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  1. There are the types of things us minions would never have even contemplated!!!! Those flight cases are getting me excited to be back on the road with my PF tribute band next year!!!!
  2. Showing the timber frame, over-laid with a card lattice, covered in blue paper towels soaked in PVA, or the 2nd photo, covered with plaster bandage.
  3. Use card or wood formers to create the main frame of the scenery then cover with a lattice made of card strips from pet food boxes or cereal boxes. Fix with hot glue gun, then cover the tissue paper, kithen towel, blue paper towels or newspaper soaked in pva or wallpaper paste, then cover with plaster bandage. I will see if i can find any old pics for u
  4. Found some!!!! https://www.langleymodels.co.uk/awd1/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=5344&search=Gnomes
  5. I was tempted to put some in!!! Need a 4mm scale gnome as well!!!
  6. Pond now filled with WS Realistic water and added a few lily pads. Plus added a little more vegetation around the terraced houses.
  7. Just completed the garden and rough ground around the terraced houses
  8. Im pretty much the same when it comes to gardening!!!
  9. Working 2 projects simultaniously right now so plenty going on. One is a hybrid kit/scratch/rtr Jubilee. I had some parts left over from a mixed bag of stuff i got off ebay and one of the items was a tapered boiler and firebox looking very much like a 3A off a Jubilee with a short firebox. Possibly a K's kit but not sure. It maybe off a Black 5 but it lines up nicely with the drawing i have of a Jubileee. However, its all i had along with cab sides from a JE etch. So using a Jamieson 5XP kit as a template, i scratchbuilt a footplate and cab roof from sheet brass. For the chassis i purchased a cheep DCC ready Hornby rebuilt royal scot. The other project is bedding in my scalescenes terraced houses with slaters plasticard facing and the scalescenes lock keepers cottage as the Station masters house. I am currently making the garden walls, and will then plant the veg patch and turf it in due course. Mrs Station Master is a keen gardener and wanted an ornamental pond!!
  10. Evening Graham. Unfortunately i have not had much chance or success at developing the couplings any further. I know there are new magnetic couplings from a company called Hunt which some others have used succesfully. I hear they may be trying to develop something a bit more realistic for use with steam locos and older stock, poss screw or 3 link. It will be a long while before i try anything more on my system. Good luck and i will follow your progress closely. Ian
  11. Thank you Captain, kind of you to say so. The doors come in different sizes, but to fit these ones i opened out the door apperture to fit. With using the plasticard texture, the card inner layer needed to be cut 1mm bigger on the 4 sides for the doors and windows. To make space for the lintel and cills i cut an extra 1.5mm top and bottom, extending slightly on the width. I then glued the card to the plasticard sheet using Deluxe card glue. When dry, i then cut the plasticard 1mm less than the opening in the card and glued a 1mm sq styrene rod section to set the window or door frame back slightly. The windows are the black framed ones from the sheet he provides normally used for translucent sheets. I glue the sheet to thin card and cut the frames out using a scalpel. Colour the edge with a black sharpie helps hide the card. The lintels and cills are 1.5 x 2.5mm styrene strip. Turned flat for the lintel and on the edge for the cills. When glueing and cutting the sections of card, you need to make sure you have sufficient over lap for the corners, or you could mitre them if you are able to. I butted them the same as you would the normal way. I like the York roof tiles, but i agree they are quite thick for 4mm modelling. The card they use is probably .5mm. On the other terraced kits in the pic i used the printed tile. Without cutting in between each tile, they do just look like strips of paper, and not easy to get straight. The York tiles are pre-cut and in my opinion, easier to use and keep straight. Very pricey though!!!
  12. Just completed the terraced houses. More detail here;
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