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  1. I am so so pumped after seeing these CAD's. What a superb marketing tool. Well done Hattons!! I can't wait to get these in my grubby hands, roll on the new year. PS must order some more
  2. Very pleased with the announcement. Just pre-ordered. And yes, I do have the early version but a tad knackered now.
  3. It is not illegal to overbook flights in the US. It's done by the airlines because a vast number of people don't show up, so the aircraft would otherwise always fly less than full. On the occasions when the airlines do get caught out, cash is rarely offered as an inducement. Free flights are usually offered. In my experience, which is extensive, there is never any problem finding volunteers to deplane. I've done it myself. Fly a couple of hours later on the next flight and get a free flight to anywhere within the continental US, that's usually a pretty good deal. By the way, nobody is forcibly removed from an aircraft due to overbooking. If nobody leaves, you just sit there until the airline ups the offer until a volunteer emerges. Nothing whatsoever to do with Hornby Rockets but I feel the need to set the record straight.
  4. Come on folks. I've been dealing with Hattons for decades like many of you. They are good people and a good business that achieved #1 in the recent poll through their hard work. They screwed up this time and have unreservedly apologized. Like we are perfect? For goodness sake, just shut up and move on.
  5. Birdcages are pre-grouping !!
  6. I'm very confused by all this. Is the consensus that the new LBSCR color scheme is excellent, would work well with RTR Stroudley painted locomotives, and folks would buy them by pallet load except they won't because the website incorrectly says they are painted umber? Seems an odd thing to get excited about, am I missing something?
  7. Echo that, I'm very pleased with this announcement and the love shown to the pre-groupers.
  8. More military items please - the rail gun is fantastic!
  9. Excellent - could not find anything to critique!!
  10. Ronny

    SECR Birdcage Coaches

    My Wellington Brown Birdcages dropped by today and very pleased I am too. I suspect sales will be a tad slow with the rather high price point and drab appearance so maybe I'll get lucky and be able to pick up another rake off the bargain tables later in the year. Anyhoo, well done Bachmann.
  11. Try double quotes around your search term: "class 66"
  12. Excellent work Hattons Dave. Very much appreciated. Thanks. Shame we have to wait so long to see them in the flesh
  13. Excellent on my windows laptop. Very fast, very easy to use and enabled me to narrow down to my area of interest very quickly. A+ One minor detail, I would like to be able to control how many items are shown per page. Including the option of "all".
  14. Thanks to all for providing knowledgeable feedback to Hattons and thanks to Hattons for reacting. I'm very impressed. Such mature behavior should be rewarded!! Plus a thumbs up to Hattons' formation poster. Most attractive in itself plus very useful when coming time to place orders. Looking forward to the batch 2 and batch 3 versions. With LBSCR of course
  15. I've just finished slogging through all 23 pages. It started out a lot better than it ended. Anyhow, even after reading all that, good and bad, my excitement remains undiminished. I think this is a brilliant announcement and made even more brilliant by the thought of full brakes being added. Well done Hattons, I'm off to order a bunch. I do hope these are a great financial success for you.
  16. Just received my gun & Dean set. I agree, they are absolutely stunning. Busily scratching my head to see if I can justify buying another one
  17. I've been a customer of Hattons for decades. Spending 10's of thousands in that time. I have never had any cause for complaint. I cannot remember any deliveries that were damaged or not working. I certainly have never had to return anything. All delivered to me in the States in a very short period at reasonable cost. Not Amazon quick but around 2 weeks after shipping. I've used other companies when I wanted to buy something not available from Hattons and I'm sure they're all great folks but I've had problems. VAT not deducted, expensive postage, deposits required for pre-orders (I hate that), delivery problems, and more. So I'm reluctant. Hattons really is the best in my book. I received the Hattons email cancelling about 800 pounds worth of my Bachmann pre-orders. It's was short and to the point "We are no longer able to fulfil (sic) this pre-order and have therefore cancelled the order on our system, and from your account". Nothing there for me to get upset about. In fact I thought it was cool of them to tell me so that I could place pre-orders elsewhere. Which I might for the items I really, really want like the wellington brown birdcages and the Parrot wagons. But not all. I'll just spend the money with another manufacturer like when I cancelled my Bachmann mobile crane pre-order (the price has gotten rather silly), the money went to Oxford for a couple of Dean goods. Who loses in this disagreement? I think everyone does. Hattons loses sales revenue. Bachmann loses a route to market which, whatever folks tell you, is never a good thing. And I lose out on some upcoming models. I suppose Rails & Kernow make out but not if they have plans to start manufacturing models and if Hattons makes a success of it, they surely will. All in all, a bit sad.
  18. FYI, just received ROD 2308 from England. The external mailing box was bashed around a lot but thanks to plenty of internal bubble wrap, the product box was unscathed as was the contents. Lovely model with no manufacturing faults I could find and ran superbly straight out of the box. No rock n roll, perfect control at all speeds down to a crawl. A super model. I could not be more pleased with my first Oxford Dean. My only question being: I was under the impression that the khaki livery is possibly not authentic for ROD service in France. Was that issue resolved? Or does the khaki represent best guess?
  19. Ronny

    Dapol 00 Gauge LSWR B4

    I am a Dapol club member living in Arizona and I'm very pleased with the club only model. A little beauty. Not sure why you are having problems joining the club. I didn't have any.
  20. A few comments: 1. I voted for Hattons as 00 manufacturer of the year on the back of their P class and Warwell wagons but I bought more stuff from Hornby during the year than any other manufacturer so I felt I should recognize that by voting them overall. Seemed logical in my mind! 2. I feel sorry for PECO. Worldwide it is easily the most recognized UK manufacturer and should be a great source of pride to all Brits. Yet what category can it compete in? Doesn't seem right. 3. It's all semantics but where I live, nobody ever "wins" second or third place. Gold is "won". Silver and bronze are "awarded"
  21. For interest I looked up how much I paid for the original lined C class (592). It was 115 pounds for two (no VAT). A few years ago now but still quite an amazing price jump to today.
  22. I seem to remember some authoritative chatter about Wellington brown being a future livery when the birdcages were first announced way back when. Graham M perhaps?
  23. I'm wondering if the C class comes with DCC & sound to justify a price well over 200 pounds?
  24. I agree. I figured they're so behind with their deliveries all we could reasonably hope for is some reliveries and if they'd asked me, I would ask for the C class, coaches and WD wagons. Hey presto!!!! I'm very pleased. I can wait another year for a D class.
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