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  1. And two others... I have changed of video editing sofware, i choose MOVAVI, is realy simple and fun.
  2. Hello all, Have a good sunday ! A new video here :
  3. Great layout. the details are beautifully treated. it’s really interesting. I’ll follow this topic with interest.
  4. I discover this layout now. Incredible landscape and point of view.
  5. Hello, I hope you’re okay. I’m presenting my last two videos. I hope they will entertain you in this difficult time we are going through. Personally, your wonderful country and its beautiful railway allow me to escape.
  6. thank you, your advice is wise. Do you think that will make it more realistic?
  7. What a beautiful Scottish layout, a really good project.
  8. What a beautiful layout, a really good project.
  9. Good morning everyone, Well here are the last two videos! Good viewing and see you soon on L.V.T.V.! I am pleased that the channel has well over 2,000 subscribers. I don’t come to the forum often enough and I’m sorry.
  10. Your beach is amazing ! color of water, sand... incredible.
  11. Ok i understand ! I hope the layout will continue in the future !
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