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  1. Something like this, I hope... The lime green would probably be ideal...
  2. Well. I watched the "worst" video all the way through () and then went through the comments. Didn't look at the "best" video because I'd decided that the "worst" was enough for a lifetime, its the sort of thing that sinful railway modellers will have to view for eternity in Hell. That and unboxing videos...
  3. Sounds terribly like gold plated connectors and oxygen free copper cables for Audiophile "HiFi". Actually, if you banged them in to the right height along your code 100 Streamline, you could solder phosphor bronze wire to the heads of the pins to run 3 rail locos on something more modern than HD tinplate track!
  4. The weird thing was that the "teakies" appeared with an LNER livery B12, and the blood'n'custard efforts with a sort of BR "Express Blue"liveried B12... At least the (old tooling) B12s were Chinese manufactured, so they had fairly fine wheel rims and coupling rods, and the lining was more effectively applied than the last batch of Margate models.
  5. I refer the honourable member.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dental_key
  6. One of these? A 19th Century "Dental/Tooth Key"... Say Ahhhhghhhhh....
  7. Of course, Blue 37s got around a lot, they had a lot in common with the Tardis. As well as the colour...
  8. It seems that there is a red controller for the "Thunder" and "Bolt" locos, and a yellow controller for the "Flash" Local Express. There's no information about the yellow controller, but the red "Thunder" and "Bolt" controller is vaguely described on the Hornby website https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/playtrains/playtrains-solo-controller.html
  9. A rake of B/G six-wheelers behind a blue Class 37 would look really smart!
  10. A friend just got a Christmas card from a relative in Australia....
  11. and which mix'n'match of Hattons and Hornby parts will give the result you want to achieve.
  12. Red with dummy pantograph, green with working one. Actually, I think that Nellie had the same chassis as the Steeple-cab. The maroon Steeple-cab appeared in the Primary set RP.C of 1959, Nellie in 1961. (And going by the R numbers, Steeple-cab R252/R254, Nellie R355)
  13. I rather like the cover photo, it puts me in mind of a murky late afternoon of this season. Rather like the one developing outside my window as I type... I'll keep an eye open for it in my local purveyor, shouldn't be too difficult to spot!
  14. The Hornby site is stable at the present, R7304 is described as so one assumes its one of their 6" platform segments moulded with a red gravel top. Perhaps a compressed "Rannoch" style waiting room will appear in Skaledaleglen in due course. Just thinking aloud, Hornby could reintroduce the original Triang "wide" platform units to produce a more realistic effect! I'm still dithering about what I might put in for. I suppose I'll at least buy a catalogue to show willing...
  15. I fear that the wheelbase would straighten out the Glenfinnan viaduct!
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