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  1. I remember it! Visited once as a child, must have been very early 90s 91-92 at a guess. We were in Blaenau for a craft fair and a guy there with a miniature railway set up suggested we might like to visit. I had always remembered it as Tan y Coed. I have often wondered whether I dreamt it all as I have never heard mention of it until this thread. I remember riding the two miniature railways, though I don't recall the 16mm stuff. I would only have been around 6 at the time though..
  2. Yes, sod's law dictates that the email announcing so came through some 15 minutes after placing a large order.... oh well, I have more to order anyway.
  3. Phil, This comes off rather like an unwarranted personal attack, which out of politeness I'm going to put down to a bad day on your part and make no comment on. If you really do feel so strongly that you wish to discuss further on the subject of unpaid labour in business (for that is exactly what volunteering on a heritage railway is) then start a new thread by all means and I will be happy to elaborate on my viewpoint, as that does seem like a topic worth discussing, but is perhaps a bit too specific to derail this thread with.
  4. Bottom line is I don't volunteer because I can't afford to. I'd happily take a paid position, but I don't have enough time to give away for the profit of others. Sounds very cynical when you boil it down to just that, but in the end that's what it is, there are more important things that have to be put before trains. I have worked on the FR during my day release from Engineering college, and I have driven steam locos there on various occasions and lines. I have even applied for and been turned down for a job in the P.W. Section of the FR. I was a few months ago seriously considering taking a massive pay cut and applying to join their Heritage Engineering scheme, however I just can't afford it, especially with no guarantees of finding a job in the sector at the end of it. I am 33, and have bills ahead of trains sadly.
  5. Thanks John, I do love building these. Next up, a braked 2 Ton wagon...
  6. The latest 2 Ton addition, this is the one with the double head rail replacement spine. Finished in a livery of grubby grey.
  7. Let me see those slate wagons, and please let me know the paint you are using...I'm looking for some inspiration, and a change from my mostly red wagon fleet.
  8. Something different on the horizon....Rhosydd Slate Quarry Iron Wagon
  9. It should work in Fusion https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/fusion-360-design-validate/123d-files-123dx-import-to-fusion360-does-not-work/td-p/6970414
  10. Bolster wagon developments: The first wooden one has been allocated axleboxes, 4 hole wheels and a Bolster. It's also received its first coat of paint. Meanwhile the Iron one has had its axleboxes fitted permanently, and since it's photo they have been painted in Vallejo Rust texture to match the rest of the wagon. I'm not sure what the final livery will be, so just like the real thing, it currently wears rust!
  11. Thanks John, I've actually had Bronze ones made for the de Winton, as I need to drill and tap the holes, something that is not possible using carbon steel M1 taps in the stainless prints (It's hard enough in bronze)
  12. Yep, and lots of variation, much of which I'd like to model. To that end, the first 4 hole disc wheels are now rolling, though I had to abandon the machined and fabricated idea and went with replacing the Slater's wheel centres with printed ones. The prints were turned down to match the tyre inner diameter and glue together. I'm trying them out in different materials too to see which works best.
  13. Couplings have finally arrived for the 3 Ton Slate Wagon, which just needs putting through the paint shop now...
  14. Shapeways Steel is very hard, and has a very low definition finish with poor fine detail ability (below 1mm). I wouldn't recommend it for 4mm rods personally as reaming the bores will be a serious chore. The pic is of a 16mm scale con rod for my de Winton project in steel.
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