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  1. There haven't been any later batches yet as far as I'm aware, though there indications (mentioned up-thread by others) that this may happen in the future. All Hattons' 66s currently in the market are from the same batch, so may still be subject to the same (minor) issues.
  2. To add to the comment from @frobisher, on the green model the bogies on both trailer coaches are as shown below - is this what you are referring to as the Mk4 bogie? On the blue/grey model the Trailer Composite also has these bogies, but the Buffet has Commonwealth bogies as shown above by @andyman7. Given the comment above about buffets having their bogies swapped from 1960 surely this is correct? On both the green and blue/grey models the inner (non-motor) bogies on the driving coaches are also of the type shown below.
  3. I can only speak from my own viewpoint, but I'm not qualified to comment on very much related to Gill Head (it's well out of my "area")! Nevertheless I have a fondness for the S&C and an admiration for the work going into modelling a portion of it in such detail and realism. So I'm happy to just "lurk and like" on this thread!
  4. Another vote for "Keep the pictures coming" please (unless they're becoming a real pain to do or there's some other reason you'd prefer to post less frequently). It's great watching the progress you're making (and the occasional re-thinks).
  5. I think more have tried than you might imagine, but for various reasons haven't been satisfied with the results and don't persevere long enough to learn the necessary skills. I'd suggest a few areas of frustration, all of which have featured in this thread from time to time: Getting the chassis running smoothly Choosing an appropriate motor & gearbox combination Making robust, reliable pick-ups Putting together valve gear properly (unless you want to wimp out and model the G*R), and having it stay together rather than one end flying off at high speed... I bought and studied Iain Rice's books on chassis and whitemetal loco construction before making a start on my first kit, and even with the help of these it was a struggle. And finally, what I think is the single major problem: Painting & lining/numbering etc. Unless you're expert at these, your kit-built models can really look second-best next to modern RTR. Even getting the five digits of a BR locomotive number to sit in a straight horizontal line when applied to a cab side as single digits is beyond some of us! Another problem that many aspiring kit-builders bring upon themselves is that they don't "start simple" - they buy kits of the locomotives they want for their layout/collection, not simple ones that will teach them the skills - in my case DJH rebuilt West Country, DJH Standard Class 4 Tank then SEF King Arthur! All run, but have been retired in favour of modern Hornby/Bachmann RTR examples, which weren't available when I embarked on the kits but are more reliable and better-finished.
  6. I can see where you're coming from, but it's a little more complicated than that. We've been down this road a few times previously, but: The "Mk 1 coaches" all need to have lighting One of the "Mk 1 coaches" is more akin to a DVT, DBSO or dummy power car, with the headcode and marker lights Through electrical connections are required so that only one decoder is needed for the whole unit. Kernow's 4-TC was released 5 years ago - unfortunately for us, a lot has happened to inflate prices since then. The CEP was released in 2010 and my first one cost me £104. So give or take a motor you've very roughly got doubling every 5 years. I'm not saying I like it, but I can understand why it's happening and I've decided that I'm willing to pay it. We each make our own choices...
  7. I don't normally comment on prices, but I can understand why some people think this is a bit steep. However, Bachmann have been heading in this direction for a while, so personally I wasn't greatly surprised. But like others above I do fear that multiple units (particularly those exceeding 2-cars), may become commercially unviable. For my own part, I pre-ordered both blue/grey and green examples when they were first announced (without a price). I was then contacted by my retailer about a month ago when the price was announced - it was a case of "please let us know you still want the models at this price, or we'll automatically cancel the order". Even at over 4 times what I paid for the blue/grey CEP on release in 2010 (and over 6 times what I paid for the green CEP in 2013!), they are models I really want, and I don't want to mess around (both me and the retailer) by cancelling and waiting to see if the price drops (and by how much). I'm looking forward to them arriving in due course, but might have to get a pair of fine cotton gloves to handle them with!
  8. My BR lined Black one arrived a couple of days ago - very nice... Can't easily do any pictures at the moment though...
  9. I received my SECR Green one a couple of weeks ago (dispatched 14th June), and was emailed this afternoon to inform me that my BR early crest one had been dispatched...
  10. Unfortunately I can't easily do a comparative photo at the moment, but I'd say they were pretty much identical. The Stones generator might be ~0.5 mm higher on 17, but no more than that (it's surprisingly tricky to look at both at exactly the same angle...).
  11. Happy to see that the new coupling fits into an NEM pocket - if it's too rigid at least I can try fitting something else! Something with a bit of vertical play in it - an unfortunate combination of gradients and curves has caused no end of problems with the very rigid couplings on my IETs, even after the fixes to stop the bogies catching on the bodies...
  12. I find it focusses the mind on how much more I want to fit into my existence before that day comes...
  13. Yes, "gimmicks" is how I'd describe most of those features, but as a DC user who would have great difficulty chipping the whole of a collection built up over many years, I would, wouldn't I. If it has the correct body shape in the correct livery I can happily do without all the other stuff. Fineness of grilles/slats is important, as is overall quality of finish and livery application (something I can never hope to match). I agree that increasing functionality is the way the hobby is heading as a whole. However, I'd wager that there's still a significant number of us who aren't quite so desperate for the latest features but still value the overall greater quality (generally) and running of current models over some of the previous RTR offerings. But over time we'll dwindle in number and get shunted into the great scrap line in the sky...
  14. Each to their own - I'd have said "unnecessary gimmick", but some seem to value this particular feature... Maybe I'm being unfair as those rotating fans I've seen previously have been whirring masses of garish red plastic, whereas I hope these will be more appropriately coloured... Hasn't stopped me ordering two locos though - there are many other features to admire!
  15. Another one here which arrived with a detached tender buffer rattling around in the packaging - nothing a small dab of glue couldn't fix whilst fitting the guard irons and cab doors (and working out that the extra vac pipes and fittings weren't appropriate for 488...)
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