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  1. "I am lucky enough to be the custodian of Scotland Street railway layout. It is a fantastic layout and, true to scale and detail. It was built by Dave Elbourne and completed in 1988 . Here is a photo of the model." Mark Gow, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland: 14 +16 November 2016" http://www.edinphoto.org.uk/0_edin_t/0_edinburgh_transport_railways_dy_scotland_street_coal_yard.htm If memory serves me correctly, Dave was a member of the Leamington & Warwick club. I recall booking the layout for one of the Clay Cross MRS shows at the Alfreton Leisure Centre in the early 1990s. It was an excellent layout with the coal yard in the foreground with the main line at the back. Dave passed away sadly in 2017.
  2. It's gratifying that so many new members are joining the EMGS. Probably this is a result of the availability of the EMGS ready to lay track and turnouts which have been selling extremely well since they were first introduced.
  3. We did take LCN to expoEM North (as it was then) in 2014 but TheLaird decided that it was going to be tricky taking it on the road with an 'ageing' and geographically diverse operating crew so decided to enlarge the shed, rebuild and extend the layout, and make the layout entirely home based. I think this part of the layout's development is covered earlier in the topic.
  4. It's not happening, end of story. The proposed dates and venue were correct on the EMGS site, The UK Model Shops entry? Well, who knows? All I can say is that I never gave Adrian that information. It appears to be the case that he's just used the information from last year to update the entry for September 2020. Hopefully we'll be reconvening in September 2021. We'll let you know when and where in due course. Well there is a couple of months and a bit of distancing to ease before September so there is still time. Don't underestimate either this virus's capacity to wreak havoc or the public health implications of presenting an exhibition in the current climate. Also, be aware of the age group of both the participants and attendees at such events. I'll leave it at that for now.
  5. I did. I've amended that post accordingly. Sorry about that.
  6. Not at all, I should have made it more clear. All these workings refer to south of Leeds. The 55A Britannias 70043, 70053 and 70054 took a share of the five workings north of Leeds alongside the influx of A3 Pacifics, when the Scots fell from favour in the mid to late 1950s.
  7. I'm familiar with the photo concerned. Holbeck had an allocation of Rebuilt Scots from the conversion of the very first loco, 46103. An allocation of at least half a dozen locos was maintained and the depot had workings (turns) for five of them. The workings from Leeds to Scotland were rostered solely to Holbeck locos. These totalled five per day (with additions on Summer Saturdays), the two daytime trains and two overnight sleeping car trains (in each direction) plus the Leeds-Glasgow (St Enoch) daily trains. The locos on the Glasgow turns worked straight through but those on the two Edinburgh trains changed locos in Carlisle, with a Scottish Region Pacific taking over for the run over the Waverley Route, the Holbeck locos being serviced on Kingmoor depot. All this changed with the introduction of the Peaks with the Holbeck locos working straight through to both destinations.
  8. I regret I've only just found this thread but I may be able to flesh out some of the earlier posts. I've been involved in researching engine workings for John Elliott (Leeds City North) and John Brighton (Millhouses - not on RMWeb). Using the Midland Railway Society's Booklet 'BR Passenger Engine Workings Derby District Winter Timetable 1959/60' on Mondays to Fridays, and cross checking with relevant public timetable, I've been able to compile a table (attached) Engines on Leeds-London trains; Winter Timetable 1959-1960.xlsxshowing which shed provided motive power for each train, the loco type employed and the Engine Diagram Number concerned in each case. As already stated, Kentish Town (14B) and Holbeck (55A) dominated these workings, the former mainly with Rebuilt Scots, the latter with Jubilees. Millhouses (41C) also had a minor role with the Leeds trains but came more into their own with services to and from Sheffield. Of interest is the appearance of a Trafford Park (9E) Britannia working a three day cyclic diagram, thus guaranteeing three different locos over three consecutive days. Where two Turn Numbers are shown, e.g. 55A/7 or 8, again these are multi-day diagrams involving more than one loco. Information relating to a slightly earlier period in time may be found in 'Operation Midland' by P Webb and W Beckett and published by Xpress Publishing.
  9. LMS Loco Profiles Number 3 is the reference book you need. One is available on Amazon at the moment for £10.95. You'll get all the info you need re plain vs. fluted rods, plain or fluted wheel rims, chimney types, etc.
  10. Although there isn't a separate thread (was it worth starting one?), expoEM Autumn in September 2020 has been cancelled. A statement explaining the rationale for this decision is on the 'Exhibition Cancellations' thread, as if one is needed!
  11. At the risk of being 'negative', under the current circumstances I prefer to call it realistic, there follows a notification regarding expoEM Autumn this year. "It is with great regret that the EMGS Board has decided to cancel expoEM Autumn this September. We have taken this decision after following developments regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and the measures that are currently in place to control the spread of the disease. We are very mindful of our members’ and other visitors’ health and would wish to do nothing to endanger them. Social distancing restrictions within the context of an expo would make holding the event almost impossible. By making this decision now we should incur no foreseeable costs to the Society. We have severe misgivings whether our exhibitors would feel comfortable in attending and whether visitors would feel the same. We trust that traders, exhibitors, demonstrators, members and others who regularly attend our expoEms will understand these reasons, particularly in these uncertain times. We look forward to seeing you when some normality returns to our lives. In the meantime, stay safe and well so we can resume our regular programme of events once again in 2021." Please feel free to share. Pete Rigby
  12. The loco diagrams show that locos ran through to London St Pancras and to Glasgow St Enoch going north. The only exception was the Edinburgh trains ('The Waverley' and the overnight St Pancras sleeping car train) which, until the Peaks took over around 1961, changed locos at Carlisle, with an LNER Pacific taking over for the run over the Waverley route.
  13. 155345 in Wesy Yorkshire Metro livery at Preston on 17-4-1993.
  14. Tony was asking for more photos of B1s, presumably in model form. 61392 has arrived into Leeds City North platform six with a local from Sheffield to Bradford. Photo by John Elliott (TheLaird). She is a Hornby model with added detail, including a replacement Bradwell chimney and dome, Comet AWS gear, plus various DCC sound gubbins hidden well away. Those plastic lamp brackets definitely require some straightening. Obviously the fireman hasn't got round to putting on the tail lamp before heading off to Holbeck for turning and servicing.
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