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  1. Hi all, Sophia where is the cab from. I really like the look of the Holden with a full cab. I have a couple of Holden's packed away simply because I just do not like the look of them. So this may be their saving grace.
  2. Hi Il Grifone. It must be plain dried rice. I have found that long grain rice worked better than short. You need to leave it for a couple of days. Try and get rice that has had some of the starch removed.
  3. Hi Kevin, Sorry to hear about your flood. I hope you manage to get the MRJ's dried out. One thing you can do is buy a load of cheap rice. Fill a box the size of the magazines at the bottom with the rice. Put a magazine in, Then add more rice then another magazine and repeat till you have got all your magazines covered. Leave for several days. The rice should absorb the water. I have also heard of dried peas being used in the same way.
  4. You Know when you have too many books. It is when the floor starts to bow and beams look more like bananas. And you then have to stack the books up on the floor underneath as support pillars to stop the floor above collapsing. You know there are too many when you run out of room to put more support pillars there......lol
  5. Hi all, I wish my mind was that sick, It looks great, Perhaps a Bachmann USA 0-6-0 chassis would look nice. Or for a cheaper option a J72 tank. Is the cab from a Dapol Pug... ?
  6. Hi all, Came back from work and then bought enough bits to build another H/D Castle, N2 and 2-6-4 tank. Lots of fun for next year......
  7. Hi Cheesysmith, I used to live about half a mile from there. Drove under it everyday to go to work.
  8. Hi all, Ruffnut I used a little bit of clear silicone sealant to hold my plasticard axel box covers on. That way when I wanted to remove them they just popped off.
  9. You could try putting some extra weight in the engine to help it get better traction. Make sure that your wheels are not greasy. That may cause them to slip as well. And as I said try Bullfrog Snot on the rear drivers.
  10. Hi David, Did you know that Triang Hornby made little infill covers for the open axel boxes. They did not advertise them but used them on the Sir Dinadan tender to cover the holes of the old tender chassis they used. I have never tried to see whether you could buy them. Just made my own. But it would be interesting if they were still availabel as I have quite a few engines with open axel boxes. Including 2 old Britannia's. The other one I have is a silver seal tender drive engine with newer boxes.
  11. Hi , You missed out the EE Lightning. It was so sad that it was not noticed it dropped it's missiles. As for that French Dassault Mirage interloper, Well we just ignore him.......lol. Yes you must have guessed it my other passion is collecting diecast aircraft. I have about 300 of them. usually about 50% on display at any one time. I collect mainly 1/72 scale. But do have a number of 1/100 scale modern jets. The rest are boxed in the loft and rotated out at regular intervals. I must admit I do like the way the GBL engine has been so finely lined. Must check mine as that is boxed
  12. Finished soring out the running problems with this Wrenn Castle.
  13. The first steam engine I think I remember with glazing was the Hornby 2-6-0 Ivatt tender engine in 1975. i do not count any diesels and electrcs.
  14. Hi all, I would love to help out here and say I know a great soldering iron, But the one I use is about 50 years old and still works as good as the day it was bought.
  15. Hi all, The 2-6-4 tank has always been my favourite H/D and Wrenn engine. This is one of my Wrenn versions after a repaint.
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