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  1. But what does i tall actually mean in practical terms? I ask because at the very moment I was reading the news story (which gives zero information), my partner was sending in her job application to Transport For Wales, who still have publicised plans for the next 15 years or so, and last time I looked out the window, were still running trains past it. So what is ACTUALLY happening to the railways?
  2. Fusion's 2D Drawings environment is useless for anything but rough sketches. It doesn't offer enough dimensioning tools to accurately describe anything but the most basic of designs. The new sketch feature in drawing helps somewhat, but it's such a limited set of sketch tools it takes ages to do things. There are also problems with the way it renders things, threads for example are incorrectly drawn. I do use F360 drawings straight out of the box for some of my work stuff, logo positioning drawings are done in Fusion but all production drawings are done in other software. 3D printing isn't affected, at all by any change. You don't need STEP files, you don't need anything in the manufacturing tab etc. For 3D printing using simple solid modelling tools, Fusion is still a very good option for free, and offers a much better upgrade path should you wish to do more with CAD in the future. It's all we use at work for 3D modelling, and though we would be far better off with Inventor or Solidworks, the boss won't pay so Fusion workarounds for awkward sheet metal shapes are my day job.
  3. Fusion for startups is aimed at a very specific group https://www.autodesk.co.uk/products/fusion-360/startups. My colleague at work applied for it, but as he's subcontracted by work he didn't qualify.
  4. It will have no effect on laser cutting or 3D printing. It will only really affect people who need solid models, I.E. for CNC made injection mould tools. The drawings element of F360 is pretty useless anyway, it's only good for making a pretty picture and a few dimensions (which are often meaningless because you can't dimension a lot of things which would actually be needed on a 'real' drawing).
  5. Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) is what you want, it's a proper industrial adhesive used for gluing aluminium inserts into carbon fibre housings.
  6. Lovely shot of Jerry M/Cackler at DInorwig Quarry in there for some reason....
  7. Fleishcmann 0-4-0 chassis can be used, just requires a little trimming to the cab front where the motor sits. I did one yeas ago.
  8. Which one are you using? I've found that the Brass Black tends to go a nice dark rusty brown on Nickel SIlver
  9. Sorry for late reply, I think I have some more back at home, however I'm not sure when I'll be back up there to check. (I am currently working from Barmouth Junction with limited stocks).
  10. Make sure you get Genuine Mitsumi motors, there are some fakes out there that are utter rubbish (and you won't know which you are getting from Chinese sellers as they all use the exact same photos in their listings regardless of what they are selling) I sell the Mitsumi in 3 options on my website.
  11. Plenty of people offer scanning services - I would make Alan Buttler of Modelu my first port of call though.
  12. YES. All couriers do, although they all have their own idea of volumetric charging, Parcelforce in particular have a very complex system of charging.
  13. First off if you have a good elevation, then you can use image manipulation software to correct perspective/distortion etc and get it just right. 2nd import your clean image into CAD software / graphics software and draw your drawing over it. There are usually tools for calibrating background 'canvas' images. Something you may find useful for none dead on shots is using Cross ratio to find dimensions along perspective lines. Again this is best done in CAD where you can layout your lines and accurately measure to your vanishing point etc, It takes a bit of brain work but it is very useful to know. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-ratio#Projective_geometry
  14. Website is built on a blog platform without e-commerce and no SSL, so the website is 100% unsecured. You should not use the same login details as you would for anything important, like banking if you create an online account with them and most definitely not pass financial details through any form on the site. EDIT: SOME pages are Secured, some are not - it depends on the link being used, which should really be addressed.
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