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  1. I have a 1/32 / 10mm Black Five to line out for a friend of my father’s and would appreciate any tips for how to tackle the boiler banding. i have used Fox Transfers before on flat surfaces and managed ok after some practice. cheers
  2. Thanks guys - watch this space. It will take me a while to sort myself out and I'm pretty busy work-wise at the moment. I'm amazed that RG4 motors are so sort after? Can't you get them these days or have things not moved on? I know I've got many, some of them the slimline version for hidden fit within the frames/body. My finescale model railway days ended some years back when I moved house and started a family. All engines have been boxed since then and I'm unlikely to get back into modelling. The alternative option was and could be to put them into wall cabinets for viewing but something tells me I need to de-clutter.
  3. wow what a helpful forum! - thank you very much for everyone who has responded. I used to be a member of S4 twenty or more years ago when the locos were built and yes, most have RG4 motors or if not, gear boxes, compensation or axle springing and specialist wheels such as Gibson. I also have an unmade, boxed and as-new GWR 2-60 Mogul 5300 with 3500 gal tender from Malcolm Mitchell along with new RG4 and fittings. First job is to dig them out and get some quality photographs............
  4. Thanks for you response Downendian - very much appreciated. If only I could go back with the camera I have now! A tardis please :-)
  5. Hi, I have a collection of kit built (brass and white metal) steam engines, some in P4 and others finescale 00 guage which have been boxed for past twenty years and rarely get viewed. Many are highly detailed and with swiss coreless motors. If I wanted to sell them, does anyone have any recomemndations as to the best way of doing this so they go to appreciative homes and secondly, I get a decent price given that they were not cheap to buy and I don't want to give them away. Selling individually (I have twenty or more), or individually< which would be best? Any thoughts and receommendations would be much appreciated. Regards Rob
  6. I know that this is an old thread but I'm in the process of digging through my old childhood photos and notes that are taking me back to days when I was drawn to the rare and dying hydraulics at Swindon works. My first visit was with my grandfather on 5th September 1976 when we thought there was an open day but this had been cancelled unbeknown to my grandfather. Not to be totally outdone, my brother and I managed to get into the yard from the back where I recorded some valuable first sightings of Westerns. Sadly we missed some because from memory, I was reluctant to wander too far and get seen! Missed were 1003, 1006, 1030, 1031, 1035, 1046, 1047, 1067 and 1068 which from records were all extant, some just about! I would love to know which ones were in the yard and which ones tucked away? Next visit was a passing train view on 26th March 1977 where a few poor photos were taken which I will try and attach. 1005 was I believe outside the works on this date and the only other identifiable western was 1015 on the turntable. On 1st Feb 1978 I formally visited the works for the first time and recorded 1058, 1033, 1070, 1056, 1015, 1071, 1009, 1022, 1034, 1011, 1021, 1028, 1025, 1012, 1001 & 1065 (cabs & parts)
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