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  1. what is the provenance of the above pic (where the driver has a sabre scabbard slung around him and the #16 lorryload all seem to be aiming at the Chatsworth Anarchist picnic ) please? dh
  2. Reminds me of returning home for lunch in Africa and wife reports she has Just been for coffee with the Barclays Bank managers wife. He returned as they were leaving to report getting a radio message that there’s been an army coup in the capital. dh edit and the consequence was I was woken by a soldier with a machine gun two days later and marched across to a Brigadier who had taken over the VC’s residence!
  3. Derbyshire dialect - as in “ Nar then Siri !” (Hallo Mate !) has been filched by Silicon Valley/Apple. It’s the rest of us they are after robotising next ... dh
  4. “Molly Linley she smokes loik a chimblee Shi’s moi li’le nocoteen gerrl “
  5. On the other hand I come in here to get away from my guilt about how I actually wired up my stupidly overlarge DCC semi-auto layout and put it all on my old laptop. dh
  6. Turning from cats to mournful looking dogs for a moment: I had no reason to laugh out loud at anything on the Today programme this morning ... ,,,EXCEPT ... a comment from wet Carlisle where the Corbynisti were sheltering in The Rpyal Scot pubfrom the rain waiting for Corbyn. ”Don’t mention Ian Duncan Smith to the dog; she gets really upset” dh
  7. We pay out a lot to let sleeping cats lie. Ours cost a tenner as the last from a litter in Hetton-le-Hole, and has cost us a fortune since to live sleep the life of Reilly. Our sleeping cat is the one furnishing that makes the room in which we happen to be in look and feel automatically warmer in these dark days dh
  8. Thanks Many seem to suggest Tuplin’s footplate stories are figments of his fertile imagination! But his was a refreshingly analytic style of critique as an antidote to the likes of Nock - who must have churned out a book a week, even more than Barbara Cartland. Yes , I agree about the thread, And a pinch of Piri-Piri always adds to the sauce dh
  9. I really wanted to ask CA parishioners about their instant accessing of pre-grouping info in Wikipaedia. I do use Wiki a lot (triangulating what I sense is inaccurate) This past week it has been overpasted with a plea for financial crowd funding contributions. I’d happily contribute but wife (who holds the purse strings) questions the safety of giving card details or Paypal info onto what maybe a “skin” fraud op. Comments? dh
  10. Splendidly Classic interwar jigsaw/train-set box cover artwork! It would be promising a tinplate 0-4-0 clockwork LNER tender loco and 3 trucks plus a circle of track inside. Where might that high arched train-shed be on the old GCR system: Manchester Central? But they look to be Glaswegian tenements outside St Enoch on the right - where in Ron Heggs’s Manchester Central thread we would looking across Lower Mosley St to tall red brick cotton warehouses near London Road. dh PS page 900 got dispatched pretty smartish!
  11. Thanks for that confirmation on arm rests. I could not remember about the BR northern lines. WR guards used to shoe-horn extra passengers in off the corridor. dh
  12. I used to love riding that line on Summer Saturdays. It really excited me that standing on Porthmadog station at about 9.00H you could elect to go back home in crowded trains standing opposite one another at either platform. Southwards by still noticeably a Great Western train behind a Collett 2251 (via either the Cambrian or Ruabon) or northwards with the Euston Confederacy from Afon Wen past the western slate lines e.g. Dinas Junction. The LMR had one important advantage: seat armrests in the corridor Seconds. However, to escape getting depressed by the wider world this week I imagined I was working in the Centre for Alternative Technology at Machynlleth and charged with organising an all Welsh through train from Cardiff via the Manchester & Milford to Aberystwyth thence from Minffordd by Welsh Narrow gauge via Beddgelert to Carnafon and Blaenau to Wrecsam. The standard gauge will mostly be electrified using HEP, but where it gets seriously expensive the Welsh Dragon loco switches to batteries (Whatever happened to the CAT's Parry 'people mover'; does it still survive?). Minffordd 'Welsh Dragon' change of gauge (convenient also for visiting Prisoners at Portmeirion ) I suggest it would be excitingly Welsh Nat. to ride in narrow gauge coaches all the way. [My favourites were the Portuguese Art Deco Corgo line NG train interiors from the Douro valley corkscrewing up to the high 'Blue Nun' Wine country.] The gauge transition is the inverse of the Manfold Valley's transporter wagons. dh At least this post is about railways - even pre grouping ones. But will Andy slap wrists for it not being in 'imaginary locos'?
  13. But in those days God definitely came into MGuardinistas' thinking - as in the famous Charlton cwm Hardy Methodist Minister's extemporary prayer: "Oh God! As thou hast doubtless read in the Manchester Guardian ..." dh
  14. Like! Is the gothic shed Holbeck and a roundhouse ?
  15. I’ve just read that Plaid Cymru’s manifesto includes re-opening the Manchester & Milford. They definitely would get my vote. So how would the Cardiff to North Wales train get from Aberystwyth northwards without passing through England ie Oswestry, Salop? Answer: it would have to be mixed gauge! A modern electric/battery train built to pass through the Glaslyn tunnels would be most exciting. Presumably it would split at Porthmadog with the announcement: “y ddau gar blaen yn unig i Carnavon a Holyhead, y cefn i Blaenau Ffestiniog y Wrecsam” edit then forwards (summer only) Wrecsam to Manchester Victoria via ex GCR Queensferry, thence ex GWR via Warrington?
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