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  1. ...and this evening in transit to South Wales, presumably for naming.... (Also Flickr link, to my photo) Jack.
  2. Reportedly for 'mileage accumulation', DCR 60029 hauled its first train for many years today - and the first oil working for DCR I believe. It hauled the DB Cargo 6M00 Humber to Kingsbury tanks, seen at Barrow on Trent. Thanks, Jack.
  3. Great pic and quite a lash up! I’m not local but follow a YouTuber whose videos regularly show this trip, and as you say it’s usually a few locos and a couple of wagons. Here’s a link to their video: Twelve intermodal wagons too - quite modellable! Although it might turn a few heads at an exhibition. Jack.
  4. Thanks Dave...AFAIK the electrics (currently 86101, 87002, 90001 and 90002) will be used with the MK3s currently going into Intercity livery at Crewe and Eastleigh. I’ve seen the DVT finished and a handful of photos of the coaches finished at Crewe and at least one has been done at Eastleigh seen on Carl Watson's site (search "Carl Watson Railway" on Google). I reckon they’ll be invaluable in obtaining paths into Euston as the southern WCML is busy enough now and it’s notoriously difficult to path extra workings which can’t go 100mph +. Granted class 47s can, but with load 10+ their acceleration won’t be as good as an AC ‘leccy. They might run a split tour like WCRC's tours which leave Euston behind 86259 then steam or diesel takes over to traverse the S&C, or (considering they run more upmarket tours) may go Euston to Scotland with the USP being travel behind vintage traction/in heritage coaches (just!) with a dining experience. This is my interpretation as I don’t think anything has been released yet. If nothing else it’ll give the TOC more flexibility to run to the capital and take the WCML (even ECML?) at speed. I’m looking forward to hearing/seeing their plans! Thanks, Jack.
  5. Not everything will be a bargain...due to the nature of a closing down sale, most bargains go early and this seems to have happened since the sale was first posted a few weeks ago. FYI I bought a Hornby new tooling 87 for £120 which I was pleased with; there were many other items that seemed very cheap but these have mostly gone now. I had another look this week after receiving an email advising closing on the 14th August and am about to make another order. Whilst lots has gone as I say, some things still appear to be a bargain such as some Bachmann wagons which (I think) have hardly ever been discounted but are with this closing 25% off. Whilst they can’t please all, I’d suggest a look and see if there’s anything for you. Very sad to see the shop and online store closing having been a long standing satisfied customer, this being my nearest model shop since I was a child. Jack.
  6. Good idea, I'll add something even more modern! I posted this in the other thread but tidied it up a bit just now: Thanks, Jack.
  7. Reaction seems to be mixed about the new colours, so here's the original triple grey livery, seen on 90047 for the last time on the main line today as it went the other way to Toton for an orange (and lemon) dip: Jack.
  8. Not meaning to be a party pooper but that unit is a 7 car, so send me 3 more Voyager centre coaches and you’re on! After much deliberation, I’ve decided to do a Stagecoach ex-East Midlands Trains livery unit, as there are far more of them IRL and more readily-available transfers. Purple Peril no more! Firstly, no progress has happened for a while due to house re-arrangement, but this has allowed me to have a room all to myself for railway things! Oh...and the other half's desk, and wardrobe....maybe not all mine after all. So after nearly 2 years with the 'bench in my box bedroom, I now have s p a c e I’ll savour the above photo as it won’t be this clean again!....at least for another couple of years... And for the first time, space to set up 2 boards of Fordley, so watch out for an update in the coming weeks: Before I show the 222, I’ve started a new project (I know, I know; but it should be quick and easy) which is a ViTrains 47, previously WCRC 47787 with double flush fronts. The only modification work was to remove the boiler blanking plate, add a Shawplan Extreme Etchings roof fan and grille, and remove the countless mould lines such as on the cab roof, cab sides and some which I’ve missed (on the to-do list) around the cant rail area: The prototype has woven grilles, which I had in the stash so applied them, then within half an hour I’d managed to stick a digit through one so they ended up in the bin... I've used Brian's woven mesh before, and I’ve broken it before too! So from now on I’ll use the welded mesh (where there’s a choice), and thankfully I had a pack in stock so all is now well minus the extra hour wasted. Printing was rubbed down and a first primer coat has highlighted areas needing work: Can you tell where the boiler blank was? (All photos in this post are first pass of primer so issues highlighted like glue residue and seams will be fixed next) The whole body in primer: So for a bit of audience participation, which prototype am I portraying? The loco is still working today - that’s the only clue I'm giving! Answers can be sent on the back of a tenner addressed to The Poor Modeller's Fund....... Now the 222. All efforts in the last few weeks have been centred around priming the whole unit, to give me some hope! This entailed removing the Virgin diagonal stripes on all the doors. In hindsight, stripping the bodies would’ve been best but I found a fibreglass pencil worked well, taking the stripes back to either all over black or silver or bare grey plastic. Even after primer I’ll still need to go over them to make them disappear completely: Also the roof vents/aerials were created using plastic strip, cut and glued to make a representation of the prototype: On the DMF (first class driver), the NRN Aerial mounts were made from scrap etch bits. The NRN pods have been removed from all the units, and I suppose since I’ve done it one end I should follow suit on the other end...more grafting of roof bits! And below are the rest of the photos of the unit in primer. As I said above, these are very much work in progress shots but shows where I’m at. The inner ends and obstacle deflectors (behind the fairings) will be painted separately. DMF with moulded cab: Original (right) and moulded (left) cabs together for the first time: And just for fun! We're getting there! Plenty of blemishes on the 47 and 222 to attend to though before colours are sprayed. No more work has been done on the container rake which I need to finish...thankfully I’ve now got a unit, loco and wagon project on the go as well as Fordley so I can pick one to work on depending on where my mojo is! As usual, I hope you’re well and can get some modelling done. Thanks for dropping by! Jack.
