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  1. Hi all, I am painting a Hornby N15 into Southern railways wartime all over black paint scheme. But before I start I just have a couple of questions. As this engine is going to be in wartime black. Did SR remove the engine nameplates during the war for safe keeping. Also did they move the builder/Shed plates to from the cab sides for the same reasons. Or did they move them All the pictures i can find do not show the plates on the cab sides. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I wonder how well the Triang Hornby M7 0-4-4 would work with a Jinty body. Something I might do in the future perhaps. A pity I did not think of this before as I butchered up an M7 body for bits when I was upgrading the SECR 0-6-0.
  3. Hi all, My system is quite simple. I used a rewritable dvd and set up folders on the dvd for various groups of engines/coaches and wagons etc. You can even sub divide the folders as well. So you might say have a folder SR engines and stock. In the engines folder that may be sub divided in to say goods engines and passenger engine's. That could then be sub divided into wheel arrangements, manufacturer or age of engines etc. it is basically an endless configuration for what you want. I then photo'd all my engines and stock. Labelled the photo's accordingly and placed them in the relevant folders. As the dvd is never closed down and finalised you can add and delete to your hearts content. It also has the practical point for insurance claims in that you have pictorial evidence which would be time and date stamped to proved you actually had what you are claiming for.
  4. Hi, Yes let me know what is wrong with the Princess. Never say never. I have had some engines that many would have thrown in the bin. But a bit of persaverance and lateral thinking got them going again.
  5. Hi all, You have missed out on a vast source of bodies and spares for not too much money. The Amercom GBL range of static models. The range was released in this country as a magazine part work with about 70 issues Lots of interesting engines to to get parts for. I think. You can still buy them direct from Amercom or second hand via Ebay. There is a whole thread here on RMweb about them and how people turned them into runners. They do a streamlined Coronation as well. Very good read. Amercom are here. make sure you pick the 00 and not n gauge engines. https://www.amercom-hobby.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=63 GBL posts here on RMweb
  6. Hi LNWR, Yes it did inspire me in one respect. It pushed this engine back into my mind. So decided to do it as my current Cowen cranes project was coming to a conclusion. I have been restoring and improving old engines for the past 10 years or so. many of them have been posted here over the past couple of years. Nothing newer than about 30 years old...... :). If you do a search for my posts you should find them. I have restored and repaired every thing from 1950's Triang, Lima, Hornby Dublo and up to 1980's Hornby. I am a great believer that too many engines are sent to the scrap heap because every one wants the latest version of an engine. When with a little bit of work and fun you can get almost as good an engine at a quarter of the cost plus putting a little bit of your own soul into it. Here are a few of the ones I have done in the recent past.
  7. Hi all, I did not use a primer. I think that was the problem. Hence the poor cover. Thanks for the info.
  8. Hi all, As no one seems to be forthcoming with help or advice over what type of paint to use I painted the broken tender body shell with acrylic paint. and I am not impressed. Think I will be going back to enamel paint.
  9. Hi all, Well their castle sure beats the hell out of the old Airfix Sherwood forest castle I used to use. Does any one know what the cost of these buildings are.
  10. Hi all, I cannot remember just how many of these sheds I have built over the years. I still have the parts for 2 of them languishing in a box somewhere. I built an 8 road round house for my Flieschmann turntable using parts from about 20 of them. Would have been cheaper to have bought a couple of European kits made for it. But it was fun to do. Sadly all gone now.
  11. Hi all, My latest project has just arrived. A 1980's N15 Sir Dinadan with a damaged tender. Here a couple of pictures of it as it stands. plus a picture of what I want it to look like. This engine will have 2 tenders. I will repair the original and also add an 8 wheel tender. I have worked out how to attach both with the same fitting. The engine is going to be 746 Pendragon. I know the engine is in BR black but mine will be SR wartime black. Before I start I just have a couple of questions. This engine is going to be in wartime black. Did SR remove the engine nameplates during the war for safe keeping. Also where did they move the builder/Shed plates to from the cab sides. Plus I am going to use acrylic paint rather than enamel. I will be brush painting satin black then spraying a matt varnish. Any one have any hints and tips. Thanks,
  12. Hi LNWR. I believe it was the only pacific chassis they had other than the BB that was not based on the older princess one. Triang Hornby's usual trying to save money by making something they already had fit the bill. Just like the 0-6-0 Jinty chassis being used in at least 5-6 other engines.
  13. Hi APT, I suppose the easiest way to get replacement steps would be to just buy a cheap body from Ebay. And use the ones from that body.
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