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  1. I see your pairs, and raise you quads! All pics linked from Flickr... (Also a 57/3 on a flask working, which was quite rare...) In years gone by, multiple locos on multiple flasks was due to the train splitting for different destinations. Recently it’s been to get (usually) pairs between Sellafield and Crewe or Kingmoor for exams, maintenance or to get them out of the flask loco pool. Jack.
  2. As NIRCLASS80 has said, wires or anything rubbing ont he driveshaft would be a possible cause. Recently I bought a s/h one which 'ticked' very badly and occasionally locked up once I’d removed the worm gears/driveshafts to make it a free-rolling dummy loco. It turned out to be a small (less than 1/2mm cubed) piece of ballast or grit or detritus which had got into the drivetrain and was stuck to one of the axle gears. This was visible just by removing the bogie frames and turning the wheels, then it could be spotted. A minute with a cocktail stick to clean the gear groove and it runs sweet as a
  3. https://www.cavalexmodels.com/blog/cavalex-conundrum-2
  4. https://news.Bachmann.co.uk/2021/06/new-gbrf-class-69-locomotives/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=new-gbrf-class-69-locomotives&fbclid=IwAR1TTpwLdMrhfn8RgAy0vOpkHR93rjUAcr_8rd_5a878XqIPcBr3nJW-DSU
  5. Definitely one of the less well-kept secrets recently! A very thorough announcement though...good to see decorated samples at an advanced stage. While my era is after the HAAs had finished their service, and CDAs don’t come up north nowadays, the MHA is a nice addition which is a gap in the current market, as James has said. While Hornby's initial attempt at an MHA featured a make believe body, the recent one represents the early type with more ribs. I’ve got a few for conversion to later (with S-Kits) body and MPAs with their lack of brake discs. One thing regarding the early MHAs
  6. For those looking to acquire some escort vehicles, Rainbow Railways have produced a quantity of each of the original MK2as, £70 each: https://rainbowrailways.co.uk/product/Bachmann-br-mk2-drs-barrier-coach-9428-oo-gauge/?fbclid=IwAR0CGVx9HDCodtFPk_i8RFSub7daJNWasCccdPVN3ghun0JLJzTT8ZbVCEs I've got no affiliation, just popped up on Facebook. Thanks, Jack.
  7. Very strange day in the Midlands yesterday as you say Jim...also a Freightliner failed near Coleshill blocking the line to Nuneaton just east of Whitacre! The 60 still wasn’t well and failed again at Weston on Trent - driver cited brake issues. After you’d attended, another 1Z99 rescue was sent from Toton in the form of 66101, which went to Stenson then reversed and followed the tanks up the SSJ branch, so was stuck behind it when it failed again! So it had to run bang road all the way back to a Stenson, then all the way back to Castle Donington bang road before coupling on the front. You can
  8. A couple from Staffordshire early this morning...I went to see the southbound 'beds in sun. Firstly Freightliner 66953 on 4L52 Garston FLT to London Gateway Port Line 2 at Hademore: Then DB 66152 on 4V43 Normanton Wakefield Europort to Didcot TC at Elford: Thanks, Jack.
  9. ...and on the way back to Basford Hall, with a lengthy train of HOBC (High Output Ballast Cleaner) vehicles in tow... Thanks, Jack.
  10. That bottom pic looks familiar! I'd say singular flask workings are as numerous if not more frequent than with both. A search of 'Devonport flask' in Flickr brings up a lot of single workings, with a variety of traction: I took notice of the last working to Devonport as I wanted to see (what turned out to be only one of) the KUAs for real. Both flasks went south then one went back to Crewe sans escort coaches, then returned weeks later before both finally went north to Crewe, then ultimately to Sellafield. These moves for maintenance and positioning are quite
  11. As others have said the models are stunning, they have a presence that no other item of stock (maybe apart from a HO scale US 'Big Boy'!) can match. Straight out of the box they’re very heavy...the pair weigh in at 825g...a Hatton's 66 is 750g! Finally my DRS MK2a escort coaches have something to run with...probably a decade since I got them! Very, very impressed; top marks Accurascale! This is my first item of stock I’ve bought from yourselves...very much looking forward to the rest now! Jack.
  12. 'Twas a bit more grim for the same working at Coppull a bit later on... And a couple of celebs seen on Friday evening as they stopped at Preston on 4S47 - Malcolm livery 90024 and 'Backbone' black 90039... Thanks, Jack.
  13. Snap! Further down the road at Coppull: Jack.
  14. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a MOL 'box, although I have a sheet of C=Rail transfers which I'm pretty sure have a MOL set, so could repaint my 20 foot Bell into MOL if the transfers are there! Last uni exam tomorrow morning so hopefully more free time in the coming weeks! Jack.
  15. Well, after seeing the 'celebrity' EMR set on its first day following 43102 being repainted, it was only fitting I headed to Derby last night to see the final HST timetabled passenger service from London arrive and depart. In front of a large gallery, 43102 'The Journey Shrinker' arrived working the 1F70 2002 St Pancras to Leeds East Midlands Railway service, with purple 43274 tailing. A nice touch was the headboard to mark the occasion. End of an era... (Linked from Flickr) And a video...the number of people present meant some shots were spoiled unfortunately, w
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