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  1. Progress over the weekend. The jury is out on the gold outline for the platform. . . .
  2. Excellent @MrWolf, good to know I'm not alone. First time working with Aluminium for me. Happy bunny so far. Builds confidence for the next one.
  3. Anyone else get excited about a few holes in the right places in an aluminium sheet? No?? That will just be me then . . . . .
  4. Tonight's progress. It's a tough life having to empty a box of biscuits and consume the cheese that went with them over a few evenings. Mrs FP helped though, so she is actively helping the model railway along. Above the panel, the rotary switches are all clear of each other in their 'worst' relative positions. Under the panel, just a couple of the square On/Off/On switches to space out a little bit more when I commit to drilling holes in the aluminium panel. Hopefully later this week. Then I just need to saw a length off the shank of the rotary switches, start to mark out the aluminium panel with marker tape between the holes and seal it. Oh, and wire them all up. The Carriage Sidings* On/Off switches and marker tape will wait until I have the track laid and can then decide how many isolating sections I want for locos/ EMU's/ DMU's etc. *top right of diagram, see July 12th 2021 post on this page.
  5. As you say, other things do get in the way. However, I think I would be very pleased to achieve your level of finish. Something to aspire too as a follower of your thread, @KNP 's Little Muddle , @MrWolf 's Aston and @chuffinghell 's Warren Branch amongst others on RMWeb that inspire me .
  6. It does and it will. Unfortunately those 265 associated pages on that link are now going Look at me. Go on. You know you want to. You'll regret it if you don't, but you'll also regret it if you do. . . . . . Dilemma No 1
  7. No idea what has happened to the last five months, other than new/ old house takes priority at weekends for getting things done and family/ grandchildren etc also take precedence over model railway activities whilst full time work is still happening. So, today, a bit of time for the railway. The aluminium control panel has been fixed in place. The layout will have four controllers. Two for the main lines ( A & B) and one each to control the yards that are either side of the operating well (C) and the dock from its own panel (D). Having bought some rotary switches several years ago, one of the jobs I've been meaning to do for some time is to find out which pins I need to solder to for each controller when the layout section comes off Pin A. Rubbing the raised plastic numbers under the switches with a pencil enables them to be seen better. With the switch pointing at 12 o'clock, then Pin A to Pin 1 is the live connection. Each of the rotary switches will be set up as: A to 1 Off A to 2 Controller A A to 3 Controller B A to 4 Off A to 5 Controller C A to 6 Controller D The six rotary switches will be daisy chained together with all pin 2's linking to Controller A, pin 3's to Controller B etc. The dock and the yard will have On/Off/On switches with Controllers C & D off each side. Controllers C & D will also power the scenic cassette and the carriage sidings. The carriage sidings will be sub-divided into several sections just using on/off switches. So Controllers A & B are there to 'watch the trains go by' and C & D are for shunting and train preparation/ fiddling. A rough set out of the rotary and On/Off/On switches is shown below on the paper print for clarity. It looks a bit cramped, but the switch bodies will, of course, be under the panel. The switches turn clockwise to the various positions for the controllers, so the main thing will be to avoid any clashes between adjacent switches before committing to drilling any holes in the aluminium panel. I'll be doing a thick cardboard mock-up to get a good feel for this. Enjoy your modelling
  8. According to Russell's, this one was built 1876 and numbered 0332 in 1905, withdrawn 1933. Hope info on dates for your new acquisitions is of interest to set a time period post 1923 for your proposed Southern layout Rob.
  9. Might be in the Victor Annuals that @NHY 581 has on his shelves, but I remember reading a WW2 story of a shot up bomber getting back to the airfield only for leaking aviation fuel to be ignited as it came into land. Presume that was a true story. . . . .
  10. Hi George, The boat looks great. Glad you are back in circulation. Follow button pressed. Looking forward to updates. Sounds like you've got a new spot?
  11. Great to see Dewchurch back on the topic listing. Added to follow list. I look forward to seeing the new layout emerge.
  12. Hi @Nick C. Good luck with your project. I like the idea of a water tower as a scene blocker. For railway or factory use? The East Kent and KESR had windmill pumps for their water tanks, which would make an interesting model to sit alongside a railway water tank. Although they are quite flimsy and may not actually block a view. But is something light railways in your chosen area used. Eastry on the EKLR on the Disused stations website has been the inspiration for my own water tank. Away at the moment so difficult to post links from this device. Have clicked on follow and look forward to seeing development in 3D of your back story.
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