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  1. Watching the videos just makes me want to see it more and more in the flesh. Got a lovely suprise when the 9F emerged from the tunnel!!!! Would have been a proper tingling moment if Duchess of Hamilton was on the front of the train instead!!!
  2. Where did you get your step-plate from? - You should be able to get the checker/diamond plate from Brassmasters or Scale-link and trim it to size and then purchase brass tube/rod from a variety of sources. I usually end up getting mine off Ebay now the exhibitions have stopped. Replacing handrails etc isn't too difficult and if you pick up a dirt cheap body, its worth practicing with some brass rod and off-cuts. You can use proper brass handrail knobs but I find them a bit chunky so use tiny split pins instead. As with most modifications its practice and building confi
  3. Just wanted to recognise John (Cambridge Custom Transfers) for exceptionally fast and efficient service. Asked a question, received a response back within an hour, ordered items and said high quality items turned up 2 days later. Can't get much better than that! Thank you for supporting us especially during these tough times! Ian
  4. No problem you sharing your very nice modelling in here. Looking very good there!!!!
  5. Regardless of reasons, i would hate to lose Markits as a supplier of accessories. Their products really are good and i rely on them a lot for my kits. Fingers crossed the situation improves and service resumes.
  6. Bit of a delay as Wizard are having issues getting re stocked by Markits. Apparently they arent the only ones. I hope this is a temporary situation as Markits supply excellent products and i would hate to see them dissappear!
  7. I attended the DCC, loco building and weathering sessions and was extremely pleased with how they were presented, informative and and hosted by exceptional modellers who took the time to explain things in an easy to understand format. It was very friendly and professional and cant wait to get on one of their weekends if the current situation improves. Well done everyone who put this together and thank you! Ian
  8. WilI try them aswell. Cheers for that!
  9. Thank you for the kind comment ref my layout. Always nice to get compliments. I dont think you would go too far wrong if you went crimson and cream. I am sure it took many years for the lms to get around to repainting all the water columns to match!!
  10. I took a look but they didnt show the sizes i needed (6'9 wheels for royal scot and compound).
  11. There is mention here of the colours for a midland water crane and some reference to possibly being a grey colour on some parts, although its probably just very dirty. I painted mine Crimson Lake at the base, and LMS buildings cream for the column and arm. Not sure if it is right but looks ok. https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/lms/mrspk344b.htm
  12. I placed an order a few weeks ago from Wizard, many of the items being from Markits. I was advised that they have been waiting weeks for a re supply from Markits. No other stockists have the items either so am currently in limbo with a couple of un finished projects. Might try calling Markits directly or go to AGW instead.
  13. This is a little outside of the OP, but relative none the less. I have just signed up for the Missenden Modellers virtual event happening this weekend. One of the events being offered is a Kit Building Q&A session . Well worth signing up for as questions/advice on chassis construction/use of jigs is likely to be high on the agenda. Registration closes tomorrow! https://www.missendenrailwaymodellers.org.uk/index.php/autumn-weekend-2020-online-event/ Ian
  14. It used to be the Corn Exchange which hosted many decent heavy rock bands during the 80's. Spent many an hour head-banging against the speaker in my mispent yoof!
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