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  1. RX102 doesn't have a speed controller, you would have to add one to enable the motor to be operated. It is aimed at Live Steam locos which do not need electric motor control built into the receiver. Have a look at Micron Radio Control who have a much broader range of Deltang receivers (though many are currently out of stock). I've just bought an RX62 for my latest 16mm project. http://www.micronradiocontrol.co.uk/product/deltang/dt_rx62.html
  2. Make sure you've got Javascript enabled, as that's what the menu uses.
  3. They are open - I received a parcel from them yesterday that was ordered on Saturday. It does depend what you're ordering, the previous one took a fair bit longer (also during lockdown). In my experience they just don't do communication.
  4. Some work done... Roof attached with countersunk screws...I thought it would be a simple matter to filler over them, oh no! My Squadron Green had gone too hard to get out of the tube so I opted for some cellulose stuff. I don't like using it because the solvent in it eats polystyrene, but I thought since this is Nylon it should be fine - except it ate the high build primer on the roof instead and left a right mess, which has taken all day to fill back up with more high build and lots (and I mean lots!) of sanding. It's still not perfect so more tomorrow. Then there is the brake gear. I've very carefully cross drilled through the crank and cross shaft so they can be separated, since the shaft is going to have to be glued into the brake handle. I couldn't get the axleboxes off again, some idiot has already glued the 3D printed covers on them. Guess I'll have to live with the side play and the occasional collision twixt wheel and brake block.
  5. You are right, I must have already gotten rid of the one I didn't like. I definitely used one up in ballasting, because it was impossible to spray!
  6. I have decided to get a move on and do something with this, so I have literally brushed the dust off it and made a new start. The strapping is all now attached to the body, and I am just in the process of attaching some cross pieces inside the body to take Tee-nuts that will be used to secure it to the chassis. I decided not to glue it, because it's a lot easier to assemble the brake mechanism if I can get easy access inside the body. I also need to take the axleboxes off and add some washers to take out the excessive sideplay. Not sure why it even has any, it's only got 4 wheels!
  7. If you were to do away with springing and glued steel heads in it'd be even stronger of course.
  8. There are different varnishes from Vallejo, and they're not necessarily equal. I've got 70.520 Matt varnish and 26.518 Matt varnish, and they perform totally differently. One is actually matt, the other doesn't change the finish at all. Annoyingly I can't remember which one is which! However both are perfectly safe over any finish. The ultimate in matt was definitely the Humbrol rattle ca stuff, that was too matt, though you could get a good effect by spraying a model in it then buffing it back to life leaving the edges and inaccessible bits looking very subtly dirty. (you should be able to make out the effect on the doors on this GPV:
  9. Anything here suit? I can generally get hold of most miniature fasteners, if there's a demand... https://shop.coastlinemodels.co.uk/product-category/nutbolt/
  10. In 4mm I've only ever had one FDP buffer shank fail on me, and that was from a 4 foot drop that landed right on that buffer. None of the other materials offer fine enough walls that you can make the clearance hole through for metal heads and keep a reasonably prototypical outer diameter. These are my Cambrian ones with MJT sprung heads:
  11. Not many laminations really, buffer beams, frames, rear cab sheet and rods. All laminated parts are built up using 179 degree solder paste, and soldered to the rest of the model (where applicable) with 130 degree paste, the first is Carrs, the second was from ebay.
  12. Today's sitting subject is the FR's Linda, with a cameo from sister Blanche...
  13. Penlee Quarry Railway, Cornwall gets my vote
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