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  1. Wow......those trees at Radley look a lot bigger than they were when I used to pop over in my lunchtime while I was at Abingdon college in the late 1980's. Lovely pictures though
  2. How on earth have I missed this.........cracking stuff.......I'm going back to the beginning now
  3. This is one of my favorite threads on here and the ballasting looks fantastic. As they say "slow and steady"
  4. Hi Ian, I was going to say the video got really good at 1:29 when the 50 turned up but felt that was a bit obvious!!!! It looks like it's all coming on rather well. I seem to just keep moving stuff around in my shed and going backwards!!!! I know what you mean about an empty room, I'm not a competent modeller by any stretch of the imagination but I even asked questions on my thread and ended up with about 5 likes
  5. I think you have done really well, we moved in Dec 2019 and my shed has really only come together in the last few months, but you are right your head just goes blank!! Just enjoy your shed
  6. Sorry Jim, I didn't.......I was in the middle of cooking oatcakes for my daughter for lunch Light engine going towards Nantwich is a little boring at the moment, I guess going downhill (and is there a temporary speed restriction?) they generally just coast past the house........although this was good the day before
  7. Sorry I missed you this morning, open trains gave me a false sense of security as I wondered around the house!!!!! But this afternoon was much better......
  8. My God this thread is a lifeline........Thank you so much. Having been out of work more times in the last 12 months than the last 35 years, when deciding to electrically operate my points I went cheapy cheap........what a mistake!!!!!!! Mainly insulfrog, so the basic SEEP motor was fine to start with. Then Gaugemasters quality control seemed to go a bit awry and the operating wire started to be supplied bent so much so that it would twist around during operation and the point wouldn't fire! Anyway I digress!!!! I had a couple of electrofrog points so I bought the SEEP with switch, well the bent rod and a floating washer..........well that didn't go well, so I thought how about the basic SEEP and a GM500. I have spent all day fiddling with this arrangement knowing during the testing that it was all so close and yet so far.........Thank you so much Patriot87003 your photo has saved the day. Of course I have only done one, fingers crossed the solution is universal
  9. Not sure if this has been covered elsewhere but the pink one collected the first TFW 197 from Telford last week
  10. Not very often you get a tug on the Arpley - Donnington and return but last Thursday was a lovely surprise and some tones from the driver too
  11. More cracking weathering going on here Rhys, what was the process on the PBA if you don't mind me asking? Not that I'll ever be able to recreate it. Love the Turbots.....almost convinced me to start mine....you make it sound so simple
  12. That says a lot for my household.......fiancee and daughter......none of us heard you
  13. I thought you had been while watching the signals on opentraintimes. Still I'm happy, the engine is working hard.....maybe not quite as much as the coal train yesterday, that was great being so late! But you were quiet in the morning though Thanks again
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