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  1. Thinking about it I can remember seeing a photo of one of the ex Amtrak LRC locomotives in a scrapyard and I think it was still in Amtrak colours. I am pretty sure that the VIA numbers were never applied.
  2. NO! I have slowly been acquiring the parts to turn a 110 into a 104. Good job I never started.
  3. One of the cars remained in Amtrak livery at the MMC, saw it in the mid 1990's after the other cars had been retired.
  4. I don't think you will ever see VIA service restored on Vancouver Island. They have destroyed the southern end into Victoria while the rest of the line is slowly deteriorating.
  5. Had the misfortune of riding in a Ren car from Truro to Montreal back in 2004. At first I was excited as I had seen these cars being built in Washwood Heath in 1996 but by the time the train reached Moncton I was happy to be able to get off and walk the platform. By the time the train reached Montreal it was all I could do to stand up after spending all night in a cramped seat. Have to say they made the LRC cars look spacious!
  6. The story I heard was that a PKP official visited the UK and thought the yellow panels were a good idea so it was introduced in Poland.
  7. So just to clarify, as the topic has gone off on a tangent, 3218 was first BR built steam engine, having been released on Jan 2, 1948 or does anyone know of anything different?
  8. Interesting as I only knew of Ol49-99 being renumbered Ol49-69 and that was in 2001.
  9. 3218 was one of the ones he listed as a possible contender, but he never mentioned a B1 but as it was not built by BR then I would think it does not count.
  10. Good question and one that I asked my father about. Yes released after Jan 1, 1948 which would mean that the frames were laid in 1947 but the locomotive was finished under BR, which apparently would make the locomotive in question built by BR.
  11. I am sorry if this has been asked before but I could not find anything online. I was wondering if anyone knew the identity of the first steam engine built by BR, obviously it would have a build date of Jan 1948. I asked my father who, while he did not know the answer, supplied a list of possible candidates. These were. GWR design Hall or 2251 class LNER design A2 or L1 LMS design 2-6-0, 2-6-2T or 2-6-4 T He got this information from several book in his collection and all had build dates of early 1948. Can anyone shed an
  12. Just heard a CN freight go by, sweet sound after this long. Edit: Did not last long, one train each way before protesters moved in and lit tires on fire on the tracks.
  13. With the blockades cleared today CN is already starting to move trains along the Kingston Sub.
  14. I noticed today that CN 271 was backed up out of Napanee station so that they could work on the bridge across the Napanee River. Of course the only train movement on CN for two weeks and I miss it.
  15. There are actually two protests on the CN main line near Tyendinaga, both between Belleville and Napanee (where I now live!) The first one is near Shannonville, this was the first blockade and is the one occupied by Tyendinaga. The other is just to the east in Marysville under the Hwy 49 overpass. This one was set up by the Akwesane that live near Cornwall, Ontario. There are lots of trains parked in the area waiting for the blockades to end but right now that does not look like it is going to happen any time soon.
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