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  1. Spiral looks superbly Engineered Jim. What is the radius and what is the height gained for every 360 degree turn?
  2. As suggested to me by @JimFin wires are now up on the plank although you cant see them! The catenary masts, beam and tensioner were all 3D prints by Jim. Fitting the tensioner between the flanges of the post meant a bit of fettling one morning which was quite awkward. Masts were sprayed with grey primer, then the concrete bases were masked and the steel bits sprayed with a steel wheels spray from a motorist centre. The metal was fairly shiny so had to be tone down with a white wash and a bit of weathering. The concrete post bases and tensioner weights were painted to look like concrete - at le
  3. I visited on Tuesday while in York for a few days. Have to agree, it is very conveniently located close to the centre and other attractions, was well stocked and I came away with everything off my list. Shame not to have a shop like this more local to me!
  4. Its a good point you make about aligning two tunnels. It would be hard even with rear access provided.
  5. Thanks Martyn. Both ends of the tunnel was my fall back idea but would mean most of the module would be under a tunnel! Food for thought.
  6. I have been giving this some thought and I keep coming back to; if there was a forth end profile could this be a tunnel? My first two imaginary modules involved a bridge between two tunnels.
  7. Mounds of blown snow on the bank have been added by layering the scattered snow as below. Thanks for the idea @DGO.
  8. Good to see this progressing and I am following with interest. I am wondering how typically the end profiles connect to the ends whilst still allowing access at each ends for the bolting together. I am suspecting some sort of ply box rather than a ply/MDf board on 2x1"? I am new to the modular concept so apologies if this is a stupid question! If this was the route then I was thinking a pair of end profiles at each end spaced a nominal 6" / 150mm for hand access to create a clear void to do up bolts and for electrical connections. This could work with the profiles all joined up with a ply faci
  9. I was not happy with the amount of shovelled snow in front of the shed apron and so added some more including some snow plough grooves. Again this is some strange stuff to use, a bit like mastic sealant but without as much stickiness. Once this had hardened I was a bit happier with the piled up snow - below. However, the shovelled snow set brilliant white and showed a marked difference to the scattered snow I had set with the spray glue which had more of a creamy colour. The area I had masked from the spray glue though looked okay. I could not live with this and so set
  10. Thank you DGO for the video. That is really helpful and thought provoking. My options are at one extreme to go for heavier snow generally that has been cleared which will mean raising the height of snow everywhere, with a furrow for the track and blown snow on the Bank - as per the video. Or to go for a lighter snowfall earlier in the season here the snow is less deep but with some snow clearance.
  11. @JimFin kindly gave me some Deluxe Materials shovelled snow to try on the plank a while back. After an experiment on a piece of card I took the plunge to add some to the plank. The idea is that it will show the concrete apron in front of the shed being cleared of snow by shovel or salt with it being piled up out of the way. Some would remain in the corner recesses and help in hiding any little gaps from the front of the shed - mentioned in previous posts. The shoveled snow was mixed with PVA roughly 50:50 and cut into small portions and moulded to shape. I placed some PVA down firs
  12. Some extra blown snow on the Bank sounds like a good idea. Thanks.
  13. Some of the brush marks on the previous photo were removed by sanding. Deluxe materials scenic snowflakes have been applied over a mix of white emulsion and PVA. The paint/glue set quite fast and while I did work quite quickly the areas I started with did not take the scatter well. After a good 24 hours drying time I used the same mixture of paint/glue to cover the bare patches. After another 24 hours I was still not quite happy. I masked the track, shed apron and front of the shed and used a spray applied adhesive concentrating on the areas looking a little thin. The results are as below
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