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  1. The other distraction on my time is the fact that the middle 5 panels of my 9-panel 12in:1ft fence blew down last week :-( So I'm also playing with concrete and fence-posts.
  2. Fencing Been working full-time lately (which is nice) but little progress on the layout. In the few minutes here and there, I've been building Midland diagonal fences from Poppy's Woodtech. A much-butchered template is glued to a bit of chipboard and a long run of fencing can be made, one 9' panel at a time. As each panel is made, it's popped out of the template and moved along 9' to be glued to a fresh batch of 12 diagonal palings held on grubby double-sided tape in the jig: The fences will separate the unde
  3. More Station Lights The station building has two wall-mounted lamps to match the tall lamps (the mirror makes it look like 4 wall lamps ), and warm white LEDs in each of its four rooms: It looks all warm and homely now.
  4. Pluggable Lamp-posts Second quick post as we're limited to 10MB of pictures per post. Here's the station area with the lamp-posts in place. Two illuminate the steps of the footbridge, one illuminates the station forecourt and one is further down platform No. 2. I still need to add one on platform 1 to the left of the signal box. Since they are nominally 12V, but I'm running them on 9V, I added only a bit of extra resistance (33 Ohm 5W resistors) to dim them to gas-like levels: In reality they are not as brilliant as the photo seems t
  5. Pluggable Lamp-posts The station area moves on, with some Midland-style fencing separating the forecourt from the platform and from the "works" area next to the signal box. I added some station gas lamps, which started life as a DCC Concepts Super Value Pack Midland Gas Lamps: https://shop.keypublishing.com/product/View/productCode/GLMR6 These are 4mm scale but work out to be about 13' 6" in 7mm scale when using the tallest plinths supplied, which still looks OK to me: Standard Joe (5' 10") is standing under the lamp. The
  6. I think if I do try this, I'll design and print up some 3D windows like I used in my office building:
  7. Thanks John. I use the LCut windows in my warehouse and they would be ideal if they did fit the Scalescenes cutouts. Well done for persevering with scratchbuilding them. They now do look the part.
  8. Looking good John. I may have missed this but why didn't you use the supplied windows?
  9. Thanks Joner. I should have either thought about it more or titivated it less.
  10. Tree The tree is about finished for now. Some bushes round the base and and some ivy decorates the trunk: I took advantage of some sunshine to grab an outdoors shot: In its location: Unfortunately you can't see much of it behind the station building unless you peek carefully between the buildings: I did enjoy very much making it though!
  11. Tree The tree got a slathering of Duncan's Patent Bark Mix (an unholy mix of sawdust, glue, water, Polyfilla powder), stippled on to give some more texture: Then some spray coats of black and white and some washes of grey and brown. I made concrete retaining slabs from mount board and filled in the gaps between the roots with loo-roll/glue mix: A bit more highlighting on the bark, a few dabs of lichen and some base earth colour: ... followed by moss (Woodland Scenics Fine Turf over PVA glue dabs) and some st
  12. Great stuff John. I had considered scaling up this diorama set myself. I'll be following with interest.
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