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  1. So many worthy candidates... Of those that were not rebuilt, "Biggin Hill" is a favourite, being named after what was my "local" airfield growing up, but the best name must surely be "Winston Churchill"
  2. Wow! The angle of the light is highlighting all sorts of defects in the air-smoothed casing that would just be impossible to model on a 4mm plastic loco body...
  3. I agree it might look slightly awkward, but less awkward than typing "Battle of Britain Class locomotives" every time! It's referring to one particular battle, so I'd think "Battle" would have to be singular. "Courts Martial" surely refers to more than one court?
  4. Very difficult to narrow things down to a single vote, as I have different favourites for Air-Smoothed and Rebuilt versions... Rebuilt - Exeter (a city I have an extremely tenuous connection with via an educational establishment in central Oxford). Air-Smoothed - Coombe Martin (the venue for a family holiday when I was 7, and unfortunately too young to really able to appreciate the beauty of the area - all I and my younger brothers were interested in was the sandy beach at Woolacombe (which nearly got my "Rebuilt" vote)) If forced to choose between the two I'll vot
  5. Charming though the Isle of Wight and its history of steam locos undoubtedly are (yes, I've got RTR models of Terriers and O2s...), I'm afraid that none of them fascinate me as much as the use of redundant Underground stock on the Island. Which is a long-winded way of abstaining from this particular poll...
  6. No specific affiliation to any of the class, but I'll vote for 930 "Radley" due to its proximity to my current abode...
  7. Unfortunately I've no specific reason to prefer any one of the class over the others, so I'll go for No 453 King Arthur...
  8. I'll go for 6146 prior to May 1936 - Jenny Lind. Shares a name with a favourite hostelry (not the first time I've used this as a way of selecting a vote). Though I must say I "doff my cap" to those who have personal reasons for selecting regimental names.
  9. Keep 'em coming please - some of us enjoy just lurking and marvelling at the awesomeness of your work! The way you're talking us through the build is also extremely interesting...
  10. A vote for 45519 Lady Godiva here...
  11. Shovell - just seeing the name reminds me of a lovely little place I used to visit, just down from Charing Cross...
  12. Act of conquest, rather than Act of Union (with apologies to those west of Offa's Dyke...)
  13. OK - Empire name - 45606 Falkland Islands. I'll save being Vindictive and Inflexible about Halls for tomorrow...
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