  9. Today the latest loco in Freightliner's current colour scheme was released from Toton, and it’s very bright! (Photos are embedded Flickr links) This is also the first of the ex-Greater Anglia batch that Freightliner have acquired, and none have yet worked for Freightliner as (I believe) they are to be fitted with freight buffers (class 60/66 type) rather than the more delicate passenger type which can be retracted. The original buffers in the above shots look freshly painted to me though! Thanks, Jack.
  10. Cheers for the heads up Jim...the sunset at Barrow on Trent last night was lovely so there was enough light for a couple of dodgy photos and a video...photos are Flickr links to show the full-res versions: Ta as ever for the heads up and tones! Jack.
  11. Looking mighty fine Will! I can’t vouch for Precision EWS Maroon but can certainly advise against RailMatch's colour - it’s nowhere near Bachmann's IMO. I think Bachmann's rendition is actually a bit too brown, so if needed you could add a drop or two of a brown colour to help it match, but Precision's colour might be bob on. I look forward to seeing the outcome! Jack.
  12. A few 'celeb' shed shots from me (or just interesting workings) from the last few weeks, predominantly around South Derbyshire. All photos from Flickr so click for more info. A relatively rare visit down here for PD Ports 66109 on steel to Toton: Unusual to find two sheds atop 4O95 'liner to Southampton, with orange 66413 tucked inside: Cemex livery 66780 on 6M83 to Bardon Quarry: DRS 66424 taking 4x MK2s and 37059 to Derby RTC for future Loram rail operations with the stock...the 37 was out with 37069 this week on training runs: After white 'Tube Map' livery 66721 failed, it was hauled dead on the rear of the 4E34 Southampton to Doncaster intermodal by 66775: Not that common to find a shed on 6M57 Lindsey to Kingsbury oil tanks, but EWS branded 66003 worked it last week: ...and shortly after 2 'Eurosheds' were hauled to Toton from Crewe with some 67s, having arrived a few weeks ago: This Monday produced another SWR class 701/0 (ten car) delivery, this time 66742 leading 701005 with 66770 tailing taking the unit from its makers at Derby Litchurch Lane (Bombardier) to Eastleigh T&RSMD: Finally, BR Large Logo GBRf 66789 heads onto the main at Stenson with the 6X01 new rails from manufacture at Scunthorpe to Eastleigh: At least now there are a few celebrity and colourful locos which makes seeing shed-hauled workings more interesting. Thanks, Jack.
  13. I'm not sure anyone outside of the team working on the locos knows what they’ll look like in the end either. I’ve not seen any drawings or mock ups published or shared as far as I can remember. This isn’t quite the case. From photos from EMD Longport on the WNXX forum (subscription forum so not shareable) there are new vertical WIPAC light clusters (akin to some OTP) where the original markers/reds were. The roof between the cabs looks completely different with a few class 59/66 style angled profiles and (I think) similar silencer arrangement to the sheds due to be fitted. And AFAIK there is also at least one more grille on the body side. So in short quite a lot of difference. I think the cabs and underframe bits are the largest original parts being retained. It may take a lot of tooling to produce both but manufacturers have produced two similar (but different) models in the past which share some components, so may still be viable. The big questions are; will they be reliable (think class 73/9 saga), where will they be used, and what liveries will they carry? If a manufacturer knew those answers in advance it may sway their decision to produce one - or not. Jack.
  14. Me again...another LSL class 90 jolly ran today using number 2 again, with some carmine & cream and chocolate & cream MK2s, seen at Tamworth: And a couple of units, which I hope is ok in this thread but please inform me if otherwise... All pics from Flickr so click to link. Thanks, Jack.
  15. Now THAT looks brilliant...I tried to make a similar representation a few years ago but didn’t follow it through. That was for application on a Pendolino to 57/3 combination, and I doubt I’m alone in thinking a pair of these couplings would look stunning between Dellner-fitted MUs or a 390 and 57/3. And besides, if 100% prototypical accuracy isn't the end game then they’d look fine between any wagons/coaches etc too. Looking forward to this update in the next few weeks Jack.
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