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  1. Monogram and Great(crest)Western liveries. I was GOOD and didn't buy either....
  2. 15th December. WIN an Officially Licensed Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Train Set by Hornby! Officially Licensed, eh? Gosh! Its a straightforward lucky dip competition, no FarceTwit entanglements. You know you want a chance to win it!
  3. I've read Bylines almost since it first came out (2nd issue on...) and I was rather taken aback to see a. that it had been sold to new publishers and b. that it had a rather underwhelming modelling insert. If things change for the worst, they're going to lose a long term reader!
  4. 14th December. Hornby would like to see your Christmas photos. Show off your handiwork in the Customer Image competition. Submit your festive photos now and be in with a chance to win £50 to spend on the Hornby website. I suppose I could always find an old Nellie/Polly/Connie, a bit of Super 4 track, a plastic firtree and dust the lot with Festive icing sugar....
  5. Nicely restrained, though still with the tendancy to wear undergarments on the outside.... (High approval rating!) Dodkin, eh? Any relation to Drumknott? His rather shy and retiring brother, perhaps?
  6. It was six of one and half a dozen of the other. No matter who won, the future would be uncertain. Now it is certain. I'll not say any more. Vox Populi, etc. I sincerely hope that things won't get that far out of hand, even if it IS pre-grouping!
  7. Friday 13th As a seasonal treat, this weekend only, Hornby are offering Free Delivery on all orders, on the application of a Code Word. Have a look at the details for yourselves if interested. Marvin the Paranoid Android.
  8. To wake up to the fact that they weren't... The Horror, The Horror! Well, after a sufficient period of mourning, we must retreat to the calm waters of Railway Modelling.
  9. Carley, I've not had any email contact at all. Nothing after completing the RMweb Gold order No instructions on how to access the digital version via Exact Editions (though I've been able to do so from info posted above) I did receive a letter confirming the direct debit instruction, but it appears to refer to a print subscription. I've just looked at my World of Railways account and the order referring to the Gold membership is still listed as Print. Could you please sort this out?
  10. Gobsmacked by the exit poll prediction. Hope a number of respondents were fibbing..
  11. I've mentioned this before, but I used to work with a girl from New Zealand, she had a beautiful accent. Only problem was, I tend to start mimicking peoples accents...
  12. The wind'll change and you'll be stuck like that! Who'll be feeling sheepish then?
  13. As much as in a Julian and Sandy* exchange??? * Moving on from "Rambling Syd Rumpo"...
  14. Finally obtained a copy, but apart from admiring the cover, I won't be able to Explore the Interior as I've family coming this afternoon, and I won't be free of them until Monday. Mint Sauce to you too!!!
  15. 12th December. Santa’s 48Hr Challenge with Sam’s Trains More filler.... We recently invited YouTuber Sam’s Trains to put the Hornby Santa’s Express through its paces with a 48hr endurance challenge. Could Santa depend on this locomotive to help deliver his presents to those hard to reach places during the festive season?
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