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  1. Sorry it took a while to reply, I can't remember where I got it, I think I took it out of something. There are many connectors available, rapid electronics may be a good place to start. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. IC125
  2. Greetings all, It has been ages since I have updated this thread, but progress is limited due to lack of time. I was at the Exeter Model Railway show today and will be tomorrow (I am helping operate EXE MRS's layout Okehampton and the DCC Demo layout), and the Chairman, Dave Roberts, gave me an old Hornby 47 he had which had been cannibalised to fix other loco a which were being sold, so it is a non runner. It will have the Lima chassis from 47 406 fitted and 47406 will have the original Hornby chassis frame fitted, but with a Bachmann class 37 mechanism (motor, bogies, gear towers and shafts
  3. Hi all, I am looking for a 4mm scale Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0DM shunter like the one pictured below. I have been searching for a while now, but have only found Worsley Works whose website says they are willing to make kits if you provide details, but I don't know how much it will cost. Their prices generally seem very reasonable. Thanks, IC125
  4. Which pub do you work at? I'm just down the road from the New Inn in Blagdon. I could probably get some photos if you want any? IC125 EDIT- spelling corrected
  5. This sounds good. I am currently typing this about a mile from what was Blagdon Station. IC125
  6. Thanks for that, I was using the C&L turnout kits as a price guide, but as you say copper clad would be cheaper. The thing that has caused me to use Peco points is the fact I already have them (they were given to me by my uncle)! One day I may experiment with building my own points (like my idea of Shirehampton Station in the 1980s, with about 3 points and some slightly curved track) IC125
  7. Absolutely brilliant, I haven't checked in for far too long but everything is still brilliant or even better! Love your locos, I need to build up a fleet of 37s and 47s as well as some blue/grey MK1s for this new layout of mine, plus some kettles . If I had a bit more cash I'd be building points, but seeing as I need somewhere in the region of 10 points and two crossovers, that's around £580! IC125
  8. This is a rough track plan from the Bristol Railway Archive website, with the level crossing marked in the centre. IC125
  9. I will post a trackplan later, I've got a 1988 BR one and one from old-maps.co.uk, type in the postcode BS3 1TJ and it's nearby (to the left) but with only two tracks crossing the level crossing. I'll probably do one on AnyRail as well. IC125
  10. Very similar story with the prototype location of my new layout, once there was a double track line and a large BR engineers depot with connections to the Bristol Harbour Railway, all that remains now is a single track, some overgrown platforms and the trackbed, soon to be lost to the BRT2/Metrobus guided busway scheme . Keep up the good work on the layout. IC125
  11. Yesterday I was able to take a few reference photos of the older, plate girder bridge near Ashton Junction. This is on what will probably be the right hand side of the layout. Here is a photo of the bridge: Ashton Junction/Ashton Gate Station by firstbusphotos, on Flickr
  12. That's a good idea so you don't need to model the entire train. That saves money and time building up the fleet of coaches and upgrading/modifying them. IC125
  13. Me? Interested in football? I certainly hope not! It is true the station was originally built for the football stadium nearby, but I wouldn't bother supporting them. It's probably more likely to be promoting the connected (or it used to be at least) Bristol Harbour Railway. IC125
  14. This looks brilliant, now following with interest. I like a layout with a river IC125
  15. Thanks for that, the closest sidings to the Cumberland Basin would be Ashton Meadows so that seems likely. IC125
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