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  1. Ahhh my mistake! Sorry all, it looks great Beaks!
  2. Hi SD, The layout looks great, you’ve made brilliant progress. I look forward to seeing more images. Cheers, Pete
  3. Hi All, Back from a week in the sun (very much confirmed that I don’t like sitting in the sun!) and have done an hour or so today on the small terraced street. One half of the street is half relief, the opposite is full. The full side will have back yards and a small scrubby lane leading up to the mills behind. There is a slight incline on the short street. I thought this would add some interest. The street will be cobbled. Please find a few images below. Thanks, Pete
  4. Freebs, Roger, thanks for the kind comments. All of the stonework starts with a base colour of humbrol mid-stone enamel (most of the buildings had a coat of grey plastic primer from Halfords beforehand). The retaining wall then had the high areas dabbed with browns using a sponge, followed by a liberal coating of black weathering powder. When dry, it was rubbed down with a nylon brush removing some of the ‘dirt’. I think it is covered on page 4 of my thread. The buildings all had browns and then small amounts of black enamel dry brushed on. I’m afraid I can’t be any more specific about the paints actually used because I’m currently on holiday but the base coats have definitely been mid stone enamel (number 31?) and latterly I have also used desert tan acrylic spray. I seem to think the brown was mainly railmatch ‘sleeper grime’ - a really useful colour. A valuable resource is Jason’s ‘buildings for Bacup’ and Bacup layout thread- I have taken a lot from his fantastic work. I have made a good start on a row of half relief, and full relief terraced houses. I can’t wait to get back from holiday to carry on! A random photo to finish whilst I’m on; I quite like the overwhelming walls and mill in the shot below. Regards, Pete
  5. Thanks very much Shaun, that means a lot coming from yourself. I’m a big fan of your work and am really looking forward to seeing Bradford come together. The signals were a real fiddly pain but they will do for a first effort. I will definitely be using fully soldered brass components in the future. I was only admiring yours on Goathland the other day. Speaking of which; I live in Liverpool but try to get over to Whitby every now and again. Last November I was lucky enough to watch half an hour of steam era shunting at Goathland whilst on route to TMC! It was a great long weekend! Best regards, Pete
  6. Some fantastic images there Al, they look so realistic. I love little details like the impromptu doors, they add so much to the larger scene. Pete
  7. Hi all, Finished the large mill building with a few details today (mainly on the hidden side!) and have plonked it back in place for now. The ground level will be an inch or so above the base of the building. I cleaned the track so will have a few running sessions before making a start on the terraced houses. Not too many photos though but thanks for looking. Pete
  8. It looks absolutely fantastic Jamie- I love that building! Regards, Pete
  9. Thanks Mike. Hebble Vale Goods is a favourite of mine. It was the layout I was most looking forward to seeing at Wigan last year; it’s even better in the flesh than in the magazines. Pete
  10. Hi All, A little more progress on the hipped roof on one of the mill buildings (first time uploaded from my phone...). Just needs coping stones and gutters, and some random cables and down pipes to add detail and hide the joins and imperfections! Pete
  11. Hi All, I’m quite overwhelmed by the positive comments- thanks everyone! I’m glad people seem to like how things are looking; I’ve still got plenty to do yet and have learnt so much to take to my next layout. I’ve just been listening to the football whilst laying slates on the small mill building roof. I find this very tedious, even more than making windows for some reason. Still, after a coat of paynes grey and a dusting of talc I’m happy with the results. It has always been my dream to get a layout in a magazine, I’d love to do that with HPS before I have to give the spare room up! Thanks again, Pete
  12. Phew, last post! I will be adding the finishing touches to the mill building with blue doors, then will either start the terraced houses to the right, or start to build the land up around the mills... not sure which order yet though. Thanks for reading, Pete
  13. The building on the left in the first image below is going to be finished in suitable rusty corrugated metal tones when I get my airbrush out at some point.
  14. The lifting gear shown below was copied from an image in the book 'The Essential West Riding' by Herbert Whone. This is an interesting book that contains some great images so typical of the region.
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