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  1. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, but I have a question, was Mad About Trains present at the show this year?
  2. the KX shop is now a nandos chicken emporium.... they call this progress.......
  3. Looks like its time to bolt them down chaps, there honestly is nothing worse than a thief, we had one in our club who got caught red handed, was immediately ejected from the the event and then the club despite protests of innocent mistake after admitting infront of 6 witnesses his "mistake" no second chances given, he was lucky the trader declined to press charges. it really is the worst. I hate them If I find out who did it I would personally chop their hands off Saudi style. I will be keeping a good eye out for them though I wonder if there pop up at scaleforum bring n buy... regards trev
  4. until
    Event Name: 34th Festival or Model Railways and Hobbies Classification: Exhibition Address: Garons Tennis and Leisure Centre.. Eastern Avenue Southend on Sea. Essex SS2 4FA Day 1: Saturday 19th November 2016 Opening times Day 1: 10am - 5pm Day 2: Sunday 20th November 2016 Opening times Day 2: 10am - 5pm Prices: Adults £6 - over16Senior £5 - over60Child £4 - under16Family £15 2+2under 3yrs Free. Disability access: Yes Car parking: Yes Website: Organising body: Shoeburyness Model Railway Club Organiser: Roy Ginn (Chairman)01702 [email protected] Shoeburyness Model Railway Club 34th Annual Festival of Model Railways and Hobbies 19th and 20th November 2016 Garons Tennis and Leisure Centre Eastern Avenue Southend on Sea. Essex SS2 4FA 10am till 5pm both days Full Disabled access to all areas of the exhibition Adults £6 - Over 16yrs Senior £5 - Over 60yrs Child £4 - Under 16 yrs Family £15 2+2 Under 3 Free. Wheelchair visitors will be admitted free of charge, but attending carers will pay the appropriate admission fee Features 50 plus Exhibits and displays, + 30 Traders supporting. Free Car Parking for 700 cars Web http://www.shoeburynessmrc.co.uk or contact the Chairman on [email protected] or telephone 01702 294926 office hours only please
  5. On behalf of the Shoeburyness Model Railway Club, I would like to apologize for the utter failure of the venue to supply and form of service to you terry, our guests as a whole and the general paying public, I am bitterly disappointed with the management for the distain they clearly have demonstrated and rest assured there WILL be a very, very uncomfortable meeting for them happening next week to address this. I was advised only this evening after I got home (21:00hrs) that the event manager has spoken to our chairman and informed him of the latest goings on following nearly all the Duty Managers leaving the business during the previous two weeks, there being no communication of any issue previous to our arrival on Friday Morning at 7:00am. Everything that had been discussed, minuted and agreed upon has NOT been implemented in any way, in fact we have been treated like mugs. Which of course we are not. We are truly sorry for this failure and will report back as soon as is possible on this thread once I have so answers and resolutions. I do not want the club to be tarred with this brush any more than it already has been. We do have a number of local councillors and also the town mayor aware of the systemic failure of the contractor who supposedly run the venue. REST ASSURED - IT WILL BE SORTED...... Other than that I would like to thank everyone who came to the show as an exhibitor, trader or as a paying guest. I hope you had an enjoyable day, Above issue notwithstanding Best Regards Trevor Grout Assistant Exhibition Manager & Club Treasurer Shoeburyness Model Railway Club
  6. until
    Event Name: 33rd Festival of Model Railways and Hobbies Classification: Exhibition Address: Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre, Garon Park, Eastern Avenue, Southend on Sea, Essex. SS2 4FA. Day 1: 21st November 2015 Opening times Day 1: 10:00AM - 5:00PM Day 2: 22nd November 2015 Opening times Day 2: 10:00AM - 5:00PM Prices: Adult
  7. has cut the feild out the back, is now cream crackered, time for beer

    1. Crisis Rail

      Crisis Rail

      Kronenburg and mowing - the ideal combination.

    2. Horsetan


      Any dog logs?

    3. Trebor




  8. has become a grandad.....

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    2. Horsetan


      Mrs. Trebor will be wearing a T-shirt which reads "We Are A Grandmother".

    3. DougN


      Dare I say feeling older? 8) they grow up so fast!

    4. MarkC



  9. nandos it is then.....

    1. Horsetan
    2. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      That's Sodnan backwards

  10. you could email Russ address is on the clag CSB page, just alongside the some worked examples section.
  11. If I am not back later this evening, send out the recue party, I will be at the Outlaws....

    1. Andy Y

      Andy Y

      After the parade along comes the muck cart as me old ma used to say.

    2. Horsetan
    3. Trebor


      Has returned safely from the outlaws. No model railway related goodies either, Why do I bother!


  12. Grrrrr, Hurry up postie, I am still waiting for my 4..... Assuming Hugh has sent them!
  13. Oooooo designer table, it must be worth a fortune ! :-)
  14. Just entering the Bay of Biscay, Getting oh so near, so close yet so far....
  15. Looks like she is due to arrive in UK on the 4th now, having passed Gib, now in the gulf of Cadiz. doing 20knots
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