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  1. I didn't order until August 2015, but yes, it's the same for me - I got an email at the time and the order is still open on my Kernow account, but no other correspondence. To be honest though, I wouldn't have expected any other communication, and I've been happy to follow progress via RMWeb. If Kernow had anything they needed to say directly to the pre-order customers, I'm sure they would have done so! As to whether Kernow plan to ask customers to re-confirm, I've no idea, but I guess any credit card details they took at the time of order will be well out of date by now (though
  2. Where I used to work, we used the actual employees in such pictures - there were plenty of occasions where the photographers asked for things that were never done, wouldn't work or were positively dangerous, so that they could get what they considered "good" pictures. Led to heated arguments on occasions...
  3. It was discussed way back in the thread, but even after the bogie modifications the problem isn't pulling power on a slope, but with the transition from flat to an up-slope. There is little or no vertical play in the couplings, making the 5-car train into an almost rigid rod. This can result in bogies lifting off of the track at the transition point. If this is on a straight section, the bogie will more than likely drop back onto the track, but if the gradient change is on or close to a curve you may have problems. Due to poor baseboard construction/warpage, I have an unplanne
  4. I've tried to look at the photos of both model and prototype under higher magnification - I'm not sure what shape the "real" handrails are in cross-section but the ones on the model look as if they are square cross-section, which doesn't help them in terms of "bulk". They do look a bit "over-prominent", but it's not a show-stopper for me...
  5. The camera never lies, eh? Those two photos from @Edwardian and @jamesC37LG of two examples of the Dapol SE&CR Terrier (which we can reasonably expect to be the same colour as each other) really do show how impossible it will be to ever resolve the "which green is correct" questions. It's all down to how you view (and record) it...
  6. Coming from South London (actually, one of those suburbs that wasn't even part of London until 1965), the North begins at that wiggly, watery thing that many taxi drivers in the West End "wouldn't go south of at this time of night" aka "The Thames"...
  7. They were clear about a "waiting list" from day 5 (4th May), when the final 3500 limit was announced. On day 1 (30th April) they were only making 500, but it snowballed from there... What I'd be interested to see is what form of communication was sent to those whose orders ended up on the waiting list - did it make it clear that was the status of their order?
  8. Except that the size of the "limited edition" increased a number of times due to demand - it may have exceeded the size of the available production slot. Doesn't excuse the lack of communication, but Hornby may be in the awkward position that whilst they have asked for /ordered a further production to make up the numbers, they don't know if they'll actually appear. There have been all too frequent occurrences where delivered quantities have been lower than Hornby expected but it's only become apparent at the last minute... But having said that, I wish you the best of luck in get
  9. I see where you're coming from, but that's possibly not Hattons' top priority in making the decision regarding their shop...
  10. Another vote for Chappel and Wakes Colne - the preservation centre hosts fantastic beer festivals (in normal times...). Proper beer and proper trains - a wonderful combination!
  11. Endless opportunities for fictitious "heritage lines" as well - if Didcot can run Dean 4-wheel Brake 3rd No 416 (coupled with Dean 3rd 1941 and Churchward Brake 3rd 3755) behind 6023 in BR Blue and 2099 in GWR Green as they did a few weekends ago, then surely pretty much "anything goes"!
  12. The photo two thirds of the way down the same reference linked to by @FarrMan, captioned "Tanktop detail on 5164. (Alresford, 2013)" is useful, though being in preservation (and "off-region"!) is there a chance that the detail is no longer "authentic"?
  13. It's not a case of complaining about having to do it - it's the certain knowledge that we can't do it as well as the manufacturer could. It's not for the want of trying... I've made/painted/applied lining transfers to a few kits in my time, and none of them pass muster when coupled next to current commercial rtr.
  14. You'd be surprised just how many of us can't apply number decals in a straight line, despite a lifetime of trying! I'd rather have them printed on by the manufacturer so that any noticeable flaws aren't "my" doing...
  15. In my case, dexterity is failing more rapidly than eyesight, so fine detail is "viewable but not do-able". Unfortunately, now that the omission of the lining on top of the splashers has been pointed out, I now can't stop noticing the lining on the cab front suddenly stopping somewhere it shouldn't. But where would be a "better" place for it to stop? Adjacent to the "point" in the lining on the lower front cab side perhaps? Looking at the photo of the real thing in the NRM on page 1 of this thread it might be possible to devise something more "natural-looking" than the current a
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