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  1. Thanks Grahame, finally managed to get one ordered. Best of luck with the project. Regards Gerry
  2. They are coming along nicely Ade. Looking good! Regards Gerry
  3. Hi Ade, Thanks for the advice on bending the running boards, very much appreciated. You really are making good progress and I shall continuing watching with interest. Regards Gerry
  4. Hi Ade, have been following this build with interest. Can you tell me how you went about bending the running boards, please? Regards Gerry
  5. GJB

    Bala Town

    It's looking good, Andy. Gerry
  6. GJB

    Bala Town

    Thanks Andy, much appreciated. Gerry
  7. GJB

    Bala Town

    Looking very good. Where did the stone walling come from Andy? Gerry
  8. GJB

    Bala Town

    Coming along nicely Andy, very impressive. Gerry
  9. Excellent work Andy, it really does bring the area to life. Will be following progress with interest. Gerry
  10. It may be quite unremarkable - BUT it is very atmospheric and understated. A first class piece of modelling. Gerry
  11. GJB

    Bala Town

    Hi Andy, I have found your 7mm work to be inspiring, so am looking forward with great interest to seeing this latest project develop. Gerry
  12. Thanks, much appreciated. Gerry
  13. Would it be possible/appropriate to let others know what or where 'the other channel' actually is. I would like to follow Paul's progress but am struggling to find out where it has moved. Any help would be appreciated. Gerry
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