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  1. I don't think that the EMGS is going to rewite the standards any time soon but there is absolutely nothing to stop an individual modeller from tweaking back-to-backs or slightly altering clearances through check rails, to allow R-T-R wheels to be pulled out and used to model in EM gauge. Plenty of people out there do just that. The Hornby Britannia wheel is by far the best representation of the type and can easily be used for EM, as Tim Easter has done here.
  2. I hope not and somhow doubt it. EM modellers tend to not be elitist and are far more pragmatic in their outlook. How's that for a generalisation! If anything, we (i.e. the EMGS Board, although I am speaking from a personal perspective) see a clear progression from using EMGS track (manufactured by Peco) at 'entry level', to Wayne's kitbuilt track, and then to scratchbuilding trackwork. I don't think that any one approach is meant to exclude others. Pete
  3. Let's face it John, nobody's perfect nor is any organisation. Pete
  4. Assuming from the direction of the shadow that its heading south, the Up line has been relayed with flat-bottom track while the Down is still bullhead.
  5. Andy Sharpe compiled the original list and keeps it updated as new reports of afflicted models emerge.
  6. Yes. One each of 46140 and 45545. Tim E is carrying out remedial work on the Scot with the aid of a newer rot-free chassis block.
  7. Three different images of 45081 are on Rail Online, one duplicated in colour. Search https://www.rail-online.co.uk/?q=45081.
  8. My observations were between 1960 and 1968 and I do not recall seeing an LMS Soda Ash wagon. In fact I was completely unaware of them until I read Bob Essery's 'LMS Wagons' many years later. I always associated that traffic with Covhops. Another source of that traffic to Corkickle was the ICI works at Burn Naze near Fleetwood.
  9. As far as I'm I'm aware it was conveyed in covered hopper wagons, 'Covhops' as made by Bachman. These two photos shoe Black 5s in charge of such trains in the mid 1960s. Both photos are by Arthur Kimber and have appeared on RMWeb previously. 45081 is hauling a 'self weighing tender'. I used to see the Northwich to Whitehaven workings near Preston which ran in the afternoon. Pretty much anything could turn up on it, from Black 5s, to Crabs, 8Fs and WDs.
  10. Mainly from Manningham, although Holbeck's were also involved.
  11. You must have better eyesight than me! The loco that worked the train from Bradford (Forster Square) would be. We've got photos of Fowler 2-6-4Ts, Black 5s and Ivatt 4MT 2-6-0s on that job. It was usually the preserve of the Fairburn tanks though.
  12. The postwar LMS corridor stock, which immediately pre-dated the Portholes, introduced the intermediate door style.
  13. Thank you David for drawing attention to this but that page is on the 'public side' of the website. You have to already be a member, and sign in, to see all the Board contacts.
  14. You might also copy the Membership Secretary into your email: [email protected] Pete Rigby
  15. I believe he answers to the name of 'Paul', Frank!
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