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  1. Yes, I had been thinking of St Agnes and Perranporth. I think my contribution to the discussion would be to consider the fictional history of St Endoc station, as both Bugle and St Agnes track layouts were substantially reconstructed. Therefore if St Endoc had been expanded, like Bugle, then the signal box may be in a positional that was optimal for the first track layout but less so for the second - perhaps the key consideration is whether the track plan changes would have required a new larger lever frame that was too big for the original box. If the box was to be replaced with a larger one
  2. Although I must confess to a weakness for the small and large metro ever since seeing one pictured in the late Victorian early Edwardian period at Newquay with a train consulting of a 6w clerestory luggage composite at each end of a bogie brake tri-comp. Happily, pI got a Metro in a job lot of built non runners. I’ve stripped it down but it will need a new chassis if I keep it: it has a cast white metal one at the moment. D
  3. Absolutely fantastic modelling. Extremely effective and atmospheric. Duncan
  4. P4 chassis with EM wheels!!!! Heresy!!!!!! Heresy!!!! Burn the heretic!!!!!! The P4 mafia will have you excommunicated, your collection of S4 Society newsletters will be shredded before your eyes and then the heavy mob will be sent round to carry out a full audit of number and location of rivets applied to locos. Someone contact MRJ! Oh wait a minute.... [EMers (and I think Martin Goodall who I believe wrote THAT article in MRJ) will probably shrug their shoulders and go ‘if it works fill yer boots.’] D
  5. Is that a Fletcher class destroyer lurking right at the back beyond what looks like it might be a flower class corvette? Duncan
  6. Hi Nick, Is it the same one as in the back of the Gloucester wagons book? Any chance you could pm scans of them? You also might be interested in my 3D workbench thread where I’ve done a BG version: Regards, Duncan
  7. Ian, Good to hear from you and a very nice build too. Duncan
  8. Heartily sick of updating my preferences every time I come back to an open tab and update rmweb. Andy, please make it stop. DrDuncan
  9. Now I’ve only written a couple or so articles for the model railway press, but in writing them I have I supposed reflected not just what interests me but also how to write about it. (I suppose I should make time to write more.) So to the question to what articles would cause me to buy a magazine... I like to pretend I’m a finescale modeller, so things that reflect a finescale approach and would encourage others to follow suit. So while rtr out of the box often leaves me cold, so too does the fortunately rare ‘hair shirt’ brand of finescale that seems to revel in the impossibility o
  10. The issue will be the effect moving the frames will have in the cylinders. I think I will use a replacement comet 4 cylinder set which are mounted on their own sub frame. D
  11. Some socially inept modellers are actually quite clean. I think we need more precision... they are ‘hygienically inert’ but clearly they can also be (but it’s not compulsory) socially inept. D
  12. I’ve got a Great Bear to build in EM and I have a lot of thinking to do about what to do with the fold up OO only chassis. DrDuncan
  13. I think it is the replacement of the bridge across Clement St/High St/Old Warwick Road in Leamington Spa. Duncan
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