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  1. I’ve just spent an enjoyable half hour or so scrolling through this thread Andy, once again a top quality layout by yourself, and the pictures!!! I had to do a double take on the one above of 56049...superb! Now followed so I can stay tuned, although I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ll have another project on the go by next week Thanks, Jack.
  2. Anyone can run these wagons, even with one loco and one set: Even more variety to add to a rake of container wagons! Jack.
  3. I received my pair yesterday with the morning post...well worth the wait! They capture the look of these unusual pieces of kit very well. Like Mick, I’ve got a few improvements and additions earmarked for my NR pair, to create an ex-works pair as they are when they leave Derby RTC after overhaul. A nice touch was the little note inside from the owner to say sorry for the delay. It’s not often you get an acknowledgement like that, and whilst the delay didn’t affect me in the slightest it was a nice touch for those who expected the models before Christmas. Even Father C has to deal with production delays and communications with the East nowadays! Great work from Flangeway/Footplate for producing another run of these unique models. Jack.
  4. Seeing electrics off route on non-electrified lines is no new occurrence, but fairly uncommon now except for ECML diversions...or taking locos to the Toton paint facility: And quite recently a few class 60s have done test runs around Toton in shabby liveries, but this 90 looks like it’s been filled and not primed; perfect excuse to run an unfinished model that's used filler! Jack.
  5. Well, Happy New Year all (even though we’re most of the way through January!), hope you all had a good rest and got some modelling done! My DRS 20 article is in this month (Feb) BRM...very proud to have my first modelling article in a magazine. The team at BRM have done a great job with the formatting, showing the project steps well. Hopefully this is just the start... The Eurostar has been plodding along slowly. I found that an EZ-Mate coupling (robbed from a Bachmann knuckle-equipped wagon) sat at the correct height when mounted on the existing coupling bar. A simple brass bolt hold the housing and coupling in place: (Brass bolt has been shortened since above pic) A cosmetic Scharfenberg coupling was made from plastic bits lying in my little plastic offcuts box. This, along with the hole in the side, wheels and other added details were painted black: Next job is graffiti, followed by weathering. The real thing is now restored to full Eurostar livery (with all missing bits reinstated!) and left Derby last week for the Hornby Visitor Centre at Margate. As I’ve got another power car spare, and it was pictured outside the RTC in the short time between completion and road transport, I’ll model it's new state too. This should be a simpler case of detailing and gloss varnish! This week I fitted a new speaker from DCC Supplies to my 60, which sounds a lot better. The original was factory fitted, and I hadn’t changed it previously as it was of the 100 Ohm variety needed for the LokSound V3.5 chip in the model. I recently found DCC S manufacture bass reflex speakers of this type so simply unsoldered the old one and soldered in the new one... (Original is behind) And finally, a very quick project to make the lights work in 37259. I'd already installed them then removed the decoder to tow 'dead', however I’ve since installed a sneaky little feature in this which required circuitry and motor removal. A bog standard Bachmann 3 function decoder was used, wired to the track pickups and lights at the front. It had to first be programmed on my little test harness, which includes a motor, so it could take the new address: As I said, quite excited about what’s inside this! It’ll be a nice surprise for Mick and especially G at Stafford...Cal keep quiet!! Hoping to have another (fairly) large project finished for Stafford, which I haven’t even started yet! I’ve got a week in the Lakes next week too on Outward Bound with work so hopefully I can get it running in time...if not then there’s always Ally Pally in March. Keep modelling! Jack.
  6. (Flickr link) 60029 returned to the national network yesterday in patchwork livery. It had a test run with 60074, which needed attention shortly after my previous pic of the volcanic eruption... Note the orange cab roof...it looks very shiny and clean so may be a replacement made specially and not robbed from another 60. Either that or orange was the only primer colour they had to hand? Will it be blue or (a version of) grey? Jack.
  7. Wow. You rarely see brake discs modelled by RTR manufacturers - and if they are they often come as a raised face with no bolt detail. Have we ever seen brake discs on the rear (inner) wheel face though?... It looks absolutely stunning. Full credit to the lads. The tension lock in the last pic looks like it’s had enough of Phil's photography though! Jack.
  8. ...And just another thought about the current situation. If the tolerances are tight between the plastic axle pieces and the bogie frame hole, would opening out the hole slightly help? Any friction or force caused by the plastic axle stub fouling the frame may cause the glue to fail. I'm not suggesting those who've purchased a model take a drill or knife to theirs, but it might be simple for Hattons to increase the tolerance on future models without hindering the appearance of the revolving axles? Jack.
  9. Clearly Hattons did not foresee such an issue with revolving axles, but having seen models run I’ve noticed the 'axle' ends (plastic pieces) protrude from the boogie frames when the wheel set is pushed to one side, resulting in a seemingly unrealistic scenario of the part being a few mm proud of the bogie frame. Maybe a solution could be found using either square or 'D' (circular with a flat) axle ends and similar holes in the plastic attachments, as well as the attachment being captive - yet still free to revolve - in the bogie frame. This would allow both lateral movement of the metal 'true' axle inside the false plastic axle end (avoiding my above observation) and would keep the plastic axle ends captive all the time, not requiring glue to hold them in and with no danger of missing parts. Just a thought and quite unrealistic to implement now without tooling change. A small hiccup on an otherwise excellent model. Jack,
  10. Snap! Been there for the past few years Jules, I can empathise! Great progress...the connectors certainly look solid enough. For the 'spaghetti' under the board (it’s neater than most I’ve seen!), staples applied with a staple gun are very handy for holding wires flat against the board. Everything should be held firmly with no slack wires; these are prone to snagging on anything and everything when you move the boards! Keep up the great work, Jack.
  11. Thankfully this week DC Rail's 60055 'Thomas Barnardo' stopped at Stenson whilst working to Neath Abbey Wharf. Up the 'Tugs'! Jack.
  12. More modern versions of triple tractors have happened too recently: Jack.
  13. The above are both empty workings, presumably from WH Davis' yard. So we can run nuclear stuff WHEN Accurascale announce a new FNA wagon or when my set of KUAs arrives - it’s got 8 axles, it’ll do! A loaded nuclear working passed on the Stenson-Sheet Stores line, which Mick confessed he allowed freights on DL from... And to get back on topic, no excuse to forbid PFAs from being on the RTC! Wrong type I know... Jack.
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