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    GWR, pre grouping, WR diesel hydraulics, EM Gauge, late Broad Gauge.
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  1. As I’ve had no volunteers come forward we can consider this thread closed (and locked if the Mods wish). Duncan
  2. drduncan


    Ian, to change direction a little; are there such things in 2mm as kits for the Dean 6’4” bogie? Duncan
  3. Also are the bolts on the frames bolts or rivets? They look rather tall. D
  4. What height are you extruding your rivets to? I use 0.25mm above the surface and then use the chamfer tool at 0.125mm to round off the extruded cylinder. D
  5. Good heavens that’s good! Duncan
  6. Looking at wagons 4 and 5, 4 might be a GWR V12 or later. No 5 looks like it might have end louvred with shutters - all of which suggests post c1910 at the earliest. This then could mean common user wagons if post 1915 and therefore no inferences about destination or frequency of company types can be made. DrDuncan
  7. So, to try to move this along: 1. Who already has images of the stock books from Kew/York AND (all other things being equal) be prepared to contribute them to the project? (Please detail references and piece numbers so we can avoid going over the same files). 2. Who would be prepared to photograph stock books in conjunction with others at: a. Kew b. York? Volunteers only reply please, negatives are not required. Also please let’s not keep going round the houses about what might or might not be possible. If enough people can support the project to make it plausible we can then go into the details... Duncan
  8. I’m more interested in being given the contents rather than an empty vessel in case I get accused of making the most sound.... DrD
  9. No idea about OSR. Maybe the stationmaster or Miss Prism might have a scoob....
  10. With regard to the search issue, I’m told by a chap who is paid to understand such things the the open source Mayan document management software has an automatic ocr facility. I’m experimenting with Mayan at work and one of the tests will be to see how good the ocr facility is wrt jpeg images. If it is all that is promised it may be the solution. DrD
  11. Yes, that’s why I feel a collaborative approach that shares images and means people can avoid going over the same ground might be fruitful. Duncan
  12. Done. I blame autocorrect and poor proof reading. D
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