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    Recently retired due to illness and so hope to start modelling again after 34 years gap. Want to model Hurlford MPD of the GSWR as dad was a driver there in the 50's and I lived in the 'Blocks' by the shed for a time.

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  1. As Andy said Ben, every time we look in we get a lesson my friend!, Kind regards, Jock.
  2. Afternoon Jonathan, I notice from the particular era I am considering modelling, that the different types and even liveries are sometimes mixed up, which gives further interest. Evidence for this is to be found in many of Derek Cross's excellent carriage photos, especially where mixed rakes are seen being returned empty, and some even have LNER stock that got abandoned from a cross country working! Plenty of room for fun there then, and at the end of the day, I can play to the extent which takes my fancy - Rule1? I'm beginning to enjoy this now. I have a pack of axles with Hornby metal 14.1mm Dia. wheels - what made you choose the complete bogies at roughly £6.56 in preference? And did you note that I might have to cut a little rebate to accommodate the diameter? Thank you so much for all your assistance to date, I have found following the old thread back through completely fascinating! Kind regards, Jock.
  3. Hi Jonathan,Thanks for the help folks, can anyone help with the diameter, make etc of wheels as I do prefer metal ones on my coaches? Do the Bachmann bogies you refer to have metal wheels and do they run better?Kind regards, Jock67B.
  4. Ben, I have to agree with Andy mate, fantastic effort for first attempt - I'm frightened to try myself! I should have mentioned the section of track either side of hangman's bridge as well. Superb workmanship along the trackside my friend, and coupled to the backscene, very realistic! I would think that the light switch could be disguised with paint or possibly cut in some off-cuts of backscene so as to make the switch virtually disappear! Kind regards, Jock.
  5. Morning Jamie, Just had a good look at the Nottingham images again, and with the excellent inclusion from sir douglas (I love the Duchess of Atholl!) and the whole affair looks so BIG! How many more weeks/months do you think it will take to reach the finishing stages as a matter of interest? The people of Lancaster are no doubt looking forward to it with civic pride. Kind regards, Jock.
  6. Brian, You've no idea just how much I've missed it, and I am very impressed how far your layout has come since I last saw it! - a lot of weathering to be accomplished I assume? How are the electrics working by the way - because I have such a small number of points, I am considering following Pete(Burscough Curves) of this parish method of 'wire in tube' control! Keep up the great work, even as a steam lover, your multiple unit looks spot on! Kind regards, Jock.
  7. Interesting bit of trivia on 'Yesterday' channel last night - the surface area of Russia is larger than that of Pluto! I do agree about the 'wobble' though, my old Tasco telescope would never have picked that out! Kind regards, Jock.
  8. Smelling good though Jeff, Look forward to the next set! Kind regards, Jock..
  9. Pete, I love the point control set up, could you tell me if the operating switches (which presumably handle the frog polarity switching?) and the angles, tubes etc all come from the same company so I can cost this up, as I certainly don't need that many points in the first coaling stage/turntable module, even with the ash pits and water cranes included! Thanks for the inspiration my friend, Kind regards, Jock.
  10. I wondered if anyone had tried building the Dapol kit non corridor 57ft Stanier carmine coaches as they were the type that the 2Ps pulled, brake and composite, on the Darvel branch which ran by Hurlford shed in Ayrshire in the fifties - all I've got to hope for then is to find a cheap one on eBay to make my day complete then! Were there any special problems to look out for? Any suggestions would be most useful and so I thank you in advance. Kind regards, Jock.
  11. Brian, It really is coming along at a great rate mate, most impressive! Kind regards, Jock
  12. Afternoon Andy, that is still in my humble opinion the best way to check if everything fits and suits what you want from your layout. What turntable will you use as a matter of interest? I know that next time I look in, there will doubtless be more done but please try not to overdo things mate, Kind regards, Jock.
  13. Mike, Fantastic set of images, but I have to confess that I was so busy staring at 'Bermuda' and the 'Guardsman', drooling over what are possibly my two favourite steam loco classes which often stopped for water at the end of Kilmarnock platform after flogging up past your very realistic rendition of Dent and surroundings. Cracking propulsion method now, well done to you, and refreshments. Thanks for sharing the inspiration with us, I 'll be back for more in the morning, Kind regards, Jock.
  14. Hi George, A very sensible move mate, especially when you consider the cost of switching to the bigger scale! Can't wait to see what you come up with next mate, Kind regards, Jock.
  15. Andy, George et al, It looks like you chaps certainly enjoyed you big day out in exalted company, and thanks for the images mate, Kind regards, Jock.
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