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    Member of my local model railway club, have interests in 4mm Modern Image, BR Western Region & BR Southern Region 50/60s
    Also a keen football fan and motor racing and of course real ale
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  1. Didn’t actually know Roy personally but very much aware of his work and for many year subscribed to the NG magazine he produced. A very great loss to NG & Industrial railways I also have a number of his books in my collection. Roy RIP
  2. As a fellow member of Stafford Railway Circle from the late 1970s I well remember the Tram layout that Andy was involved in. I vaguely remember operating the layout at one our exhibitions either at Stychfields or what was the Borough Hall On a similar tram theme I remember being part of the Stafford club exhibiting our the club layout OO Littleton Junction at I think the Tram Depot at Birkenhead. The layout was in the Tram Shed complete with rails and a cobbled stone set floor. Trying to level the layout was a nightmare, but great fun
  3. Good to hear that the 240v is now not a hazard any more. Enjoy your layout Terry
  4. A very nice unusual themed layout. I am however a bit concerned about what looks like to be a 240v mains connection to the transformer so near and unprotected to the the low voltage connections. Terry
  5. Like many others I was very much looking forward to Virtual Exhibition 7th & 8th November Having watched the previous one in the spring and last weekend O Gauge Virtual Exhibition I was not disappointed. I think the content was brilliant and I’ve probably watched over 90% of the content. On a personal note it was great to see both Tackeroo & Trenegloss again as they both built by Stafford Members and I have had the opportunity to have operated Trengloss many times including it’s only visit abroad in France. Virtual Exhibitions are for me
  6. My next project will be based on a Wharf or Quay also very much inspired by Canute Quay. Ive been getting a few bit bits and pieces together including 60” x 18” Tim Horn baseboard and few buildings and kits. I feel it’s going to be a long winter with no exhibitions. preserved railways or clubroom activities and you can only watch so much football Terry
  7. I take it the dogs food manners have now improved so it is eating of a tray watching the tv like the rest of us T
  8. Try Googling “Railroom Electronics” They are a regular trader at our Stafford Exhibition and he does mail order as I’ve used them a couple of times during lockdown Hope it helps Terry
  9. I’ve just watched your painting a back scene video for the first time. Brilliant Terry
  10. Hi Andy It should keep you busy for a short while. At least no distractions of exhibitions to get in the way. I take it your all settled in in your home. All the best Terry
  11. The best option may be to contact the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association who run a secondhand facility. If your unable to find the details on google please PM me I had been a 7mm NGA member for over 30 years until I decided to move on to new 4mm projects. I sold all my stock to the association If I can be of further help please pm me Terry
  12. Hi Frank i remember the one, not seen one for years. Terry
  13. Not sure if I’m gong to proceed with this particular project as yet. I would also like to build a small western/southern region branch line set at the end of steam, I have not built a BLT for over 35 years So I’m not sure which of the above I will build first. Still need to complete another micro layout called “Margret Street” a western region green diesels stabling point with a parcels line. To confuse matters even more I have another layout that just wants wiring up and scenics completing (track plan as “Carron Road“ or more re
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