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    GWR, pre grouping, WR diesel hydraulics, EM Gauge, late Broad Gauge.
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  1. I’d second buying a diesel and converting it to EM/P4 as desired for track testing. A WR diesel hydraulic perhaps and I’d definitely order drop in replacement wheels from ultra scale . D
  2. Templor is a useful package for finescale track design and there is an active user group online plus thread on rmweb. For track plan inspiration try Penzance before rebuilding, St Erth to Hayle (branch to st Ives for fish and passengers, mainline London to Penzance viaduct over Hayle estuary and at Hayle junction with freight only harbour branch. NB you’ll get away with tighter curves if needed in EM - a practical compromise….. Duncan
  3. On the other hand, with such relatively poor levels of info out there (photos drawings etc) for BG at least it’s hard for us to be proved wrong! D
  4. I noticed that the trailing wheel splashers seems to missing on the GA of the 3521 0-4-2st but they can be seen in photos! D
  5. I too have found anomalies when putting drawings into Fusion, which of course can measure down to an amazing number of decimal places! I think some of the issues are down to the thickness of the pen/pencil lines abs others due to the impossibility of the human hand matching CAD precision. Then of course you can throw in parallax errors from photos and photos of drawings! My work in progress of a Hawthorn class saddle tank looks different to the drawing, but matches the measurements - all due to parallax issues when the drawing were photographed. Mitigation? Measurements and pictures combined with drawings; and remember absolute fidelity is impossible no matter what sone might think. There is always a compromise! Duncan
  6. Brilliant, thanks - can;t think how I missed them when browsing the Kew Catalogue (oh yes I can - using it is purgatory...) D
  7. Yes, you accidently fell into a Jaguar engine bay and struggled to find your way out! You wouldn't have had that problem if you had listened to me and got an MGB (or better a C - tailor made for straight American roads as you apparently can't persuade the damn things to go round corners. Something to do with the extra weight of the Austin Healey inline 6 cylinder engine... B's are perfect though...) Still, the photos of the Buffalo with the saddle tank all beautifully riveted got me very excited.... D
  8. Nah, old ‘mains and battery’ are sooo 1970s. Give me Queen, Journey, or Boston anytime
  9. I'm struggling with flaring chimneys, domes and safety valves into the boiler/saddle tank in Fuision 360. Any suggestions? I think the loft function should do it but I can't see how to use a curved surface as one of the loft profiles... s.... Thanks Duncan
  10. Mike, Wonderful work. Duncan
  11. Errr. That could be either the 1076St Buffalo that Gareth promises is nearly finished, or the Keyser BG Rover. The body for this is nearly finished - just needs the details added, but has stalled over a chassis - or lack thereof. Charlie Wade of this parish sent me one his his 3d printed ones to see if that would fit (it didn't, worse luck) so I'm vainly hoping that one of Kay Butler's profile milled chassis frames will come up somehow, and if not I'll start hacking at nickel silver. D
  12. I’m hoping to have a test print or two of chassis and loco bits ( plus wagons and coaches) at the GWStudy Group members day this coming Saturday 25 Sep at the Didcot civic centre hall from 1200….
  13. Which one? (Loco not friend) The 3521st is probably closest to test printing (in fact I think the inner chassis is ready). The Hawthorn next, then the 3521t, then the 1392 as I have to work out how to do the motion bracket etc. All need the boiler and smoke box fittings too…and I’m struggling to work out how to do the chimney, done and sv base flares. D
  14. Dear Steve, Thanks for the post…very interesting and informative. I’ve also enjoyed your East Rose thread as well as seeing the layout some time ago at, I think, S4um. I’ll think about the 1874 scheme and see if I can work bits of it in to the story. Regards, Duncan
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