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    We Don't Know How Lucky We Are

    "But I'm pretty sure the LMS built at least one corridor tender for a Coronation." There were no corridor tenders built specifically for the Pacifics but the LMS had one as part of the Mobile Test Plant as detailed here:- http://www.traintesting.com/MTU.htm
  2. sirwilliamfrs

    Lima (now Hornby) 87017

    Never seen that before! As to 87101, it never carried EWS livery, no Class 87 ever did. https://www.hattons.co.uk/175959/Lima_L204809_HR01_Class_87_Electric_87017_Iron_Duke_in_EWS_livery_Pre_owned_repainted_renumbere/StockDetail.aspx
  3. sirwilliamfrs

    Hornby Class 87 - Confirmed Newly Tooled Version for 2017 !

    87101 in BR Blue
  4. sirwilliamfrs

    Hornby 2019 Speculation

    Regarding re-tooling the A1/A3 I think that other than the running plate being straightened the other major problem is the very front of the bogie. Both the A3 (and A4) need a NEM pocket but the worst detraction from the appearance is the guard irons. All locos have a double set but after the early-mid 50s the outer set were removed on all locos presenting a much tidier front end. The splash plates over the axleboxes were removed at the same time. I have modified a loco (60049) to this later arrangement and it looks much better as a result. All the Hornby models of the later BR A3s and A4s have always looked odd to me without this simple modification which could be achieved by the manufacturer very easily with a small tooling adjustment.
  5. sirwilliamfrs

    Hornby Princess Coronation Class (Duchess)

    For the record only 46257 carried a BR number from new. It was photographed in Crewe Works before entering service as M6257 but this had been changed when it entered service.
  6. sirwilliamfrs

    Hornby 2019 Modern Range........

    A fairly easy new model to produce would be P2 2002 Earl Marischal, most of the tooling is the same as 2001. The differences are that 2002 was fitted with an extra set of smoke deflectors, Walschaerts valve gear and several smaller detail differences and by all accounts was a better loco than 2001.
  7. sirwilliamfrs

    Hornby Class 87 - Confirmed Newly Tooled Version for 2017 !

    The air-blast circuit breaker is enclosed within the dome-ended fitting in the centre of the roof with the horizontal insulator. Compressed air is piped to it from within the locomotive. The two cranked bars are manually operated safety earthing straps for the supply bus-bar from the pantograph and the output bus-bar from the air-blast breaker to the transformer inside the body. Hope this helps. SWFRS
  8. sirwilliamfrs

    Hornby Class 87 - Confirmed Newly Tooled Version for 2017 !

    Good photo of 87101's roof detail here: https://railphotoprints.uk/p118298982/hB3C14CE#hb3c14ce and here! http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/60204-class-87-roof-photos-wanted/
  9. sirwilliamfrs

    Hornby Class 87 - Confirmed Newly Tooled Version for 2017 !

    Quote; " It reminded me of the guy on a new car thread who would never, ever consider buying a Skoda because they had one of those accelerator pedals that was hinged at the bottom, not on a stalk from the top. And that was the deal-breaker for him - his red line, beyond which he Would Not Go. There's nowt so queer as folk. And I include me in that sweeping generalisation. Though am willing to change my mind if appropriate evidence is presented..." Well we'll all be able to buy a Skoda next year when Bachmann bring out the Class 90!
  10. sirwilliamfrs

    My Gresley A3 The White Knight

    Just a small point but any A3s running after about 1953-4 had only the smaller set of front guard irons on the front bogie and no axlebox protector plates. This can be remedied very easily by undoing the screw above the guard-iron plate and removing it. I have also cut about 3mm off the front of the bogie casting to just ahead of the small remaining guard-irons, smoothed and painted the front of the bogie which then gives a more prototypical appearance. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/302726406194752799/
  11. sirwilliamfrs

    The Engine Shed

    Could the "ear to the ground" clue refer to something under the ground? Like the LT Underground or the Channel Tunnel Velaro?
  12. sirwilliamfrs

    Hornby Princess Coronation Class (Duchess)

    As far as is known, 6232 carried LMS Crimson Lake livery with deflectors from Feb 1945 - May 1948. 6233 was the only other, from Aug 1946 - Oct 1947. Information from "LMS Locomotive Profiles", published by Wild Swan, 2008.
  13. sirwilliamfrs

    Hornby Princess Coronation Class (Duchess)

    Hornby's original website photo and Hattons website show 46235 with correct nameplates and crest.
  14. sirwilliamfrs

    So How about a Class 88 Dapol?

    I guess sooner or later someone with the skills is going to convert a 68 to an 88. The bodyshell may be able to be modified but the biggest problem would be the livery, any one up for it?
  15. sirwilliamfrs

    R3555 Sir William Stanier F.R.S. re-run.

    The cabling was on both 46256 & 46257 when they were fitted with electric lighting, both carried it from late 1948 until late 1959 when it was removed. The electric lighting does not seem to have been used much in later years as there are many photos of both locos carrying conventional headlamps as well. They looked better without it!. In answer to "britannia" both locos only carried the yellow stripe for a few weeks from August 1964, as did the rest of the class survivors.

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