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  1. The Aldwych excursion felt a bit disjointed, but I've enjoyed watching the team poking about the neglected corners of the UndergrounD! I wonder if they're going to explore the bit of the Tube where Quatermass found the Martians?
  2. Hroth

    EBay madness

    Well, as a spares loco, 4 quid is a good starting price. But why the piece of "astroturf" as a display medium?
  3. If you've ever seen youtube clips of one clearing its throat* on a cold'n'frosty morning, then you'd know that disesles spread coughs and sneezes! * I didn't post the video directly so as to preserve the unsullied perfection of the Proceedings from ugly Diseasles....
  4. Speaking of appropriate measures, I saw this extraordinary piece of prescience whilst visiting the Dean Forest Railway this morning... Remember, Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases!
  5. Clockwork! Thats the answer!!! I felt sorry for the ardent anti-vaxxer who died this week from covid. When he was taken into hospital he apparently asked if it was too late now to be vaccinated...
  6. I know her attitudes and beliefs are appalling, but "defrocked nurse" sounds like something from a Carry On film...
  7. Listening to the Mad Dom interview might be less emotionally damaging than putting up with the BBC blanket coverage of the Pan-Hellenic Games for the next two weeks. The preceding football and tennis tournaments were an essay in slow torture on their own...
  8. Timber viaducts have a relatively limited lifespan and a railway that would want to run heavier locomotives on the line would consider replacement of timber structures with cost effective masonry ones worth the cost and effort. At least they didn't think of slapping concrete around the existing viaduct a viable solution! Having said that, the timber Barmouth Viaduct, built for the Aberystwith and Welsh Coast Railway (later the Cambrian) opened in 1867, operates in an even more severe environment than the Cornwall ones and is still going strong! Even so, the GWR and later WR didn't consider running anything larger than a 43xx or Dukedogs across it, or that in more recent times only DMUs were allowed to cross it, though apparently loco hauled trains are once more permitted. Wikipedia: Barmouth Viaduct
  9. Never had any problems with them... Just don't let 'em near any rodents, or small fowl. With cats, thats been innate since the time of the Pharoes*... * And they got around you know, "Pharisle, Pharoes, South East Iceland"...
  10. We always used to call him "Donald Unpleasance" because of his way with evil. Althought I'm not a "cat person", I always felt sorry for his moggy. Just think, if Blofeld had been introduced to a suitable breed of dog when young, say a Border Terrier or a Westie, he might have developed into a much nicer person. Of course if it had been a red-eyed slavering hound of evil...
  11. Wouldn't it look something like an LMS Princess Royal?
  12. I thought he'd popped up north to have that sorted last year?
  13. I see the Australians have demonstrated a modicum of common sense, they've deported her! I hope we have the equal sense to enfoce a mandatory 14 day quarantine once she arrives back on these shores... Perhaps they were ensuring that former Government Advisors would be instantly conspicuous? Whatever, its too damn hot, and looks set for the rest of the week. Bring forward Autumn!!!
  14. A good point. I've not had my Silver King opened for a long time so I didn't notice that. If the rear driver is gently rocked to and fro, there should be a slight click as the armature moves against its bearings. Zooming in also seems to reveal that the worm on the armature isn't well defined, it looks as if its gummed up with old oil and dirt. Freeing that up may do the motor a power of good!
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