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  1. Perhaps Heljan should be watching and taking notes too? Perhaps its a "run it up the flagpole and see who salutes" prototype. If there's enough of a positive response, it might make its way into production. Another thought, given that there's always been a groundswell of complaints about the lack of synchronisation on TTS steam models, perhaps Hornby are looking at a TTS+ chip to address this and provide extra facilities like enhanced steam? Oink! I haven't got around to watching episode 2 yet, better get my skates on!
  2. Or, Railway Modeller, the Beeching edition...
  3. Hroth

    EBay madness

    Of course, it should strictly be a 3-rail loco as its in a blue box. Dublo 2-rail were supplied in red boxes, though I think this little quirk of packaging has been thrashed to death....
  4. Hroth

    EBay madness

    I suspect its to see if any deluded loon actually buys it. A fairly harmless spectator sport!
  5. "Mamodology" confused and perturbed me for a moment...
  6. At one point in (I think) the early 80s, we used to refer to AP as the "Amateur Pornographer", some of the features, especially those of the work of David Hamilton, would now get you put on the sex offenders register. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Hamilton_(photographer) As for past Railway Modeller covers, before the layouts completely took over on the cover, there were layouts, young ladies admiring layouts and, at Christmas a happy bloke with a pipe and a hat from a cracker...
  7. Probably, froth production demands large volumes of CO2!
  8. Not if the Open Golf starts just as the Engineering occupation ends... Neat work, well done!
  9. I've seen prototype photos of a WC/BoB locomotive with a single coach, waiting to depart from the furthest twig of the Southern Region in Cornwall. Naturally more would have been picked up as the train proceeded towards London, but it did happen, in real life...
  10. The bells, THE BELLS!!!




    Its practice night at the parish church, they're not very adventurous....

  11. An enjoyable episode. Looking forward to the rest!
  12. Hroth

    EBay madness

    Too much cheap Aldi vodka?
  13. Hroth

    EBay madness

    To add to the muddle and confusion, there was a genuine Hornby cockwork Thomas set (R260), with coaches and a circle of 1st radius curves. These do turn up on ebay, even if "Rare"... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194383751544 But how about this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353704494402 for a completely bonkers "Thomas-alike"?
  14. Hroth

    EBay madness

    As one might exclaim, WTF! Especially when ebay has a selection of the same train pack in good unmolested condition at around £140. Such as this example!
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