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  1. It's perfectly capable of climbing a realistic gradient as modified. I haven't had a layout in 20 years. I bought it because I like the prototype. (I'll be building a 16mm scale version too once I've finished James Spooner)
  2. One end done, excuse poor quality phone pics, it's getting a bit dark in here, so I shall do the other end tomorrow. In my humble opinion, a worthwhile little modification.
  3. It's a good scale 6" of daylight, and looks ridiculous. Easily remedied, once the bogies are out. Nearly there...
  4. Addressing the god awful daylight under the footplate.
  5. Right, Merddin arrived - now does anyone know how it comes apart? There's a lot of screws under there!
  6. If the seller is using eBay postage labels then there is no Royal Mail option internationally, it's UPS only and that's at the rate quoted by the OP. Royal Mail signed for to Oz should be around the £10 mark.
  7. I've given in and ordered Merddin. Gap will need to be rectified but I think I can do it. I do have rather intimate knowledge of this part of a Fairlie having worked on Taliesin's a long time ago and been in that gap removing a cracked blast pipe from DLG, and am slowly working on a 16mm James Spooner.
  8. Certainly seems the general trend. I haven't received feedback on a single sale in the last month, and it's been a reasonably busy month too!
  9. This is a weak argument often put forward - you just remove them the same as you would direct from the bed.
  10. 100% a levelling issue. Don't worry though, it'll all come together with practice. You will need to re level periodically, you'll know when because this sort of one sided failure starts happening. Using magnetic build plates can lengthen the interval as you won't be disturbing the build plate so much.
  11. That was the CLIP machine that was all the hype about 5 years ago... but nobody actually bought one and hasn't been heard of since. I had a print done on such a machine and it is still to this day the worst 3D print I've ever received.
  12. Thanks Paul. Hmm yes. Still pretty jarring (for me anyway). Oh well, save the cash for the Hunslets!
  13. What's the gap between footplate and bogie actually like in real life? It's been bothering me in the official images but can't see it from Paul's video angle there
  14. Generally, yes. However best do a test on something sacrificial first.
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