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  1. A few years ago now I purchased a vinyl cutter from a friend and really got to grips with using it and had looked at the prospect of cutting plastikard. Whilst looking at this I came across an interesting video filmed by Everard Junction which introduced me to the concept of a machine cutter, and particularly the Cricut Maker. I was so impressed with its cutting capability I felt I could do allot with this. I looked at the other options including Silhouette Cameo etc and what really sold me with the maker was its ability to cut thicker materials with its deep cut knife blade. Having this abili
  2. Finally managed to find a bit of time to set the layout up and take a few pics. Hopefully it looks ok. Pretty much finished and finalised the layout now and fairly happy with the results. Cheers Joe
  3. Being as I've been inside for a little while, I thought I should probably update the blog to keep you informed of goings on around the model. I have now finished the tooling plant construction, windows and framework are now in situe. I have also screwed down the wheel plant and stamping plant building. I've been busy wiring in all the lights etc in use on the model and I'm quite pleased how these have come out. In the next few days I will be weathering the tooling plant building to make it look slightly more lived in and I'm also considering re roofing it. Hope everyone safe and well. I will c
  4. Here is the latest loco on the fleet. Hornby latest 0-6-0 Peckett.
  5. Here is the latest loco on the fleet. Hornby latest 0-6-0 Peckett.
  6. I hadn't though it could be difficult as the main movement is on and off the trains or into storage. I am buying cars from the 60s too. This will allow me to to do different periods at different shows. The tooling plant is now painted up. Just got to make the large windows to fill the hole you see. Looking a bit more like now.
  7. Now onto one of the final big buildings on the layout which is probably the most recognisable of them all I had already built the foamex section so now it's time for cladding and the different layers of paint. I had to cut out a hole to illuminate the sign. I also re purposed some Dapol windows for the upstairs locker/ mess area. For the I had to build a sign which along with being 3d wanted to be back lit. I wanted to emulate strip lamps behind so I cut it out as seen in the photos. I will then mount an LED at the back to illuminate it and the internals of the building.
  8. Hi Steve, recently there have been a few off the shelf models ( Manchester ship canal peckett, w.t.t . Barclay) that have been close to fords colour green used in the 50s to early 70s, this has meant it's just been a case of logo removal and transfers. The 04 in the 80s colours was a body off repaint and transfers.
  9. So been a while but got quite a bit done. Had a change if heart on the track work at the front and decided more storage yard was required. So that came up and then been on buildings which are loosely based on the stamping plant and wheel shop. Buildings are constructed out of foamex, then layered with plastikard. Put the 70s/ 80s cars for a check on the numbers. I also plan to be able to change the cars for 1960s vehicles to ensure variety at different shows. Anyway on with the pictures.
  10. Enjoyed seeing you there today. Here's a couple of my pics.
  11. Slightly in the wrong order, but here you can see the baseboard after the track has been airbrushed and the board painted to prevent anything showing through. Also seen is a Hornby Pecket waiting at the signal.
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