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  1. Hi there, this is looking great and loving the wild expanses. One bit of advice (please don't take as criticism) but the bridge abutments should probably extend out beyond the girders and would also probably have a pilaster (upstand) outside of the girder. I don't have any photos of the actual bridge in question so may be wrong but looking at a few long distance aerial photos I think it should have. Line below is the end of the viaduct at Montrose, obviously not the right bridge but a similar arrangement to show what I mean. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Montr
  2. My single wagon arrived today - very nice but wouldn’t have paid £75. Interesting that when brought down to a reasonable price they are flying off the shelves. A single is good for me for an East Anglian terminus as per the ones that ran to Norwich. Out of interest does anyone have any details or photos of the lorry that these were unloaded into? There’s one in some of Paul Bartlett’s photos but obviously the photo is of the wagon not the lorry so not enough to try and model an unloading arrangement. Any details greatly appreciated.
  3. I presume it was BOC20 you were looking for? I bought 1 at 23-40 and invoice says more than 10 in stock so obviously someone had followed on with a whole rake. I suppose that makes sense it’s a £300 saving on a rake of 10. Just hoping no issue with their ordering system!
  4. Thanks for posting - 1 ordered for my Norfolk layout as I can actually run just one! I always wanted one of these but not at £75 so good news they are at a more sensible price.
  5. Thanks, I was stuck between fine ballast that I thought might be too big and kids play sand (have some in the garage) that may be too fine - I suppose by mixing the 2 you’ve got past both issues. I had also wondered about scenic scatter but thought that would also be too fine. Also after zooming right in to look at the texture of the platform surface I have to say your coping stones on the far platform are exquisite (being a Civil Engineer who’s worked in Rail all my life and dealt with many a coping job I’m drawn to silly things like that!) They seem to have a slightly non uniform
  6. This is looking fab already. I really like the idea of the desolate moor which is very rarely modelled as most can’t resist the temptation to put tracks on it. Out of interest what have you used for the gravel platform surfaces? I need something similar and haven’t figured out the best way to go yet.
  7. I’ve noticed today that Pop Ups website is showing some new kits. A 00 gauge GNSR signal box and Rannoch Station and also some existing kits in O gauge.
  8. I think they are one of those things where you have to be patient as they don’t come up that often, I seem to recall I got one then had 2 wait about 2 or 3 years to find another then a third came up a few weeks later. From memory searching eBay with ‘electrotren 56xx’ using the codes above is the best way of flushing them out. Normal descriptions around Electrotren HO, grain, pokybulk etc often seemed to draw blanks.
  9. I don’t think there was any dispute around there being a joint/line on the base prototype but all the ones I have had the ridge seems to vary round the barrel so if your ever trying to remove it for a flush tank you really struggle to get rid completely. Not very well executed rather than badly thought out although I wonder whether a one piece barrel with separate end mouldings from design may have allowed a longer term plan for other variants.
  10. Thanks for the note about Silver Fox, as noted by Andy W they are very thin overlays and require the complete butchering of a Mk1. I bought the class 114 a while ago but other than laying the sides against a coach a few times I'm not convinced I will get anywhere near the results you will with the DC Kits one and will probably sell this. I already have a DC Kits one on my 80's layout from years ago but now also need a Scottish 60's one. I would rather have the 'proper kit' even if i have to wait.
  11. I've been making good progress with the station building. The photo in the previous post is the kit as supplied but with the inner through timber walls trimmed down, these are a slotted piece of wood but unaltered are quite 'heavy' and project through too far. After pondering I decided I wasn't totally happy as the ply's once sanded are a little rounded, so I cut the piece back flush with the building and mounted some new ones with card that sat much better. I could not do the same with the end pieces as they form the main ends wall, so these were carefully trimmed back
  12. Looks good. I made the hatch from micro strip and then brass sheet filed to shape. Genesis didn’t do the ends when I made mine but found something that looked about right from a sprue. I agree the 3 piece tank is appalling. Can’t understand why as they never sit flush to the next piece.
  13. I’m just wondering if the plan to keep re-releasing these is still alive? I’m fully aware that it’s not a priority for Charlie but I’ve been looking out for a class 120 kit for some time. There is currently one on eBay with a day and a half to run and it’s already at £88 and one a couple of months back went for about £175! Neither motorised. Further up this thread there is a comment in 2018 that 120 amongst others would be next, but obviously time has not permitted yet. There is clearly some demand out there - I suspect you could bump the price up around the £75
  14. One other common air braked wagon to think about for the HML is the LPG tanks. A lot of the Speedlink services in various books have between 2 and 6 within the formation. I had a go at one a few years ago. Quite an easy conversation from the Bachmann TTA which I’m surprised you don’t see more of. Railtec do the Orange stripes as well, my Hazchem code is wrong but I think you can order DIY ones now. I was lucky enough to get 6 Bachmann ones of eBay for almost nothing as they had broken walkways and the worst weathering job ever seen. They have serviced a multitude
  15. I don’t know how I’ve never spotted this before. Excellent layout in the best timeframe. I’ve just spent an hour scanning through the pages and the new depot looks a great addition. I will have to have a more detailed read when I get time.
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