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  1. I don't think the scraped beading on the wartime grey locomotive looks too realistic in these photo's. Any chance of a color closer to brass?
  2. Just received my Brighton Works and it is a real beauty. Compared to my Rails LBSCR Terrier, easily equal in quality and enough detailed differences to add interest. I'm so glad I bought both. Trouble is my old Terriers now look crap. Such is progress.
  3. Those GWR color schemes are making me go weak at the knees, gorgeous!
  4. Reading this comment has triggered the thought, what color scheme, if any, would be suitable for the coaches in a ROD WW1 setting? We have some lovely locomotives these days in model form. I know there are several experts here that may be able to help. Is there a prototype? or something close enough? Thanks in advance.
  5. I am so so pumped after seeing these CAD's. What a superb marketing tool. Well done Hattons!! I can't wait to get these in my grubby hands, roll on the new year. PS must order some more
  6. Very pleased with the announcement. Just pre-ordered. And yes, I do have the early version but a tad knackered now.
  7. It is not illegal to overbook flights in the US. It's done by the airlines because a vast number of people don't show up, so the aircraft would otherwise always fly less than full. On the occasions when the airlines do get caught out, cash is rarely offered as an inducement. Free flights are usually offered. In my experience, which is extensive, there is never any problem finding volunteers to deplane. I've done it myself. Fly a couple of hours later on the next flight and get a free flight to anywhere within the continental US, that's usually a pretty good deal. By the way, nobody
  8. Come on folks. I've been dealing with Hattons for decades like many of you. They are good people and a good business that achieved #1 in the recent poll through their hard work. They screwed up this time and have unreservedly apologized. Like we are perfect? For goodness sake, just shut up and move on.
  9. Birdcages are pre-grouping !!
  10. I'm very confused by all this. Is the consensus that the new LBSCR color scheme is excellent, would work well with RTR Stroudley painted locomotives, and folks would buy them by pallet load except they won't because the website incorrectly says they are painted umber? Seems an odd thing to get excited about, am I missing something?
  11. Echo that, I'm very pleased with this announcement and the love shown to the pre-groupers.
  12. More military items please - the rail gun is fantastic!
  13. Excellent - could not find anything to critique!!
  14. My Wellington Brown Birdcages dropped by today and very pleased I am too. I suspect sales will be a tad slow with the rather high price point and drab appearance so maybe I'll get lucky and be able to pick up another rake off the bargain tables later in the year. Anyhoo, well done Bachmann.
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