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  1. Leave it as it is, paint it LMS maroon and it'll look just like the survivor, at last under cover at Margate. 3D printing appears to be extremely variable, but it seems that some technologies are better than others. As noted above, the Modelu figures are good, and the Rails limited edition vans seem to be well regarded too, but for their size they're not cheap.
  2. Its just that Lidl (and Aldi) are fairly painless when it comes to returning stuff. Sometimes it seems that to have the temerity to want a refund for a faulty/not as described item is an affront to some places.
  3. Today, Lidl are selling a couple of items that may well fit into the modellers toolbox A cordless soldering iron @ £10 https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/p/diy/parkside-cordless-soldering-iron/p35982 and a cordless minidrill @ £17 https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/p/diy/parkside-cordless-rotary-tool-with-accessories/p35976 The main thing with Lidl stuff is that if you get it home and it doesn't work it's easy to take back for a refund! (Just keep the receipt...)
  4. Pretty spot on..... It has its own ideas on implementing DCC specs and I understand that some types of decoder won't work with it.
  5. It would only be vaguely approximate as a 503 has no relation to the Mk1 coach length/profile, initially being built by the LMS in the 1930s and replicated by BR in 1956. Have a look at the photos at the top of the page!
  6. I generally clear everything when I move from one site to another, I rarely have different sites open at once. My browser is also set to clear everything when I shut it, I don't leave cookies, etc swilling about! The fact that sites often have an obnoxious "we store cookies" acceptance window that won't let you proceed without an Ok gives me all the more reason to remove anything the site deposits in the browser once I agree! The Google one is a particular annoyance (it has only just started to display in the last fortnight or so). Sometimes it doesn't pop up, so I assume that th
  7. It used to be that the original "Accept Cookies" box popped up at the bottom of the page and went away without needing clicking when you signed in. Ordinary member or GoldMember, it behaved in the same way. With the software upgrade, the old notification is displayed as usual, but a new intrusive box appears before there is time to sign in and blocks all activity until you've accepted its diktats. Its a pity that the new, intrusive box can't be disabled and the method of cookie acceptance for casual browsing reinstated. As a logged in member of whatever "class", you shouldn't ha
  8. I'd normally do a bit of hand-waving and suggest that it was connected to sampling rates with the digicam, but given that the 128 appears to have nice steady lights with the same camera... Two thoughts. Does the 128 have LED lighting or does it have old-fashioned filament bulbs, I suspect it has LEDs so that wouldn't be the difference. The other is what DCC decoder are you using in the 130? Does the 128 have a different manufacturer/type decoder? Oh well, nice bit of running, even though the driver keeps flashing his headlights!
  9. They also have them in BR Green for £109.95 http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/51205/31-379-WSL-Bachmann-2EPB-2-Car-EMU-Set-number-5771-in-BR-Green There were 6 when I looked earlier, now 2 left. Monday morning: All gone now!
  10. Its just what I recall it sounding like, rather like hearing "Wipers" for "Ypres"...
  11. The blanking ovals signify "The Great Void". Well done!
  12. Have you received your statutory stout walking stick for belabouring obstinate youngsters yet? (Very helpful for maintaining a 2 metre social distancing zone)
  13. Looks more like a covered market for vegetables! Its one of those Lionel "O" gauge 3-rail layouts the Americans love, I believe. Its where Frank Herbert got his ideas for "Dune" from, they're all going to be turned into Spice...
  14. The chap who got man-covid... Could you take those down, please? Or at least replace them by pictures of Donald Duck (rhyming slang for what we could not give for him)? Pretty please???
  15. Hroth

    MRJ 280

    Just got issue 280 from my local newsagent. I'm going to keep it for weekend reading, so its sitting there saying "read me, read me!"
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