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  1. Hi Shaun, I can’t get over the wooden finish you’ve achieved on your furniture, it’s an absolute masterclass! I will have to have a go in the future, following your methods. I always look forward to your updates, thanks for the inspiration. All the best, Pete
  2. That’s a very good idea... I don’t think it’s as noticeable in ‘real life’ but now you’ve mentioned it they certainly don’t look right! Making working signals, kit bashed from ratio parts with etched angled cranks, was the most difficult and fiddly thing I have done on the layout. I will improve on these efforts greatly on future layouts. I’m concerned about dislodging any of the moving parts. So much so that apart from painting the brass base tube, I’m hesitant to do anything to them! Adding hand rails to the platforms was difficult enough without causing any issues, and
  3. Hi Richard, Thanks again. It’s natural sunlight. I’m working from home every other week (from the bench in the layout room) and have seen some lovely shadows cast late morning. I’d like to take some better images but only have my mobile phone camera. I might try to borrow my Dads DSLR at some point / when we can meet up again! An N2 has just been released and is about to head to the MPD: Regards, Pete
  4. Thanks Gents. I just love the architecture of the West Riding. I have tried to capture a hint of the atmosphere seen in so many fantastic images I have in the (embarrassingly large) collection of books I’ve collected on the region. Had a good, but brief running session earlier. Also had a play with the camera on my new phone. I quite like the following: All the best, Pete
  5. Hi folks, I hope everyone is keeping well during the second lockdown. Just a few random images to update. I haven't done much modelling recently and have not had the chance to operate/play enough for my liking either unfortunately. The only thing I've done is to paint and add a few more figures. Although I've used both white metal (Dart Castings) as well as Modelu scanned/3D printed figures, as they are not within the same eye-shot I think I can get away with it. A quick conversation before work starts (I think you can tell the senior; all to do
  6. Hi all, No modelling to update but thought I'd show some pics from my current running session. First up is an N2, which has brought a semi-fast in and is now receiving some attention on shed. After a morning of shoveling ash, Jack is dreaming of his first pint of mild. Next up is an immaculate B1. She is about to depart with the Halifax portion of the Yorkshire Pullman which has been re-routed from Halifax Town due to engineering works. The pilot 08 is shunting vans to be collected for an east bound freight behind a new
  7. Hi Manna, I originally only had three main fiddle yard sidings (excluding the x2 shorter not pictured which use the parcels platform as a headshunt; the off-scene 'goods depot'). It was so restrictive and really impacted my enjoyment of the layout. The cassette system has really expanded operation and make sticking to a packed timetable achievable and enjoyable. Hi lmsforever, I'm not sure what page this was mentioned on but we did use to have the luxury of platform canopies but unfortunately they were damaged 'beyond economical repair' during the
  8. 'I don't think that tractor will ever get fixed...'
  9. Hi Manna, Just for you; two views of the fiddle yard! All the best, Pete
  10. Hi Ian, I hope you are well. The ‘Gifford’ image above is absolutely fantastic, I couldn’t praise it enough. It puts my efforts on Halifax PS to shame! All the best, Pete
  11. Hi all, A quick update to show the finished backscene. It was as predicted a lot more difficult to airbrush the templates mounted on the layout in-situ. I will definitely learn from this on future layouts! Better/more planning needed... Some of the edges are a little furry but the overall effect is okay; it adds some depth without taking the eye from the layout. I also installed the 3D printed station signs and running in boards: The major scenic jobs are complete, however I have a
  12. Thanks Paul, really kind of you. Cheers Richard. I'm still getting to grips with it to be honest, and need to experiment more than I am doing really. I imagine some folk on here would reel in horror at this technology being described as essential! luddites! I mean that in a very light hearted way of course. Although I could have done so much with it detailing buildings a year or so ago I'm actually glad I did the work manually to be honest. It is a fabulous tool though, and in the correct hands can produce amazing work (I'm thinking specifically of the work of
  13. Thanks Mike. As I've mentioned before it is a goal of mine to get a layout published and I hope that will be case for HPS. A few images from the last few weeks: Firstly, a major incident occurred during an otherwise routine morning on the former LNWR terminus in central Halifax. Crab 42765 (which had arrived with a local deputising for a failed DMU) decided to jump the rails whilst on shed around 09:30 on the 16th of July (1960). Unfortunately this occurred on the double slip and managed to block the headshunt, coaling and ash road, the shed roads and one of
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