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  1. Update time,have spent a good few hours on the layout recently,it's really starting to come together......at least I think so..
  2. Just a couple of pics of 60037 and 37180 stabled on the layout
  3. Now that the ballast has been laid I've weathered it and started adding a scenic break to the fiddle yard. I've just realised that as I was using different brick sheets the courses of brick don't line up all the way along the joins on the corners of the bridge,think I'll bin them and start again,or disguise the join with something...
  4. Good morning. So,it's been a while since I posted here,but as there has been progress of late I will give a little update. Currently I'm painting the rails and chairs,laying ballast and airbrushing the permanent way to represent a very grimy 90's ish stabling/fueling point. These pics are prior to the airbrush coming out. I'll update again later when I take a couple of pics of the airbrushed trackbed.
  5. admiles The transfers are from Railtec transfers.
  6. These OAA's from Heljan are a popular weathering subject of late.Heres my take on a used OAA. I'll probably chuck some used ballast and a couple of sleepers in it and maybe an oil drum or two to represent a general junk storage vehicle. Looks good with the 08.
  7. All. Recently got round to finishing the MM1 models ex JLTRT FNA Nuclear flask. But of a mission decal wise as every FNA seems to have different text positioning. A very good kit, especially for beginners,this is the first kit of this type I have built and painted. Thanks to Laurie as well for his support. Unfortunately I can't add any more images due to file size,but this image should give a good idea of the finished item. Modelman.
  8. Now that's some very impressive modeling.
  9. That's all the track down, electrics in,panel finished and point motors and smartfrogs working. Next will be painting the track,chairs and sleepers before airbrushing it.... Couple of arty shots Hoping to have it complete by the back end of the year....
  10. THANKS NARROW PLANET. Got the plates before Christmas,but only got round to fitting them,slight weathering to match the loco and I think they are spot on..NP made them slightly larger at my request to give a closer match to the real thing.. Another loco complete.
  11. More progress over the past few weeks,90% of the track and electrics are installed and all 4 points are operating very well with the Peco Powerswitches and Powerfrogs. Control panel is 90 % finished as well. The fiddle yard is 99% finished,just need some handles on the cassettes. The cassettes are individually switched on each of the 2 to keep the wiring across the boards simple. And a view down the layout,which for some reason is displaying in landscape..?
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