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  1. They're a mixture of ESU with sound files by South West Digital, and Zimo with mainly YouChoos sound. The DMUs, Peaks and Fairburn tanks are ESU fitted, while the station pilot (Ivatt 2MT 2-6-0), Ivatt 4MT and Black 5s are fitted with Zimo 645s. Stayalives are fitted as standard. Generally, the steam locos have Zimos, but there are exceptions among those that were fitted some time ago. I cannot recall which type is in the Jubilees that John converted and fitted recently, but it's been mentioned earlier in the thread.
  2. Didn't he do well! Handled it like an old pro.
  3. That's the plan Mike. It should all be up again now, plus the Presentations will be going on-line as soon as they've been edited. As a matter of interest, for how long do you think they should made available? (Comments welcome)
  4. At this stage we simply do not know. A show is planned but not fully booked. However much remains out of the control of the EMGS. We'll have a better idea next month.
  5. Thanks Tony and David. I'll pass that onto John Wragg.
  6. Had any more luck Mike? You should have been admitted to the 'Waiting Room' first and then admitted from there. If you miss any of the Lectures, they will be posted to the 'EM Gauge Society' (note the name) YouTube channel in due course.
  7. I hope that Kier has been admitted by now. Thanks for giving details of the link Tony. I had an EMGS member phone me with the same query. The easiest way is to go in from the EMGS main page and follow the links from there.
  8. The Virtual expoEM starts in 90 minutes time but you can join the Lectures by logging on to Zoom soon after 10.00am. There are a limited number of places available. Here's the Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/99916764373?pwd=eW1qSURnVGwwY2FZd2NBNzV5ajR6QT0 Meeting ID: 999 1676 4373 Passcode: 542094 This is also being shown on the virtual show page. We hope you find the expo enjoyable whether or not your interests are in EM and P4.
  9. Have a good game Barry. Fear not, all the content will be available to view on the EM Gauge Society YouTube channel. Don't tell anybody, but most is already on there now!
  10. Haing been privileged to have had a preview, I would say that The Laird has surpassed himself; all you want and need to know about LCN. It was filmed prior to the rebuilding of the Leeds City West throat so it's historical already! Put your feet up for an hour and enjoy! It'll also be going up on the EM Gauge Society YouTube channel to be enjoyed after the event takes place.
  11. Joining instructions for the live lectures tomorrow during the 'Virtual expoEM Spring 2021' are on the EMGS website (www.emgs.org). Here's a bit more information from Tim Easter. "During these lectures all attendees, other than the host and speaker, will be automatically muted. There will be an opportunity to ask any questions during the Q&A after each lecture. Please use the "chat" facility within Zoom and send a message to the participant named "EMGS Virtual Host", so that our host can then be ready to unmute you when the Q&A starts."
  12. The EMGS has decided to follow the usual practice at expoEMs regarding non-members being able to purchase items from the EMGS stores. This will mean that all visitors to the Virtual expo will be assumed to have Day Membership of the Society and therefore will be able do so on the day.
  13. Have a look at the 'Virtual expoEM Spring' next Saturday.
  14. Well that was a long time ago! And the MRJ show at Westminster Hall was in 1990 or thereabouts. Expos and Scaleforums offer just what you appear to be on the look-out for, namely plenty of specialist small traders. Railex isn't half bad either. I wouldn't throw in the towel just yet.
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