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  1. I was originally very sceptical after the initial list of complaints was very long, however I’m not averse to doing some m*delling and very occasionally does a manufacturer get everything right, so 9 times out of 10 I’ll find something to improve. After the pre-owned models were listed, I bit and bought an EWS example, which will be renumbered. I’ve found lots of little tweaks which make the model look perfect, in my eyes; I’ll share these when I’m finished. After handling the model and pouring over photos of the real things, Hattons have (all told) done a superb job, with a few (w
  2. No word of a lie, I went onto Flickr moments ago and this popped up: Obviously from a while ago now. Unusual to see a 222 at Crewe nowadays so the original pic is definitely worthy of this thread IMO. Jack.
  3. ...And a video which illustrates the headlight on and off well when shunting at Edinburgh: Jack.
  4. So...I refrained from asking this when I enquired about the lights recently. When a 92 stops, the headlight(s) turn off, then turn on again just before departure - possibly when the driver takes power or releases brakes, I’m not sure. One marker light is left on, as shown in pictures. Same is true on a 60, and this applies to both older 'IOo' style light clusters and newer ' OO' style. As far as I’m aware, pending confirmation from AS, this can’t be modelled as it would require a massive amount of function outputs on the decoder. For example, you’d need each marker, each headlight, to
  5. Today I stayed local and nipped to Swarkestone to see you shortly after departure from EMG, doubt I’ll get it tomorrow or Friday. Thanks, Jack.
  6. As Jack says, for scrapping at Sims. I saw them at Stenson: Just before, DB 66160 on 6M96 Margam TC to Corby BSC loaded coils, mostly BZA and JSA wagons: And 4F62 again, this time a stone's throw from home at Swarkestone. Thanks, Jack.
  7. A few views of Toton taken on Sunday, showing some active and some stored tugs. All photos are links to Flickr for more info: Finally, 60015 yesterday hard at work at Barrow on an empty oil working from Kingsbury: Thanks, Jack.
  8. A few from me from Toton on Sunday, all photos take you to Flickr for more info: Crash damaged 66230 was visible with sheeted over cab: Maritime blue 66142 side on: Repatriated 66211 lurking behind a mucky tractor: And one from yesterday taken at Barrow, 6D44 with 66787 leading, this shed being one of the ones GB acquired from DB: Some from Stenson, with Big Jim waving in the cab of 66766 on 4F62, loaded well on the first day of the second week of operation:
  9. Cheers for the wave and tones yesterday Jim, I pressed the shutter a fraction too late to catch the driver waving... Thanks, Jack.
  10. I’ve noticed the modules from a set I bought didn’t want to stay put, the modules are very light so don’t have much weight holding them in place. BluTack sounds a great option - I’d originally thought of some thin (0.1mm ish) wire twisted around the module frames and the wagon 'spine', although I’ve yet to try this as my wagons have stayed in their boxes so far... Jack.
  11. Today I walked a short distance to Chellaston, to see GBRf 66791 lead the 5Q18 Soho LMD to Doncaster Works convoying WMR 323216 for an overhaul at Webtec. (All photos are Flickr links) And a couple from Thursday/Friday of 66766 with the new East Midlands Gateway to Seaforth return working. The week just gone was the debut of this service, with Big Jim of this forum on board. Thanks, Jack.
  12. I nipped to Barrow to see you this afternoon Jim, in the poor weather. I waved as usual but don't think you saw me... I'll hopefully get out next week too. Jack.
  13. I couldn't see you on the initial run yesterday Jim, but after finishing university early today I managed to get to Stenson in time.... I'm hoping to get out tomorrow to see your return, maybe inbound too. Thanks, Jack.
  14. Completely agree...3 motors and 2 speakers, therefore 2x working pans, and full suite of lighting for £250 (at the minute, of course) is astonishing value IMO. This is especially true considering the seemingly inevitable price increases of (other) 00 RTR locos, discussed at length elsewhere... One question I have @Accurascale Fran & co., which I haven’t seen answered elsewhere (to my knowledge), is have you tooled for the newer style of light clusters on the refurbished GBRf examples (so at least 3x models in batch 1), incorporating the dual white/red marker lights? I’m sure th
  15. The flow went to DB until early/mid 2019 then stopped for nearly a year, then Colas won the flow back with the first Colas working being middle of this year. It's now settled down to one a week-ish; about thrice a month. Due to siding constraints in Sinfin, the train loads to 9 tanks which is the maximum. It has run with older TEAs under Colas operation first time around but now runs with TDAs, unfortunately not available in model form. Class 56s have been the traction throughout this year. Regarding R-R not needing fuel, there's a new testbed nearly ready for commissi
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