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  1. Looking good, out of interest, what make is the tall signal in the top photo? And do they work? Signals are something that’s always scared me, I tried a Dapol one and when tightening the nut I must have over done it and it split the casing and dislodged the mechanism. Tried to fix it and couldn’t so gave up as a bad job.
  2. Looking at the advert for this with Kadee's fitted reminded me that I keep forgetting to ask a question, are the current 45's now fitted with correct height NEM sockets? I've got 2 older ones that are a complete pain with Kadee's and some of the current prices may tempt me to sell the old ones and upgrade if the NEM issue is corrected. Many Thanks
  3. Is there a thread on the new layout or are you using this? Will be interested in seeing what rises from the ashes. I always think it’s best to start afresh if your not happy, I’ve tried to tweak things in the past to compromise and it never really works. I often try to loose lay the track and play trains for a couple of weeks/months. I often find that what looked a good idea doesn’t quite cut it and best in the long run to be brave. Good luck with the follow on.
  4. Agree, I’m mainly waiting for the HTO/HTV announcement that I seem to have missed!!!!!
  5. Brilliant, thanks for the replies. I’d better order one now!
  6. I have a question that may have been asked before but I can’t find any reference so apologies is going over old ground. I’m interested in 37001 in blue and notice it has multiple head codes available. Will it also come with a domino option - if not is it simply a case of making one up or is there something in the headcode box detail that was different?
  7. Great to see Dewsbury Midland still about, I’d subconsciously assumed it had died a death. Are there any up to date threads with the layout? It was always one of my favourites when in ‘blue era’. The 25 looks good as well.
  8. Absolutely brilliant, hopefully this will also lead onto some of the other small barrelled TTAs, - Liquid Chlorine, Caustic Soda, molasses etc etc. I’ve always found it hard to believe these have not been picked off before. Well done to all involved.
  9. Yes doors need a bit more thought for a serious model. Below is how I have tacked them but you have to make the cuts with a fine razor saw as a knife tends to splinter the wood everywhere. The problem then is making an accurate enough cut with a saw. The one below is waste as it went too small. I presume with laser cutting you could get something accurate enough to fit within the door frame with a thinner material and then glue some card behind to hold. They could even be produced or sold separately. I think part of the issue is the kits have a bit of an i
  10. Thanks, Much appreciated. It's not particularly difficult just time consuming and the Pop Up kit is a great template to start with and helps to position everything. I couldn't have got anywhere near by scratch building so worth the £40 for the kit. Framing the windows and Timber work having done it I'd say is essential to get a decent amount of relief . The brickwork is also needed as the gaps around the bays are far too big.
  11. Slow but steady progress on the station building, after getting some more plastic strip I have now finished the timbering around the windows. I was also unsure initially whether to leave the upper rendered sections of the building as they were and just paint the wood. I have some clear textured plastic that I think was a cover from a bound report or something, but the dimpled texture looked good for render. After a trial piece which I painted I decided this would look much better as the wood grain did show through slightly. Cutting and fitting this tight has been quite
  12. I always think it beggars belief that Hornby have never produced the standard Railfreight red or even Thames light blue OTA’s but keep doing runs of probably the least popular/common liveries - and no doubt then have discussion head office along the lines of ‘why do these never sell’. Nice work on the repaint, I’ve done 2 and they are absolute sods to do a tidy job on. Got another 3 to do as I got 5 cheap turquoise ones from a show along with a comment of ‘thanks, these are taking me ages to shift’.
  13. Nice progress, I’m interested to see the station roof progress as I was looking at the same slates for my Pop Up station on Foyers. Are they the pre-coloured ones?
  14. A bit more completed on the station building. The whole main building halves have been glued together and I’ve completed most of the bottom sections of the bay windows, these were fiddly but not particularly difficult just needed a bit of patience with the ledges etc. I’ve also attempted the first bay window frames, larger section of Plastruct pushed into the opening and filed a little on the inside where needed. All seems to have gone ok but I did start with the best fitting gaps! Photo attached of an unfinished one for comparison. Again very close up photo looks much
  15. Following a trip to the model and DIY shops yesterday I have stocked up on Plastruct sections and various glues so could get back onto the station. I have now completed all the timber framing, brick lower sections and glued the end pieces together and onto the flat roof underside. Luckily this seems to have cured the slight warp on the roof. A few (cruel) close ups but I am pretty happy. I have now started on what will be the tricky bit which is around the bay windows. I hav’nt quite worked out yet how to get the bigger window posts in and fill the big gaps.
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