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  1. Hi all, Clear bathroom silicone sealant works very well. And peels off fairly easily when you want to move stuff.
  2. Hi Neil, Thanks for the info. I suppose in another reality it could have been considered as a prototype for the baby Deltics. But the Bo-Bo would have been cheaper to produce so it got the go ahead.
  3. Hi all, 1 When did BR start painting the fronts of their diesels fully yellow. At any time would an engine like the Co-Co run with a yellow front ends. The reason I ask this is that I have picked up a Co-Co where some one has already painted the ends yellow and I quite like it. 2 If the Co-Co had been a real engine what do you think it's running numbers would be. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, Well all my H/D engines are of the 2 rail variety. Including 3 that were once 3 rail. I now after an extensive buying spree. Just do not tell my wife.....lol. have at least 2 of every H/D locomotive made.(IE This means I have 2 A4's and not 2 of every version of A4 H/D have made etc). Except the EMU and I do not have any of them..... . I have been buying mainly the diesels recently and have picked up 1 Deltic(Crepello), 2 Co-Co's and 2 Co-Bo's. Something I once said I would never buy as I am not into diesels. I am looking for the Deltic St Paddy for 2 rail. So I will probably hav
  5. Hi all, As mentioned about Fox transfers. They also do commissions to your specific requirements.
  6. Hi all, I use a small wire brush with brass bristles. It is the size of a tooth brush. Works well. Got it out of a pack of cheap Chinese various sized wire brushes several years ago.
  7. Hi Pat, I think that these are original boxes. They are too worn and also have all the hallmarks of being correct. But Hey Ho they are what they are. If some one was going to get new boxes for their loco's I suspect they would have got the right ones.
  8. Hi all, You often see H/D items with their original boxes, But I can probably count on my hands the number of Triang items in their original boxes I have seen in the past 12 months. That is of course unless you are me. I have bought 2 H/D 2 rail Co-Bo's recently and they have both come in 3 rail H/D Co-Bo boxes. That asks the question are there 2 3 rail engines out there in 2 rail boxes.... .
  9. Hi all, Kris that is really useful to know. I have amazon prime. many thanks.
  10. Hi all, Phil I have ordered a set of those buffers from Lanarkshire models. At £2.50 you cannot go wrong.
  11. Thank you both for the info. Can you tell me if either are satin/matt or gloss.
  12. Thanks Phil, Sounds just what I need. Really must learn to read the small print..... lol
  13. Hi iI Grifone, I checked and unfortunately he has none. The nearest I can find to the original buffers are a set of sprung Hornby class 31 buffers.
  14. The easiest way to get rid of a static charge is just touch a radiator bleed cap for a couple of seconds. Static charge destroying microchips has been known about in computers for at least the last 30 years. DCC chip is just another type of computer chip. It is also not a good idea to be working on electronics while standing on man made carpets such as nylon. Wearing rubber soled shoes also helps stop the build up of static. But you still need to discharge yourself against something like a radiator. But I must in the 40+ years I have been building and upgrading computers I have not had a probl
  15. Hi all, I need help getting the right shade of yellow for the front panels of my Deltic. I am happy to use either enamel or acrylic paint. But for some reason every time I do a search all I get is either gloss or matt. Not satin yellow paint. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
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