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  1. Atom for atom I'd agree with you (you've quoted the relative atomic mass of zinc at 65) , but it's the density that matters... Zinc 7.14 g/cm3 Copper 8.96 Iron 7.87 Lead 11.3 Tungsten 19.3 Mazak 3 6.7 (there are actually a variety of grades of Mazak, with densities between 6.4 and 6.8 g/cm3) I guess cost, plus ease of casting and working are the main factors...
  2. Graham Muz explains here: https://grahammuz.com/2019/01/07/Hornby-announce-2019-range-including-brand-new-bulleid-59ft-coaches-and-ex-lswr-diagram-1543-20-24t-brake-van/
  3. Having a read of the links provided by Fat Controller yesterday is interesting. On the manufacturer's website there is a link to an RCOS Statement on Corrosion, which explains how they try to avoid bimetallic corrosion and how some of our ancient civil engineering manages to overcome those precautions... https://www.furrerfrey.ch/dam/jcr:2116c345-4099-4194-bec9-0d1e4bc6c4f2/181025_rdn%20ROCS%20corrosion%20statement.pdf
  4. Unless someone on here can provide the technical details, we don't... I'm simply saying that any electrical conductivity between the copper contact wire and the aluminium (which as you say is almost certainly an alloy of some description) support would be a seriously bad thing...
  5. The copper won't plate the aluminium because the copper won't actually dissolve. However, the presence of the copper will vastly increase the corrosion rate of the aluminium in a damp (presumably salty atmosphere) to the point where it will be useless as a support. If feasible, an aluminium wire would be preferable, but I don't know what this would do to the wear rate of contact strips etc... Edit: Or alternatively ensure that the copper contact wire is not in direct contact with the aluminium support (plastic coat the aluminium or something similar)
  6. I'd assumed that there would be two different sets, one for each release date... This would be logical, but needs checking once the running numbers are confirmed...
  7. Graham Muz explains here: https://grahammuz.com/2019/01/07/Hornby-announce-2019-range-including-brand-new-bulleid-59ft-coaches-and-ex-lswr-diagram-1543-20-24t-brake-van/ To me this seems a clever, low-cost way for Hornby to pique the interest of the 3rd-rail fraternity (I've certainly ordered one) - it's certainly something a little "different"! James
  8. Yes, mine arrived from Kernow yesterday. Running in at the moment - no problems so far!
  9. Without getting (too) political, it's widely accepted that Britain is the only country that applies EU directives and regulations rigidly/properly (something to do with our natural rule-obeying nature perhaps) Maybe that's why a (small) majority voted as they did...
  10. Skipper and Provincial please!
  11. And they have (for me at least - I can't speak for others) honoured the £319 pre-order price - I ordered before Hornby's 10% limit was introduced, so was slightly concerned...
  12. Are you 100% sure that the 812004 coach should have them? Watching this video very slowly (about 3:19-3:20) suggests to me that the 8120xx coach doesn't have them... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuA2bHLDbpw
  13. Mine's very nearly great - the lighting in the composite coach works in one direction only (on DC - probably the contacts need more adjustment), but other than that it seems fine. Currently running round the outer circuit of a layout with curves of probably ~20-21" radius (the inner circuit was laid using an 18" radius Tracksetta), driven end at the rear (that's the direction in which all the lights work), with no problems. Well worth the full price pre-order from Hornby!
  14. The Stationmaster is, of course, totally correct. I was being deliberately vague by omitting the "DC" as I wasn't sure where the boundary ran!
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