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  1. We hope everyone is keeping safe in this difficult times. Long requested medium size drive through engine shed is now available. We have also expanded our retaining wall range with smooth wall elements and a tunnel portal. B 70-28 Goods shed B 70-17P tunnel portal B 70-17S B 70-17SL
  2. Hi, That is correct. Further step you can take is to dry brush the brick after doing the mortar wash. I find that sometimes the base colour takes on some of the mortar colour even if sealed well. We have a video coming on that actually so you will be able to see in practice how I do it. Best regards Jakub
  3. John, I agree. I actually tried making corrugated tin sheets while ago with 3D printed presses and some thin aluminium sheets. In theory it works but it would take so much time to make them I would have to set the prices significantly higher than anybody would be prepared to pay (not only that aluminium sheet is expensive). I would probably have to charge upwards of £10 for a single a4 sheet of corrugated aluminium. Where as with say Slater's making their plastic corrugated sheets, they already have a process and machines for that. Initial cost is still high to get the mold but after that they don't cost them much so they can sell them at good prices. This is why we 3D print all of our plastic parts as the initial cost of that is very low but on the other hand the product cost is higher than if I was to injection mold it. I would need 20+ molds to cover what I have now and that is still growing. The volume I can produce is also significantly lower and my time investment in cleaning and preparing parts is also significant. I can always buy more 3D printers to speed up the production but resin clean up is quite time consuming so that is the limiting factor. Best regards Jakub
  4. I think the could be a good start to do research. I would think they do it in a continuous fashion with rollers. I have a general ideal on how I want make it. Ideally I would like to make from wet pulp in a form so that it has decent thickness. Barrier of entry is currently preventing me from doing much about it as I would need 2 metal plates engraved with the brick pattern to start with. I cannot justify something like that on a process that may not work. May also need heating system to dry the pulp quicker. I'm afraid it would make it cost even more than Redutex. Best regards Jakub
  5. It is quite expensive but its an option one of many. I can get brick painted to similar level of detail but it takes me forever. Having something that I can just cut and stick to the building is handy even if its expensive. I appreciate if you need to do a large O gauge building it will get very expensive very quickly. I need to figure out how to press brick texture into paper one day. I may be able to make decent corrugated iron the same way. Best regards Jakub
  6. Hi Adam, Thank you for your suggestion. Never though of that! I may have to have a think about it. Usually I am happy to provide extra graphics etc if somebody requests. We were thinking of doing a "CAD" browser application for planning your buildings. That never happened unfortunately. Best regards Jakub
  7. Hi John, Thank you glad they were helpful! Redutex is great, not the cheapest way of doing it but its properly textures and has self adhesive backing. I wrapped few of our buildings with it and found it nice to work with. Best regards Jakub
  8. Dear John, Looking excellent! Don't let anybody discourage you from using wrapping papers. I had a look at your other thread where you showcase what you are building for your layout and everything is looking really good. In fact we have been recommending the Redutex line of textured vinyl wrapping for our customers who weren't confident with painting the brickwork. Best regards Jakub
  9. Thank you for your order! Hope you enjoy building it!
  10. Just to let everybody know we have updated our 4mm scale signal box interiors to be more in line with what we did for the 7mm scale version. All instruments and the token machine are now resin 3D printed. I 00-00 OO gauge small signal box interior I 00-01 OO gauge medium signal box interior I 00-02 OO gauge medium signal box interior extension
  11. Hi, Thank you very much to both of you. We are getting there slowly. A lot of the smaller products that were destroyed are back in stock now. New machine is in place and we are slowly returning back to normal. That engine shed is looking ace. Yellow brick is something I still struggle with and you did it perfectly.
  12. Hi John, Looking really nice! Nothing wrong with using wrapping papers! We sometimes also recommend the Redutex wrapping materials for those who prefer it. Best regards Jakub
  13. Thank you Adam! I am really happy to hear you were happy with the service and parts. As always if there is anything you need from us do not hesitate to get in touch. Jakub
  14. Introducing new "My First Layout" kit - station Continuing to expand our range of "My First Layout" kits we are delighted to introduce a new small railway station. My First Layout kits are designed for the younger and new to modelling offering an easy to assemble, pre coloured kit that will be a great addition to anybody's train set. Click here to see J 00-01 station on our website
  15. Introducing new LNER footbridge in OO gauge After few delays we are happy to announce the LNER footbridge in OO gauge is now ready. Based on the Long Melford in Suffolk in the Eastern region. With this release we now cover footbridges for all of the Big Four in OO gauge. Click here to see B 00-35 LNER footbridge on our website
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