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  1. Amazing how a topic can drift off topic... I appreciate the replys here,but back to my original post,the layout I have is currently being retired to the loft for storage,my main concern was if the locos will be ok up there until building work starts, probably next year,then I will have a designated room as part of the current property. I have read and heard stories of bust drive cogs due to heat. The loft space will not be getting fully converted,as it is it is good for storage,apart from the temperature issue. Plenty of replies here indicate that they will cope with the temperature fluctuations,the original post was directed at this point,not at full loft conversions. Anyhow,thanks for all the replies,it looks like my collection will be stored in the loft for now and I definitely won't be converting it as we will have another 2/3 rooms added to the property next year. Thanks.
  2. Aye,the depot foreman,he's keeping an eye on it though..
  3. Yeah,I am aware of expansion of track,my main concern was the internals of the locos handling the temp fluctuations...the layout will only be stored until building work on the 2 extra rooms comences.,but as I said that could be a while with covid.
  4. The layout is 90% finished,I'm in a bungalow now,so until we extend,which is now on hold with the covid situation,the only place is the loft, hopefully only 12-24 months until we start groundworks. Selling the layout is still an option...
  5. Morning all. So,I've recently moved house and unfortunately lost my designated modelling room and it looks like I may have to retire my layout to the loft. I'm just wondering if my Heljan and Dapol locos will cope with the summer heat and winter cold up there in the loft. The loft will be boarded out to a certain degree,but it will still warm up and be cool in winter. I have heard stories of the Heljan drive cogs not coping with heat and subsequently splitting. I would prefer everything in a propper room,but at the moment it is not going to happen. Thanks for any advice folks...
  6. Good evening. Back in February we sold our house and the layout I was working on went into storage, hopefully for a month or so as solicitor's did there thing. Then some virus shut the world down,the layout is still in storage and we are still in the house we sold. As it has been so long I thought I'd post a piccy on here to remind me of where I was with the layout.
  7. Update time,have spent a good few hours on the layout recently,it's really starting to come together......at least I think so..
  8. Just a couple of pics of 60037 and 37180 stabled on the layout
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