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  1. Experimenting with Granite Setts I have used an offcut of plywood and some 2 x 1 timber to make a roughly A3 size board to experiment creating granite setts for the quay side, the general dock area and the road under the high level main line. I've pinned a short length of track to the baseboard so I can also experiment with ash ballast later. I then mixed up the plaster formula my friend gave me. Having got a roughly level surface I let it set (sett?) for 24 hours. I've been looking at doing this for a while, so had a fair idea of what I wanted
  2. Thank you to both @Schooner and @LBSC123 for your kind comments. To answer @Schooners question, the Lighters have come from Anyscale models and can be found on this link: https://anyscalemodels.com/shop/railways/twin-hold-dumb-barge.html A Thames Sailing barge will also go into the dock. The hull features on my post of 31/12/18 (so long ago!!) . It can be found on the manufacturers website here: https://www.vintageminiaturemodels.co.uk/sail-barge/4594561851 . Usual disclaimer in that I have no personal connection with either company. Just a satisfied cust
  3. With this section of the layout put on the dining room table at the new ancestral home, here are some pictures of the Lighters in the dock, as promised. With a close up of the tarpaulin creases. The wagons on the dockside are some examples of those that were built by my Father. Next job is to experiment with a plaster formula my friend has given me. This will enable me to produce an area of the dock, and the road heading under the main lines to the Goods Yards, in granite setts. I think that will be a bit of a challenge in 4mm, but I was inspired by a 4mm exhibition layout a few y
  4. Thames Lighters (Part 2) Following on from the post above, the cardboard covers then needed tarpaulins. These were cut from tissue paper. Each lighter has four separate tarpaulins. Each overlaps the adjacent one, with the two end tarpaulins overlapping the ends of the hold cover by varying amounts. PVA was applied to the cover and each tarpaulin laid on. It was then soaked in more PVA diluted by dipping the brush in the PVA and then in water. This caused the tissue to crease up in a nice prototypical way (in my view!). This was all then left to dry overnigh
  5. Thames Lighters (Part 1) Now we are in the new house, the railway is still in its frames, apart from the dock (Board 1). That has been taken out of the frame to work on. I am planning to go through all the boards to do those jobs that were awkward to do whilst it was fully assembled and had cupboards, bookcases and general modelling 'stuff' underneath it. I've spent a few evenings working on three model Thames Lighters that I purchased from Anyscale Models a few years ago. Part of the enjoyment is to undertake some research to see what these looked like. As would be e
  6. The layout was built with moving house in mind. We have been fortunate to be able to find a new (old) house close to our daughters, their husbands (one x current and one x future) and grandchildren. One of the criteria was, of course, that there should be a suitable room to house the railway. Consequently the layout has been taken down and transported to its new location in purpose built frames. 2/7ths of it came with me on moving day and 5/7ths was temporarily housed at one of our daughters homes. How people do exhibitions I do not know! Some pics followin
  7. Hi Dave I came across this route learning video for Grosmont to Battersea Junction on YouTube. See 12 mins 56 secs. I knew there was a bridge like that on the line. Hope this helps solve your question. Best Regards John
  8. Hi @gz3xzf Thank you very much for the link. It gives a much greater breakdown on dates than the book I have, showing the loco was allocated to a number of other sheds, including Dover. It would be great to find some pictures of her in the Faversham area. A job for my retirement. Yes, it is the 1982 Hornby model with tender drive. She joins my other Hornby model of Westminster, purchased a few years ago and my Fathers kit built model of Tonbridge, which he constructed in the 1980's. I now have all of my Fathers kit built locomotives, of which there are quite
  9. A new addition to the fleet this week. Maunsells Schools 'V' Class "Dover" is seen in the picture below. Built 1932, withdrawn 1962, surely this must have been allocated to Dover shed? Not sure about Southern ownership, but a quick look at my BR Steam Allocation book (references in the post of April 19th) shows she was a Ramsgate engine from 1948 to 1960, appearing in that years record at Nine Elms. So for much of the time in BR livery did she pass regularly through Faversham? Or go via Dover and Ashford? What about Southern ownership?
  10. Hi @Geep7 On Feb 17th you have a picture of the road into your oil depot from above and you asked if it looked ok. I knew I had a road vehicle swept envelope drawing from my early BR days that showed a similar road profile. I've located it today (straight away!). See below. Hope this helps and is of interest. Best regards John ps, bang on the date period for your layout as well if you look in the bottom LH corner of the drawing.
  11. Hi @Geep7. I've read your thread throughout over the last few weeks. There is a lot of great modelling going on for Southern fans such as myself. I am also following the Warren branch by @chuffinghell . If you go to his post for April 25th he has devised a method to cross baseboard joints with point rodding which you might find useful. I look forward to seeing more developments on your layout. Best regards John
  12. Hi Chris, Thought I'd just stop by and say it was great to see your layout featured in the Virtual Exhibition over the weekend. I look forward to seeing more of your modelling. Best regards John
  13. Main Line Video Tour Following my last post on Class R1's, the link below brings out the latest models I have be fortunate enough to be able to own. These are a King Arthur N15 Class locomotive in BR livery (something I've wanted for a long time) and a 2-HAL unit, which I've had for a few years now. Whilst the latter is not necessarily an inhabitant of the Eastern section of the Southern, the King Arthur definitely was. Sir Hervis de Revel carries the 73A shed plate for Stewarts Lane. On the video she (?) is pulling a boat train whilst the 2-HAL trundles off in the oppo
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