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  1. Hi Ken If I remember correctly my old boss Des Crowden told me the story that he managed to locate the vehicle with the number plate DER 1 which was then purchased just for the number plate and then transferred to I presume the MDs car. Terry
  2. Hi Mick It was in my opinion not made very clear to its readership and was almost hidden in the announcement of a new extra Manchester Exhibition in 2021 “The news comes as we confirm that the October 2020 show in Milton Keynes will not be taking place due to Covid-19 restrictions” We were notified as a MK exhibitor a couple of days back and asked not forward on the information as a full announcement would be made public in the Hornby Magazine on Thursday 8th August Terry
  3. Confirmation in the latest Hornby Magazine confirms it has been cancelled.
  4. Hornby Magazine Milton Keynes Exhibition October 2020 In the content of the magazine it is announced that the above exhibition has now cancelled
  5. It is likely that we may have me,t as from 1979 I transferred from Radio Rentals to Radio Rentals Contracts which was based at APEX House In Feltham. I believe that was also DER head office I worked with Des Crowden, Tony Scott, George Green and Simon Bee The Good Old Days Terry
  6. Not sure if there were any tax advantages in estate cars over vans. Radio Rentals were the largest of the Thorn EMI rental group and covered all over England, Scotland and Wales with over 630 showrooms at their peak DER as I remember slightly smaller and was the original Thorn Rental company ( Thorn bought Radio Rentals in 1964) The other two much smaller companies being Multibroadcast (mainly in the south ) and Vista Video which I think originated in the East Midlands All the above being TV rental companies the retail outlet being Rumbelows and the much smaller group called Atlantis I’m sure there were others. I remained employed by Thorn EMI until I retired in 2007 but transferred away from Radio Rentals in 1979 Happy Times Terry
  7. I started a long career working for the Thorn EMI group starting with Radio Rentals in 1965 The vehicles around used by Radio Rentals at the time were either Bedford CA Van in white with green lettering previous to that as I remember where the Ford Thames 400E van in green with cream lettering . The above two vehicle types were used for both delivering and collecting TVs to and from customers and often fitted with ladder racks as at that time suppling and fitting TV aerials was also undertaken. At that time all the field tv engineers used there own cars and were paid a car allowance and fuel supplied, and as I remember no tax implications. In the 1960s smaller ( mostly Ford Escort and a few Vauxhall Viva HA ) vans started to be used by the installation staff. Also at that time many engineers had the opportunity of a White Ford Escort Estate which had removable side panels fitted which had the Radio Rentals logo on the side which could be removed during non working hours (The same for the other Thorn EMI rental companies ie Multibroadcast, Vista Video and DER (Same vehicles only in red) As well as the models identified above Corgi did a MK11 Escort Van as a code 3 model in 1/43 scale Hope it helps Terry
  8. Or Jim Bowen’s Speedboat
  9. To Andy and all the team many thanks for putting together the this mammoth production. I have pretty well watched all the videos, and it has been the best days entertainment for quite sometime. Looking forward to tomorrow. As a matter of interest was the pigeon van length 32ft ? And to top it all Stoke won as well. Cheers and thanks again for all your efforts. Terry Stafford Railway Circle
  10. At the Stafford Railway Circle exhibition held in February this year we introduced admission payment by card for the first time. We tend to have four pay desks available for the first 2/3 hours each day then down to 2/3 depending on demand for the rest of the day. It was well received, and probably at our next exhibition we will have more card machines available. Card payment is also available on the clubs secondhand sales stand. I think the hardware was around £40 and you will also need a spare mobile with sim fitted. From memory the card machine provider makes a small commission. I feel with the current situation this will be the future. Hope that helps Terry
  11. D I have similar problems to Howard All the track joints that are connected to vee part of the point use insulated rail joints correctly all electrical connections are correct. I use a 08 shunter for testing and all will run fine in test time and time again. Then the next time I throw the points the loco will fail crossing the frog used a second 08 shunter to check it was not a loco fault) So the fault has to be the accessory switches on the Gaugemaster/ Seep PM4 Would a frog juicer solve my problem Is there any product such as electrical switch cleaner that anyone can recommend ? I only used the PM4 point motors as I had them in stock at the start of lockdown (all are brand new) Gist for subscribing to BRM many years ago. Terry
  12. TOPP TRAINS Marston Road Stafford reopened today Monday 15th June 2020 I suggest a phone call to Mike or Steve on 01785-247883 to check on opening times and the new procedures required. Stay Safe & Keep your local Model Shop open Terry
  13. Another alternative option would to use a micro switch to change the frog polarity, not sure how practical that would be with Seep point motors. i know on all the H&M point motors used on the fiddle yards of the club layouts have a micro switches attached for changing frog polarity. Hope it helps Terry
  14. Looking good. Just a thought, have you thought out how you will lift the completed layout from the box without damaging the scenery ? Terry
  15. Like most things in life you only get what you pay for. Unfortunately from time to time some inferior products become available. i have always used branded products and have been reasonably successful, I also tend to spray or brush flat or shiny surfaces with a Matt varnish, alternative being ladies hair spray. So as you suggest bin them. Terry
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