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  1. I used DAS clay to create the below effect, covered using different paints., topping off with ash and weathering powders. If you want it muddy, i suppose a darker brown with some texture would work.
  2. After looking at the image again of his decals, the Royal Cambridge logo is stacked whereas the logo on the LMS vans are in a line. A bit of cut n shunt might fix that though.
  3. CCT have the transfers BL153a with Royal Cambridge on one side of the sheet but with the M prefix and he believes the size of the lettering might be different in br days. Did the LMS ones have Royal Cambridge on both sides or Pork Sausages on one side as per the BR ones? From his website; Sheets BL153 & BL153a - Transfers for the BR ex-GWR & LMS 4 & 6-wheeled Palethorpes sausage vans to GWR Diagram O46 & LMS Diagrams 1955 & 1958. Complete lettering and logos for four vans; (three at 7mm. scale) Note that Sheet BL153 includes transfers for GWR O46 W2802W, with PORK SAUSAGES wording on both sides; Sheet BL153a includes transfers for GWR O46 W2801W, with PORK SAUSAGES wording on one side, and ROYAL CAMBRIDGE on the other side. 2mm., 3mm., 3.5mm. & 4mm. scale price is £16.00 S scale price is £32.00 7mm. scale price is £32.00.
  4. Thank you Steve. I scanned the pictures here and as you say, the lettering size looks the same but the sausage graphic is smaller on the BR one. To be honest, i think i will go with Johns decals as none of the others do this set and i will edit out the M. I think i can live with the differences!
  5. Thanks Ian. I might get Johns anyway. Worst case i could always use some of the images and make my own version somehow.
  6. i am getting ready to begin building the Palethorpes wagons you sent me but not sure about the decals. I model late 1930's to 1940 and would need the original LMS decals. Cambridge Custom Transfers do the ex-LMS but only does BR so is unable make an LMS version. Any ideas where i could get the right ones? John at CCT believes the lettering is different as well as the 'M' prefix so using the BR ones and erasing the M isnt the easy fix i thought it might be. Thanks Ian
  7. I am not a painter of any sorts. My backscene is basically plasterboard painted with white poster paints with a few bits of grey brushed over to represent a murky North West sky. Not convincing at all so now looking at ID Backscenes who have a range of landscapes to choose from. The difficulty now will be a. choosing the right one to match the scenery; and b. cutting it to fit the landscape. I should have got the backscene sorted first, then made the scenery to fit it instead!!!
  8. Thanks Mike. Lovely part of the world. My parents were Brummies and Dad is a steam enthusiast so had to do something LMS/LMR or i would be in trouble!
  9. Thank you Baz. I hope i did your kit justice!!! Curtains were cut out from old Rizzla papers left over from my days as a smoker coloured with a red sharpie and glued in place using krystal klear. I think i did a much better job on the roof this time. Used strips of insulating tape instead of styrene!
  10. Completed and added to the other BSL coach. Now looking for the 50ft kitchen car and will also start work on the other 2 BSL coaches i have. Lining was completed in the end by the bow pen as i could not get the transfers to sit straight. Glass is microscope slides.
  11. In between working on my coaches i have been putting together a train consisting of military vehicles and equipment as part of the BEF mobilization in 1939. I dont know if a train formation ever existed like this but i have enjoyed putting it together and it looks the part!!!! I am sure military vehicles moved by rail a lot back then, but more than likely in block formations rather than a set up like mine. Behind the kit built mogul are Vickers Mk4 light tanks and 2 pairs of quads on Bachmann Parrots, followed by 25lb field guns which would have been towed behind the quads. I also have a gunpowder van suitably spaced between a couple of empty wagons. All would have been around late 1939/early 1940's.
  12. Brassmasters make hand wheels of various sizes and copper pipe can be fashioned from earth wire found in the cable used to wire house sockets. Twin and earth i think its called. Markits/Alan Gibson/247 Developments also do detailing parts, just not sure if they do everything. They do sell backheads which have limited detail which can be painted as well. Ian
  13. https://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatalog/caldercraft_ag9220.html#SID=478 Try this
  14. Here are the pics of what was given to me. Also in the hoard were lots of triang and old Hornby OO gauge buildings, plus loads of track. Now i need to know what im going to do with it all lol!!
  15. Good evening folks. I have just been given a load of 2 rail and 3 rail coarse O gauge track and stuff. Some are Hornby, and some of the points are Lionel. I also think there might be some trackside accessories but yet to sort it all out. its all metal sleepers with round top rail and i assume its for clockwork stock. Unfortunately no rolling stock as i think he is saving that for his grand children. In the lot were also around 10 vintage power controllers. H&M, meccano etc and a whole load of of OO gauge track and bits as well. I already have an extensive OO gauge layout but i dont have the space for another full layout. Is the metal track usable outside or will a uk winter destroy it, and is rolling stock available at sensible prices? Any other suggestions? I will post some pics over the weekend once i have sorted it out and listed what i have. Thanks. Ian
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