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  1. I do indeed. We used to go in when we were living in Chester in the 1970s. Bus (L1?) to Woodside then the ferry to Pier Head. Pete
  2. On the subject of Black 5s: 44765 - Hornby body and mechanism converted to EM gauge by Mike Edge and weathered by Barry Oliver. The tender is a Comet 4000 gallon part-welded type. 45021 and 45253 are both Hornby models converted to EM gauge by Tim Easter who also weathered the locos but disposed of them when he abandoned his projected North Wales layout. Both find a home (in more normal times) running on either John Brighton's 'Millhouses' or John Elliott's 'Leeds City North'.
  3. Don't neglect getting the correct details on the tender. 44753 had roller bearing tender axleboxes and all the Caprottis carried sieve boxes mounted on the outside of the tender frames between the leading and middle sets of wheels, and Ivatt LMS Tender Flat Air Vents instead of the 'mushroom type. The loco also got AWS gear; https://www.rail-online.co.uk/p772381711/h1a8da06#h1a8da06. Wizard Models can supply you with all these parts. Nice work on the conversion, it's looking good.
  4. I've only just got round to catching up with this excellent thread having seen 'Bournemouth West' in the flesh, as it were, at Doncaster in February and being mightily impressed with both the modelling on display and the standard of operation. Prior to the discussion about Gresley Buffet Cars, there was also reference to the catering vehicle(s) used in the 'Pines Express'. I travelled on the Up Pines (or a relief) in August 1959 returning from a family holiday from Bournemouth to Crewe. I have a clear and distinct memory of seeing 'Combe Martin' standing on the siding adjacent to P
  5. Looks familiar! Thanks for posting it John.
  6. ? datal in British English. (ˈdeɪtəl ) adjective. Northern England dialect. ignorant or foolish.
  7. "I am lucky enough to be the custodian of Scotland Street railway layout. It is a fantastic layout and, true to scale and detail. It was built by Dave Elbourne and completed in 1988 . Here is a photo of the model." Mark Gow, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland: 14 +16 November 2016" http://www.edinphoto.org.uk/0_edin_t/0_edinburgh_transport_railways_dy_scotland_street_coal_yard.htm If memory serves me correctly, Dave was a member of the Leamington & Warwick club. I recall booking the layout for one of the Clay Cross MRS shows at the Alfreton Leisure Centre in the
  8. It's gratifying that so many new members are joining the EMGS. Probably this is a result of the availability of the EMGS ready to lay track and turnouts which have been selling extremely well since they were first introduced.
  9. We did take LCN to expoEM North (as it was then) in 2014 but TheLaird decided that it was going to be tricky taking it on the road with an 'ageing' and geographically diverse operating crew so decided to enlarge the shed, rebuild and extend the layout, and make the layout entirely home based. I think this part of the layout's development is covered earlier in the topic.
  10. It's not happening, end of story. The proposed dates and venue were correct on the EMGS site, The UK Model Shops entry? Well, who knows? All I can say is that I never gave Adrian that information. It appears to be the case that he's just used the information from last year to update the entry for September 2020. Hopefully we'll be reconvening in September 2021. We'll let you know when and where in due course. Well there is a couple of months and a bit of distancing to ease before September so there is still time. Don't underestimate either this virus's capac
  11. I did. I've amended that post accordingly. Sorry about that.
  12. Not at all, I should have made it more clear. All these workings refer to south of Leeds. The 55A Britannias 70043, 70053 and 70054 took a share of the five workings north of Leeds alongside the influx of A3 Pacifics, when the Scots fell from favour in the mid to late 1950s.
  13. I'm familiar with the photo concerned. Holbeck had an allocation of Rebuilt Scots from the conversion of the very first loco, 46103. An allocation of at least half a dozen locos was maintained and the depot had workings (turns) for five of them. The workings from Leeds to Scotland were rostered solely to Holbeck locos. These totalled five per day (with additions on Summer Saturdays), the two daytime trains and two overnight sleeping car trains (in each direction) plus the Leeds-Glasgow (St Enoch) daily trains. The locos on the Glasgow turns worked straight through but those on the
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