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  1. Hi all, Do you mean the North Edmonton Cemetary Railway by any chance.....
  2. HI all, I do not know if any one else is getting these 3 problems. The one of having an ad blocking between forums is quite new for me. 1/ When I jump between forums I get an advert in the middle of the screen that locks the movement for about 15 seconds. 2/ these advert fils which are just as intrusive are covering up some of the static adverts. Now I am not sure just how well the advertisers of the static ads will like this. 3/ Also when moving between forums when the video advert comes up it now cause my page to jump to the bottom of the page and I have to keep scrolling up. I am finding these new adverts like the rest of you annoying and intrusive. I was quite happy with the adverts at the side of the screen. But not these. Plus my wife saw me looking at the advert for ladies skimpy's and gave me hell. Wanting to know what kind of site I was frequenting.
  3. Hi Folks, Thanks for the answers. Nick I believe that your a probably quite right about the ficticious railway company. It was what I thought but just wanted to check. The paint job has been beautifully done. Makes me wonder if there may be any more engines from this person out there.
  4. Hi all, Just thought I would post some pictures of some of my latest batch of engines I have been working on. All of them came either in pieces, damaged, missing various essential items or as none runners. They are: 1/ Triang 3mt - 1956. The body plain black plastic. It looks like it never had any transfers or lining applied. Came minus motor and valve gear and 1 pony truck. Has fully cast driving wheels and early triang couplings. Original driving wheels had to be replaced as something similar Mazak rot seemed to have attcked the flanges and they had broken away in several places. 2/ Triang 3mt - 1959. Came as a none runner and had a broken crossbeam for the valve gear. A new cross beam was found and fitted. 3/ Triang 3mt - 1964. Came as none runner. Broken crossbeam for valve gear.Had valve gear only on one side. 2 Broken cross beams were made into one good one. Full service of the motor got that running sweetly. Replaced missing valve gear. 4. Triang French prairie - 1964. Came with only one set of valvegear, No pony trucks or valve gear bracket and a motor that had definately seen better days.. Experimented with making the bracket out of wood. It worked. New magnet for the motor sorted that problem out. Sourced a replacement and fitted new pont truck. Really wanted the German version but the one I was after went for more than the £80.00 I was willing to pay. To be honest all I really want is the body as I already have a complete red German chassis. 5/ Triang M7 Black - 1967. Bought as a seperate none running chassis. Needed new motor and pick ups. So for replacement pick ups I started looking for rocking horse droppings with as much luck in finding either of them. So I bit the bullet and made my own pick ups and to my great suprise they actually worked.The body from a job lot of 4. (Still needs crests applying). 6/ Triang M7 No 245 Green - 1973/74. Spare working M7 chassis I had in my spares box and the body from the afor mentioned job lot. 7/ Triang M7, Repainted body on a 1967 chassis. Body from job lot.Date really unknown. But I love this paint job and am keeping it. 1967 Chassis cobbled together from my spares box. New replacement bogie wheels. . 8/ Triang Pannier tank, Came in pieces with no transfers or numbers. Top of the bodies mounting points were broken off. So all it really needed was a good clean and service. All transfers and numbers applying and the top body mounting pins fixing. 9/ B12 in the back ground. Somewhere between 1964 and 71. Looks to have had a very nicely done repaint and lining plus several other upgrades. Look brilliant and it is one of the best engines I have bought in recent months. 10/ Triang x2 3 car DMU sets cleaned and repainted where needed plus full restoration of the motor bogies. Not in these pictures. Thats what I have been upto recently. Resurecting old engines from the scrapyard. Just for interest and something different to do the German Tiger tank in the first picture is a 1973 Corgi model I am restoring to it's former glory. Just waiting for the transfers to arrive to finish it. And the angel interceptor is another Corgi model but a bit younger from 2005.
  5. Hi all, Can any one here tell me if this was a real company livery. The colour is crimson lake same as the LMS. But who were the NECR ?. I bought the body shell already painted with some others. I really like it so it is not going to be repainted. But an just curious about it.
  6. Well Russell, Looks like you have one of the Flieschmann motored engines. The story goes that they were using a Flieschmann designed ringfield motor initially in their early tender driven engines and I believe the early Brush type 4 diesels. They some how managed to damage the moulds for this motor beyond a repairable use and had to redesign a new motor.
  7. Hi Ruffnut, That just about sums up the chassis for this engine. I do have 2 Princess plate and frame chassis in my collection and one 0-6-0 saddle tank
  8. But there is one thing that modern wagons and coaches cannot do that H/D does so well. And that is the noise of the wheels as they run on the tack. That proper clatter of metal on metal.
  9. Hi all, Something I have found out about this engine is that it has had at least 4 different chassis. I do not know if the original engine came with a split framed metal chassis. That would make it 5 if it did. Can any one tell me if there was a split framed metal chassis
  10. Hi all, Well the 2 halves of the bracket are now one and work a treat. Sanded them down a bit so I could put a backing of plasticard on for support. I am afraid that I have again slipped in to my fatal buying bits for spares and going on to restoring what I have bought. So now I have 2 complete 3mt's, One waiting for one side of its Walschearts valve gear to arrive and 2 more chassis in the process of being restored. Now this does not include the 4 others I already have. My wife has now said it might be the time to sell some of them. I shuddered in trepidation that she may mean it..... ...LOL As for oil. I use a full synthetic 5/30 motor oil. Works a treat when applied in small amounts.
  11. Hi Darius, Again I am astounded by the quality of your work.
  12. Hi, Think it might be time for a cheap second hand chassis.....
  13. Hi all, If memory serves me right the screws go into small plastic blocks that are used to separate the 2 sides of the split chassis. Just make sure that the block has nor either moved or split.
  14. Hi, You could try here. https://www.ba-bolts.co.uk/steelcsk.html
  15. I see what you mean. But as you may have noticed the engines have both been converted to run on 2 rail and pull original Triang and Triang/Hornby stock. hence the couplings.
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