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  1. Of course, you mustn't forget that most people won't realise that if you choose the wrong stairs to change platforms, it's likely you'll need to leave "the station" through the barriers, do a lap of honour around the piazza (I was going to say concourse, but it's only a thoroughfare to the hops, innit!), and then re-enter "the station" through another set of barriers. Passenger friendly, errr, not really! Paul
  2. There was a series of articles in BRILL a few years ago on the Manchester - Sheffield electrification with lots of track plans (extracted from OS sources I think). I know Glossop was shown but can't recall which edition. When I've completed this mornings list of labours from the Management and probably walked the dogs I'll delve into the cupboard. Paul
  3. Just picked up on this thread and am impressed by the improved look of the coach by taking couplings off bogie and body mounting. Which particular type of coupling did you use and is there a chance of a couple of photographs showing the underside. I dropped a PM but thought I'd cover bases. Paul
  4. John, No problems with the slight hi-jack of thread, one persons pain is another's gain! Back to the grindstone as they say, and if I've used my new fangled multi-meter correctly (I am passed out at wiring plugs and changing light bulbs only!) then I am pleased to announce the happy union of two chassis halves! A further slight pause will now occur whilst I check if I ordered the 30:1 gear set. I'd also like to check from those with the knowledge about the 14/16 gears. I think I need the 3.0 (shop parts 3-385 & 3-386) rather than the 4.0 ones as one is out of stock at the
  5. Ah, then might I risk the wrath of Chris by suggesting an error in section 6 of the generic instructions! Just read it again to be certain and it says if building a loco with strengthening frames added 6mm PCB is required otherwise the 6.4mm PCB is used. Many thanks for pointing out what is probably obvious to those with more experience than I. Roll on the next free time to see how easily I can melt PCB! Cheers, Paul
  6. Me again! Had a little time spare this morning and thought about tackling the frame spacers and (hopefully) successfully joining said frames together. Got the remaining sections of frame folded to required shape and sat the two halves into the jig and have become slightly baffled, which isn't too difficult! According to the instructions, the correct PCB frame spacer material should be 6.4mm, but this size seems to pull the ends of the frame together. I've measured the internal gap between frames and it's 7mm and 7mm PCB material fits comfortably and doesn't appear to bulge the frames.
  7. With many thanks to Jim for spotting the obvious solution (really must think harder!!!), managed to grab an hour today to get bushed! Not sure on building etiquette but with use of pliers and pointy objects to hold in place got gearbox folded and soldered. As expected, the bushes needed attention from a broach to ensure clearance for axles. This was fun as it proved my fallable soldering when two bushes detached themselves on the broach (whoops!). Quick re-soldering and then off to the sink for a wash and rub down. Back in the box to steal myself for joining frames together - trepidat
  8. Well, I had a spare hour this morning and so a start has been made! First up was the chassis jig, which was removed from fret and cleaned with file. I then surprised myself that the sides were easily folded to shape by finger rather than tool, and then fingers used to hold the joints whilst soldering. Lesson one now under belt - heat does like to travel and ends of fingers did get a little warm :senile:I must admit though for a first serious soldering effort that all went well (one small step forward!) Second up the frames (apologies for the frames being a little fuzzy in the pho
  9. Chris, Many thanks for the information, will save me the embarrassment of failure opening the box! Hoping to cut metal and get the big hammer out this week and will post my efforts. Cheers, Paul
  10. Apologies, my excuse is that I was only ever dragged up knowing "N" gauge and it's a bit like a (H)hoover or (S)Sellotape the name sticks. Bad Dobbie will try to call it 2mm in future! Cheers, Paul
  11. Ooooh, didn't mean to cause ructions! Nig H - I did look briefly at these and have looked again. Together with Chris's blog hopefully the light is at the end of the tunnel! Chris - Will read your blog with interest. Crossing fingers a start might be made next week - watch this space..... Paul
  12. As there's nothing better than jumping off the deep end, I thought my first brass kit building effort should be the 14xx replacement chassis having won the loco on Ebay. I'll hopefully take a few photographs to show how things go, but I've a couple of questions before I start as there don't seem to be any specific instructions for this loco type. 1 - I'm assuming the 'right way up' for the fret is to have the writing upwards. 2 - Having cut out the chassis jig, correct folding is upwards [i.e. lifting edges off the table]. 3 - How do the etches for the trailing wheel fold and fix? 4 - H
  13. I've just managed to bag a 14xx tank on Ebay and intend (hope) to fit finescale chassis kit from 2mm Association. I'd like to ask the assembled throng for thoughts on the best motor to use, and possible pitfalls using the 2mm chassis kit. I did come across part of a thread and recall a Farish (?) 7mm motor being mentioned. If this prevails, could I have the relevant part number - I looked at BR Lines and got confused!! Cheers, Paul
  14. Just wondering whether there has been any progress on the mogul. I'm newly back into 2mm and layout in mind could do with a few!
  15. Phil, Well, double bu**er it! Just goes to show that you really should read more! Having wondered whether the working timetable I have might show the sidings, it transpires that the sidings were 3/4 from Ellesmere on the Wrexham line just short of "Elson Halt". Looking at the various maps for the area (1961 1" OS), I found the halt by the B5069 bridge but scale is too small to show sidings. It did however yield a single large building (which I now think would have been the brickworks - https://maps.nls.uk/view/91576784)between the halt and the next bridge toward Ellesmere, Interes
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