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  1. Not sure if this has been covered elsewhere but the pink one collected the first TFW 197 from Telford last week
  2. Not very often you get a tug on the Arpley - Donnington and return but last Thursday was a lovely surprise and some tones from the driver too
  3. More cracking weathering going on here Rhys, what was the process on the PBA if you don't mind me asking? Not that I'll ever be able to recreate it. Love the Turbots.....almost convinced me to start mine....you make it sound so simple
  4. That says a lot for my household.......fiancee and daughter......none of us heard you
  5. I thought you had been while watching the signals on opentraintimes. Still I'm happy, the engine is working hard.....maybe not quite as much as the coal train yesterday, that was great being so late! But you were quiet in the morning though Thanks again
  6. Apologies if this has happened a lot, but if not what about this consist!
  7. That looked like a fantastic running session, really enjoyed that, thanks for sharing
  8. I remember as a young kid when my Dad used to take me to Moreton Cutting, I used to love it when the 50 number was added to the headcode, craking picture
  9. It's much better with pictures isn't it....... Re-aligned mainline and extended bay and additional bay Retro fitting point motors When it goes well When it goes wrong Replaced Home grown mimic board (that is what you call them isn't it) And just for Mick in case he pops by...........(yes very poor transfer application on 50002) Thanks for popping by
  10. So about time I said Hello I believe. Not really too much to report and probably no pictures tonight but an update nonetheless. I guess for all of us it has been a strange year to say the least and I'm sure all of us have been affected one way or another. Progress in the shed has been nothing short of slow. Thousands of ideas have bounced around my head but in trying to keep costs sensible a few compromises have been made. I have had some sound advice along the way from Phil Mc and Newbryford as well as from Richard at Trident Trains. Thanks gents So where are we, shed
  11. I gathered that.............I saw you were running late and thought that gave me some time for my late running teams meeting..............I nearly missed you!!!!!!!
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