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  1. Which ones have you been offered? I've got 2, 1 has pipes the other hasn't. From what I can see some versions have them, others not.
  2. 21mm at widest point though it would be possible to shave a little of that with care. Baz
  3. Nice, will be watching with interest Baz
  4. Nice, paint work looks very good No need for you to cut up whole kits as individual sprues are available from Dundas at a fraction of the cost (last ones I bought were about £1 or so per sprue). Easy to get, just a polite email/call to Andrew (the very nice gent who owns Dundas). Baz
  5. Neil's kits make up into nice models. I really should finish the 2nd of the 2 railbuses I bought :-) Baz
  6. I understand there is no Dave Brewer challenge this year.
  7. Agree, it does make you wonder. The book notes that the Baldwin wasn't popular at the works (was not re-painted or numbered), & seems was just laid up after the works purchased other locos. Back on-topic, I have both a Minitrains Baldwin & 2 Bachmann Baldwins. They all run very well & smoothly. To be honest I prefer the Bachmann models but mostly because the Minitrains one is HOe & looks small although this is due to change as I am currently building a replacement 4mm scale body for it. Baz
  8. Said loco is mentioned in 'OVER HERE!, Baldwin Military Locomotives In The UK' by Lawson Little (an interesting little book) ex-Wd 560 (BLW 45142/17) British Standard Cement Ltd, Rainham, Kent. Baz
  9. Fantastic locomotive Sir, looks great
  10. Spotted it last night & ordered one straight away :-) It looks really good. Think I may have told a few friends . . .
  11. A video has been posted on YouTube (not mine btw). The loco looks to be a very good runner.
  12. Thank you very much David, very interesting post. I've ordered one as I model OO9, the more pics I see the more I doubt I'll change anything & I'll run it as is (& why not lol)
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