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  1. Hroth

    EBay madness

    Having worked out that you could get at least ten quid a pop for individually sold coaches, the idea was probably to put the lot together with some other oddities and £200 wouldn't seem too bad. Neither would the £25 delivery charge... Don't think I'll bother, thanks.
  2. Very striking! But the claim by Bulleid that they were "mixed traffic" locos was a bare-faced marketing lie to get production permission past the Men from the Ministry who wouldn't know the difference between one of Bulleids finest and a real mixed traffic loco if they were hit (repeatedly, if possible) in the face with a wet fish!
  3. Its "If you've got it, see the Doctor"...
  4. On the other hand, the "Yorkshire Pullman" headboard obscures the last number on the buffer beam and is also more curved than that on 4494, who's headboard seems to have a slightly shallower curve with ends that seem to align with the buffers, though that might be a trick of the angle...
  5. Nice piccies! Hope you had an enjoyable cuppa! BTW Has that green 4-4-0 done a SPAD? Its approaching those closed crossing gates at a rate of knots!
  6. Hroth

    EBay madness

    An amusing little trifle!!! At least was correct... As "photo part of the description" isn't mentioned and it was bought as a Silver Jubilee Routemaster (though you'd have to be bonkers if you thought it was*), then returning it as Not As Described would be a Good reason! Nice catch! * Or buying it as a prezzie for someone?
  7. Obviously a misattribution. You think the LNER (or whatever pre-grouping stalking horse was involved) would have got past the LNWR and the Midland, let alone the GWR? Snowballs and the Infernal Regions spring to mind! Actually, I've been mulling a Minories scheme and have been stuck for a name. The map has possibilities...
  8. Hroth

    EBay madness

    Where's the fun in that? Actually.... I could get a Dapol pug kit for an appropriate cab, I've got an old clock that can be dismantled for cogs, I'm sure I have a similar tank wagon*.... * Though not gnawed....
  9. Hroth

    EBay madness

    Slap a "cab" on the chewed damaged end, glue on some cogs (Hornby/Bassett-Lowke sell suitable packaged ones), and paint it black. Voila! A steam-punk fireless loco!
  10. Hroth

    EBay madness

    Or a dog, I had a Triang 3F that had its cab modified by the family Labrador. She had a seafood diet; see food, eat food! A black loco must have looked edible...
  11. I really must get an canned MN. I've got an uncanned one (Lamport and Holt Line*), a canned BoB (Manston) and an uncanned WC (Trevone) so an addition would complete the quartet. * My grandfather was an engineer on the L&H Vestris, but luckily had left the ship before it sank in 1928. I'll have to look up the other lines he sailed with, see if there are any canned MNs that match...
  12. Hroth

    EBay madness

    Someone took a naked light to find out why there was such a strong smell of fuel? or You're only supposed to blow the [email protected]@dy doors off!
  13. As I understand it, the programme specification was "Dick Barton with farming". They lost the battle with the theme tune. Compare and contrast... For an alternative take on the DB theme...
  14. Quick, set fire to the stables!!! That'll scuttle them blokes with ads And if we lose Grace Archer It really won't seem so bad...
  15. It finally clicked... Optical rotation which is as rocor says, chirality, so six-finger man is dextroman! The one Annie posted above is therefore levoman...
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