at me in digust and said "well to Crewe obviously". I then pointed out to them the line it was travelling on to which they said "Oh, I didn't notice that" and they never uttered a single word to me at all after
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