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  1. The SECR grey livery has the paint on the splasher beading scraped back to show the brass, which (as I understand it) wasn't universally done... EDIT Beaten to it by @Pre Grouping fan, by a matter of seconds...
  2. Yeah, another vote here for the Forth Bridge - simply stunning!
  3. Assuming that "The Northumberland Coast" (all the bits that can be seen from the train, taken together as one...) is a bit too unspecific to be allowable, I'll have to vote for the view of the Royal Border Bridge.
  4. Agreed - 35022 and 35029 in Guildford but "expected soon" in Cornwall - they have to get to Cornwall before being sent to pre-order customers...
  5. Agree the view along the Tyne is great, but I slightly prefer the view of Durham Cathedral.
  6. 21C7 was only bought direct from Hornby to use the 10% discount voucher I received when buying the "Capt. Tom Moore" Class 66 model (which was only available direct). I've got 35017, 35022 and 35029 on pre-order with one of my usual retailers, and am waiting (fairly) patiently...
  7. If I understand it, it's cutting off their nose to spite Hornby's face (or an attempt to). The desire to support the local retailer (or retailers in general) outweighs the desire to have the latest spec model if having it means cutting out the retailer. Either Hornby sells via the retailer, or it doesn't get the sale. Unfortunately, that won't work if sufficient people do buy direct from Hornby, as Hornby won't see the reduction in sales...
  8. Agreed on the steps - which are surplus as the model came with them fitted. As well as the choice of drain cocks, the other thing that confused me was that the pipework supplied to be fitted didn't allow the model to be completed as per Hornby's artwork. The artwork shows an up-standing vacuum pipe (I presume that's what it is, but happy to be corrected) on the tender rear, but the one supplied hangs downwards...
  9. These days the Emirates Stadium is eye-catching, but I'm not sure I'd call it scenic...
  10. Thanks for that - I'd just about come to the same conclusion but was surprised to find both versions present as I hadn't been so blessed in the model of Channel Packet. It almost looks as if someone has noticed that the first accessory pack isn't quite right and added a second. In fact the first accessory pack seems more similar to that included with Clan Line and East Asiatic Company... The spares will be put to good use elsewhere...
  11. It is well known that it is physically impossible to have preserved too many Bulleid Pacifics . But with my sensible head on, you're quite right!
  12. Couple of very quick (and not very good) phone snaps - very happy with the model. Slightly confused to find two bags of accessories - one with the usual range of parts (the steps look like those that usually go on the front buffers, and they're already fitted - I was expecting steps for below the buffer beam on the tender), and a second bag with a different design of cylinder drain cocks. Looks like I've got the ones similar to Clan Line and East Asiatic Company in the main bag and ones similar to Channel Packet in the second bag...
  13. Wot he said! Without a shadow of doubt the best design from the LMS.
  14. Indeed so! Add a "Lord Nelson" or two in to that, then take a short break until the Maunsell kitchens and dining carriages...
  15. Of the three currently expected models (35017 Belgian Marine, 35029 Ellerman Lines and 35022 Holland America Line), no not yet, but I'm expecting them all via Cornwall. Just have to be patient - they've got to get there from Kent first... (35028 Clan Line and 35023 Holland-Afrika Line (with TTS) were, of course earlier releases in BR Green - I presume your question wasn't referring to these)
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