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  1. There's not much similar with Red Damsel sadly, Port class locos have a different reverser, Firefox mounted brake standard, backhead mounted injectors and a totally different steam turret. I'm not actually 100% sure, but I don't think the firebox is as tall as an Alice class , though it could be an illusion created by the raised barrel pitch. I would like to build Dolbadarn, but as running with Alice boiler one day. I have started making the 3d models...
  2. I knew this pic looked familiar, seen elsewhere captioned: "Carmarthen allocated 43xx Class 2-6-0 No 6375 navigates the heavily wooded valley near Conwil with the 10.40am Carmarthen to Aberystwyth service on the 10th August 1963. Note the milk tankers on the rear, conveyed from Felinfach milk factory and left at Lampeter for delivery to Carmarthen."
  3. Nope, not Cambrian. Possibly on the Manchester & Milford though
  4. I've downloaded the STL. It's not great, in fact actually it's awful. Polygon count far too low, smokebox door is all angular, not remotely curved. None of the round features will actually print round. Random geometry in there, geometry that is clearly not to scale and a random mix of far too thin to be printable to far too fat to be prototypical. So many errors in the geometry, I gave up trying to get a watertight model. Frankly, go back to the drawing board, concentrate on getting one loco right first rather than 3000 useless ones.
  5. You Need Don Townsley's drawing, it's in Cliff Thomas's Quarry Hunslets book and I believe may have appeared in the model railway press at some point too. I've only got Alice class stuff here at the moment.
  6. There could be a duff option in the pop up. In order to remember your settings, a cookie needs to be set. It's possible that turning something off is also turning this particular cookie off. Clearing your cookies and history will not help such matters, it's a missing cookie that's causing it all! On the other hand it could be that apple is clearing cookies or blocking them and just doing it really badly....
  7. Well my issue is now sorted, just FYI, but by all means carry on arguing amongst yourselves.
  8. A little how to for you, giving you some insight into how you can use Fusion 360 as part of Etched part design and mocdelling. https://blog.coastlinemodels.co.uk/2021/01/09/how-to-photo-etching-with-fusion360-sheet-metal/
  9. The box does yes, but the cover is totally different to either. Looks like it's been designed specially to be refilled without the step board getting in the way.
  10. Pickering ones available now through Shapeways.... https://www.shapeways.com/shops/coastlinemodels?section=7mm+-+Cambrian+Railways&s=0
  11. I wonder if they did build it with that cover plate, certainly unorthodox
  12. I strongly suspect it's a typo, and should be either 6 or 7, not 67. Being cast, there is no way they can be anything near 2 decimal place accuracy. My mitutoyo Micrometer makes one 10.594 at the top, and 10.513 at the bottom...
  13. To sav the search ... Oswestry: No. 114741 Date: 1935 Type: AA19
  14. There are lots of different Cambrian axlebox lettering styles. The Pickering ones I've always wondered whether it really was a 9 above the date. They are RCH No.9 axleboxes after all... Some earlier ones have quite the essay on them, of which I can make out nothing. Oil ones had the Cambrian Railways circular, the date and OIL on there, though there were a couple of patterns of box.
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