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  1. That's the best DCC sound effort I've heard so far.
  2. This is why I never offered smokebox plates - no manufacturer ever put the right size ones on to start with!
  3. 1.) Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k - best resolution desktop printer for small detail items 2.) Pretty rare to find second hand printers to be honest. 3.) You're going to need slicing software to turn 3D models into printable files and obviously 3D CAD software to make the 3D models. A slicer will be supplied with printer, but you can use others, for 3D CAD you need to shop around for a package that works the way you want and is good for the kind of design you want to do. Fusion360 is a jack of all trades which will allow you some professional capabilities and is pretty easy to use though not necessarily obvious where the commands are or what they do for a newbie, Plenty of youtube help etc. Sketchup is great if you never want to go beyond 3D printing and has a straightforward UI: You literally just draw in 3D space and any flat surface you make gets filled with a surface. Keep going and link them all together and you get a watertight 3D shape, hopefully. SKetchup normally requires a little help to make printable files, but the info is all out there. Plugins can make it a lot more useful too. 4.) Using the printer is the easy bit, but there's still a learning curve with that. 3D design is a discipline with many branches that will take time to master. As for laser I can't help with hardware, but you need either 2D CAD package or a Vector graphics package. Both have different approaches to learn. CAD is more rigidly defined by dimensions and mathematical functions, Vector graphics is free flowing and without constraints. I've always found the CAD approach preferable personally, even when producing web graphics I often do it in CAD!
  4. There are no deals on at the moment. We shop owners, as Shapeways calls us, are privy to no more info than any other website user. Deals are usually sprung on us the day before they happen without any actual details of the deal, we just have to wait and see the same as everyone else. It is very frustrating.
  5. Just flicking through a book looking for something else and came across a glimpse of what may be some BR liveried V6s if someone wants to run the number - W205363 and one other too distant to make out the number. The full van is not shown, just the underframe and the lower bodywork so I can't be sure it is a standard V6. It has all the right features, the ones that are shown at least. Dated 1954.
  6. Does anybody know what the geometry settings i'd need to use in Templot to make use of the Peco crossing and switch units? There's nothing useful in the Peco description for them. I'd like to think someone has made use of them already...
  7. Glad it's not just me then! The wheels above have all come out very well I'd say. I wonder if it might be worth trying ethanol as a cleaning solution?
  8. It's a resin I don't get on with, I find it impossible to clean up properly. I can attest it's high tensile strength though, I have today hammered M8 Bolts into it in order to use it as a mounting mandrel to turn some bush sleeves for my Car in the lathe. It was easier to print a tube than to try and bore a long concentric hole in the lathe!
  9. Have any of you tried the eSun resin on a square ended axle fitment?
  10. Summer sale! Get 25% Off Mitsumi motors with coupon code MITSUMI25 (enter during checkout). https://shop.coastlinemodels.co.uk/product/mitsumimotor/
  11. Not Wrexham, it has the distinct air of an urban setting. Crewe would be the obvious choice, but I don't know it well enough to be able to identify it.
  12. This Cambrian loco has gone foreign post 1915. Anybody recognise the location? photo from my collection, photographer sadly unknown.
  13. Stunning work there sir, what a beautiful and well engineered fleet you have!
  14. Paul Windle's always been a great inspiration for bleak layouts.... https://009society.com/news/moorton-bottom-yard-by-paule-windle/?v=79cba1185463
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