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  1. Down the bottom, yellow box headed Documents. Click on the authors name.
  2. There was a full public account of what happened posted recently on their Facebook page. At least from a certain perspective. Copied and pasted: Statement of PQR 2021 It has been some years now since we left Felin Fawr. The question has recently come up several times in facebook groups why we left Felin Fawr. I don’t want to go into a finger pointing game, but just to relay some facts to the best of my knowledge. In that people may understand why we had to leave, and hopefully answer some of your questions. The Railway preservation started at Felin Fawr in earnest in 2011
  3. What slicer are you using? I can't see why separate bodies would cause an issue to be honest. There is no problem with them in Chitubox or Photon Workshop.
  4. Happy days here! Updated firmware on the Mono so now I have 1) Anti Aliasing and 2) Chitubox sliced files now actually work instead of just printing strands of spaghetti on my build plate. I also printed a thing: It was a close run thing though, It did actually run out of resin at the very end of the print. No harm done though. Drip Angle Holder.stl
  5. Here's my spreadsheet with default exposure times by layer height and a calculator as well as optimal angle by layer height. 3D PRint ANgle finder.xls
  6. The weird end has nothing to do with supports. The supports not forming was a result of whatever the weirdness was, not the other way round
  7. What happened here? I suspect I overheated the resin, or overshook it or something along those lines. The weird patch ends at the point I poured more resin into the vat. I'd heated the resin by a heater as the room was cold this morning and this was going to be a long print so I wanted to get started. Most of the supports failed in the odd region, which has gone like chocloate that's melted then solidified in it's wrapper. I let the print finish because I wanted to test the support scheme. I'll reprint tomorrow with redesigned supports and hopefully no temperature issues!
  8. 1458 was lined Green with early crests in 1959 at Oswestry. With top feed and forward toolboxes too.
  9. I use HostPresto for my sites, all are based on Wordpress which is pretty powerful and readily customisable to suit all sorts of applications. It helps to have a little knowledge of CSS or PHP to make a really good site, but it's plenty accessible enough for beginners to manage something respectable.
  10. You are both missing or willfully ignoring the point - regardless of what tax is being collected, the mechanism is exactly the same and has been in place for a long time. UPS (and other couriers) will collect said taxes if instructed to. They do not care who the sender or recipient are - if it has been sent DDU then the recipient pays the taxes if the threshold is exceeded. It is now a requirement for anyone sending stuff across borders to make sure they are using the right service which matches order value and what they have charged the customer. Shapeways are not charging VAT at
  11. You may not be, I am, since they all get lumped together in practice and are charged by the courier co. That's how it has always worked, it just applies to more things now.
  12. UPS can and do charge on delivery, if that's what the service it was sent with allows. (This happens regularly at work, delivery arrives from China requiring customs payment, Boss has naffed off somewhere and no one else can pay for it, so it's sent back to the depot...lather, rinse & repeat until finally paid). Each courier will have a service where they will deliver stuff requiring collection of customs fees, and a service where this has already been paid/is not applicable. Generally referred to in courier jargon as DDU and DDP respectively.
  13. All quarry lines are temporary. Standard gauge enabled a higher capacity to match the big mechanical excavators in use up there, Mill on site with very short haul trains between it and face. No wonder they reduced the height of the mountain by so much in such a short space of time.
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