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    GWR, pre grouping, WR diesel hydraulics, EM Gauge, late Broad Gauge.
    Member of the EMGS, GWSG, BGS, MRC & SHMRC

    See my workbench blog: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/user/21453-drduncan/

    My GWR mixed gauge layout ‘Nampara for Hendrawna’ http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/124620-nampara-for-hendrawna/

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  1. No, but of course the real debate is the mendacious campaigning of the Stevenson mob to have their inferior gauge accepted over the true Brunelian path. drduncan
  2. Given the lack of any physical manifestation of 275 in a variety of outlets between Pompey and the Smoke over the last week I’m beginning to think the issue is an election hoax. drduncan
  3. Ruston, From whom do you get the crown and pinion sets? drduncan
  4. Went to the Commercial Rd Portsmouth smiffs yesterday and they were still selling 274! I think there is a conspiracy to keep high quality modelling [publications] out of the city.... Call Private Eye!!!! Or Rod and Jools.... DrDuncan
  5. Not in the Palmerston Rd Smiffs in Portsmouth drduncan
  6. True, but it does give us the running no, axle box, brake and other details for a GW 4 plank wagon (but not an O5 as it’s not DC1 brakes) drduncan
  7. There are also brake composites in the sadly defunct 247 etched coach sides range and the very old and equally defunct Trevor Charlton range - occasionally they do surface... drduncan
  8. No sign of it yesterday in Portsmouth... drduncan
  9. drduncan

    Tadpole S1

    Very nice. Any plans to do the version with the guards caboose? And a broad gauge version? I think that the ends of the floor planks though be covered with a continuous curb rail rather than showing the ends of the floor planks. drduncan
  10. Wanted for spares a non running Bachmann 2-6-0 BR standard 4mt.
  11. drduncan

    A beginning

    More please! drduncam
  12. drduncan


    The coaches look lovely! DrDuncan
  13. drduncan


    The coaches look lovely! DrDuncan
  14. Could I ask what you are using in preference to the silhouette cutters? Duncan
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